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15 Ways Your Phone Can Make You More Productive


It’s the ideal moment for your cell phone to get the productivity makeover its merits. We’ve done a rundown list of the best ways that will change over your cell phone into a profitability zone.

From various approaches to deal with your received notifications to valuable applications that you might not have known about to better approaches to utilize your camera, this rundown will enable you to capitalize on your telephone while at home, at the workplace, or in a hurry.

1.    Productive app

To be more productive with your phone, your smart phone’s home screen should be filled with apps that will make you more productive, like to do list, wellness app, knowledge of current events (like Circa) and news app to keep you ahead of top happening. Having this list of the app will make you motivated.

2.    Turn off your notifications


Notifications are productivity’s number 1 greatest enemy, you will always be distracted anytime notifications of messages pops up or sound, to avail yourself of dis distractions you will have to turn notifications on your phone off.

3.    Turn your voicemails to email or text messages

It’s really hard to ignore voice messages from friends and family, but you can save yourself the hassle voice mails bring by converting your voicemails into Gmail emails or text messages. Setup your Google Voice phone number in order to access your voicemails converted to email you can read later.

4.    Quick Reply

Always explore the quick reply method instead of launching the whole application. Drag down the notification slide and if you see a message that needs immediate attention, you can respond through the associated app if it’s needed

5.    Second language

Second language

In recent years it has become more necessary to communicate in different languages, with your phone you can easily add a second language which you can also use on your phone. This option gives you the flexibility to do exactly everything you are doing with the primary language.

To add a second language you will navigate to the Settings >you click on  Languages & input and you select the language of your choice.

While typing with your phone keyboard you can switch between those two languages you have added by tapping the keyboard button and selecting the other language.

6.    Split screen in the landscape mode

Split screen in the landscape mode

You know that split screen mode allows you to run two screens together altogether at once, this allows you to be more productive when you are in split mode on your phone If you decided to tilt your device into landscape mode by enabling allow rotation, the split screen apps will shift to match, making it much easier to work with the two  apps side by side like a computer screen view.

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7.    Easy app switching

Do you that know you can open the app list, scroll through your recent apps to bring up a recently used app meanwhile the overview key can help you navigate easily between two recent apps, which you are using.

8.    Your camera worth more task than selfies

Using your phone’s camera can truly make your life easy, for example, you want to go shopping, you could take a picture of your fridge and cross-reference it when you get to the store to know what you are supposed to buy.

Another way to effectively use your phone for productivity is to use your camera to store highly useful information like your prescriptions (photos of your medicine bottles), detailed information about a location and many more.

9.    Safe Texting

Safe Texting

Have ever bumped into somebody or a street light, or maybe you have fallen into a ditch, trust me you’re not the only one in this situation. If peradventure you can not do without walking and texting, you might need to download Type n Walk, an app that is designed to use your phone’s front-facing camera to give you a street view of whatever is ahead and you can easily text and walk while avoiding obstacles.

10.     Airplane mode

Airplane mode

You can save your phone from powering off itself by putting it on a flight mode, let’s say your battery is on 5% and you need your phone on at least long enough till you charge, putting your phone on airplane mode will help you conserve your phone battery.

Also, you might have had a long tiring day, and you wanted to send a text, and mistakenly you sent it to a wrong phone number or a wrong person. You can quickly activate the airplane mode, the text message will fall and you will be able to send it to the right person.

11.    Prioritize Your Phone Usage

Each and every one of us has an alternative way we work most effectively and productively and technology unavoidably assumes a good aspect in your day to day activities.

While there’s nobody that has a super specific solution to productivity, the least starting spot to begin is with prioritization and setting obstructions with the things you’re cognizant are well on the way to divert your attention.

Set your calls, email and text set them to “do not disturb mode” that is mute all and this will help you perform better.

12.    Listen To Podcasts Or Audiobooks on your phone

When you are using your phone for short activities such as checking through your notifications, scrolling through a piece of news feeds and probably reading the previous text. You can use your phone to listen to the podcast about your career life, tips that will benefit you, you can even decide to read a long article, this will amount to your overall productivity.

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13.    Install Moment App

Although Moment App might not be able to help you get all your distractions out totally, it certainly helps. This app tracks how you use your phone, how much time you spend on your phone daily and specifically, and you can use this report tí track some unnecessary activities you perform on your phone.

14.    Strike A Balance between your activities

Strike A Balance between your activities.

Using your phone constantly or electronic gadgets constantly, not only the productivity but also for health than is actually required, not only because it affects productivity, but also because of its adverse effect on health. Taking a break from the screen also save you more productive time to engage in other time

15.    Distraction Blocking Features

There are several distraction apps that can blocks distractions out there, you can block social media and other distracting applications throughout the workday. You can easily decide to limit certain applications you want your distraction blocking to take control of for you in this digital life.

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