Tricks: 11 ways to turn on a dead iPhone

ways to turn on a dead phone

In this day of smartphones, our hands have barely rested for a few hours without it touching our smartphone again and again. Imagine that phone is suddenly dead and you can’t turn it on.

That moment your phone will not turn on it might be that the battery is drained and needs to be charged or it could be a buggy software update or a rogue application. When your phone does not come up do not panic, unless there is a hardware issue, you will still be able to get the dead phone back up and running.

I will be listing the ways you can try to bring on your dead phone back on in this write up.

Here are some way you can bring back a dead phone to life

Press the power button

First things first you pick up your phone and the screen is blank, press the power button to switch it on, it might be your device has ran out of battery charge, when you press the power button the phone log will appear, that way you know if your phone needs charging or it mistily powered your phone off.

Charge your Phone.

Charge your Phone

If your phone is not coming up, don’t give up yet, you can fix it by charging it with a functioning charger it for at least one hour. If your phone is not charging ensure that the charging port is functioning or you change the charge you are charging with.

Send a text

In the situation where you are not close to power supply or there is no power supply at the moment, you ask someone to send a text to your phone, if you get a notification sound then your phone has a bad power button, which can been fixed, but when you get notification sounds and rings but your phone screen doesn’t come up then you phone screen could have been broken.

Check your charging cord

check cord

When you plug your phone and it is still not charging, clean but the charging cord and the USB port gently with alcohol, make sure both are entirely dried before you connect it back to the power supply.

Perform a soft reset

Your Phone may in like manner not turn on if the working OS is solidified or ruined. Make sure your Phone is been charged with a wall charger and afterward press the Power (Sleep/Wake) and Home button for around 30 seconds until your phone powers on.

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On the off chance that this won’t work, attempt to connect your Phone to the PC and afterward press and hold the Power and Home button at the same time until your phone powers on.

This technique more often than not works particularly if the issue is activated by a software glitch or application that denounced any and all authority. 

With the above step you should be able to perform soft reset on your dead phone.

Check your iPhone for Physical and Liquid Damage

Physical damages are easily recognised, you can simply continue with fluid damage check on your Phone.  This is exceptionally recommend particularly if your mobile device has been in contact with liquid. if you are not certain about of doing this by yourself, you can simply take your phone to an authorized service center and have a technician have a look at it.

Check your iPhone for Physical and Liquid Damage

If it an iPhone that is in question, iPhone has a liquid detector indicator, the indicator changes colour when it comes in contact with liquid directly. You can evacuate the SIM card plate to discover the LCI. The liquid contact indicator will show a completely red color if it has direct contact with liquid.

In a case where you speculate fluid harm or physical harm is available, and that your iPhone 6 still won’t turn on in the wake of playing out all the previously mentioned workarounds, this is the point at which you should achieve an Apple specialist for further help.

You can likewise make an arrangement at an Apple Store or any Apple approved administration focuses in your general vicinity.

Failed hardware component

If your battery or any hardware is not functioning again it might cause your phone to be dead and not come back up. Check if your battery is still good or still working properly. If not change the battery and try to turn your device on.

Check your cables and power adapter

check cables and power adapter

First, make sure your cable is functioning properly connect it to your phone, make sure the adapter is connected properly also. Power on the adapter to power on your mobile device, wait to see if the phone is charging.

Connect your dead iPhone to iTunes

If it happens that your iPhone is already turned on, but the screen is still blank, you know this when your phone vibrates or rings but it does not show anything on the screen, you can fix this by restoring the device using iTunes.

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Connect your iPhone to a computer running the latest version of iTunes, this may help you restore your phone. Try to back up your phone before restoring it.

When you connect your iPhone and iTunes recognises it, tab the summary tab to see the option to restore your phone. This will erase your iPhone and reset it to factory settings. Should in case this does not work for te instructions to hard reset your iPhone while it is been connected to iTune, this will fore it into recovery mode, which will allow iTune store your device.

Put your iPhone in DFU mode

DFU means Device Firmware Update. This is the final troubleshooting step for software and firmware related problems on your device.

You use iTunes to force your device to erase and reinstall every piece of software on your device, which make this the deepest restore you can perform on your device.

Visit a repair store

visit reoair store

When you have used all the above methods to get your dead phone backup and it not working, visit a local repair store for assistance.


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