11 Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker

get water out of phone speaker

Eventually, even the most cautious person among us ends up having a cell phone accident, your phone might have a dunk in a puddle, swimming pool or a latrine.

All in all, the best move in such a circumstance is to switch off your phone immediately or as soon as you can and after that place it in a sack of moment rice for multi-day or two to let everything dry out.

On the off chance that you have a telephone that is water safe, at that point the danger of destruction may be a bit lower, where case you simply need to get the water out as fast as could be allowed.

No matter how watertight the design is, the speaker area remains vulnerable because the tiny orifices are needed for sound to penetrate the casing and reach our ears. Having water in your phone speaker makes it sound muffled when you place music or an audio file on the phone, and when you make a call with such phone the person at the other end of the call may not hear you. Below is the list of ways you can get water out of your phone speaker.

1.    Shake your phone.

When you notice the water has gotten into your phone speaker, first thing first, shake the phone vigorously to get the water out.

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2.    Use hair dryer

Use hair dryer

When you find out that water has gotten into your phone speaker, switch it off, and then you a hairdryer to dry out the water. Then leave the phone in a well-ventilated area to for the phone speaker to get dry completely.

3.    Play music at maximum speed and shake the phone

If after shaking the phone and it still seems to have water in its speaker, play music on your phone at the maximum volume, this will help get the remaining water out of your phone speaker.

Music phone

4.    Use shortcut

You don’t have to build your own shortcut workflow because one of the shortcuts you can use was developed by Josh0678, it blasts water out of your phone speaker by using bassy-frequency sound wave.

5.    Sonic app

Shortcuts are great but they can also be unregulated to a certain point.  A water-ejecting app such as Sonic works perfectly. Sonic uses frequency to eject water out of your phone speaker; you can adjust the frequency to your desired level.

6.    Unlock your speaker  app

Unlock your speaker app also works a great deal, you download the app from your device play store or apple store as the case may be, when you start this app it vibrates your phone vigorously that you see the water coming out of the speaker, when you are feeling satisfied you can stop it and then try playing music or make a call to check if all the water in the speaker is out

7.    Use a website tone generator

A website such as Szynalski Online Tone Generator, helps you get water out of your phone speaker. This website will allow you to manually set and play a frequency on your phone which will shake the water out of your phone speaker when you feel all the water is out of your phone speaker you can then click on stop. Set your frequency between the range of 162Hz to 165Hz

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8.    Use Silica Gel

Silica Gel

In a situation where your phone is not water resistance, having it dropped it in water will cause you to panic.  As the popular belief that rice works, yes it doesn’t but if you want to prevent your phone from damaged use silica gel it works better. Dip your phone into silica beads or use a silica gel packet this will help suck up the water from the phone speaker.

9.    Use Gravity

Use gravity

When everything else fails to work, try using gravity. Put a paper towel under your phone speaker, you will see the water dripping out of the phone speaker soaking up the paper towel, and then let the phone dry in a well-ventilated room.

10.    Fix My Speaker web app

When your water wets into your phone speaker, all you will have on your mind is to get the water out as soon as possible before it damages your phone.

Fix my Speakers is a web app that helps ejects water from your phone speaker when you click a button your phone plays a specific tone that generates sound waves that gets all the water in your phone speaker out.

11.    Visit a Repair Shop

repair phone

When the water in your phone is so much and you feel you cannot trust your inexperience, visit a repair store where an expect will have a look at the phone for you. It may just need professional drying or you may need to get a brand new speaker — it depends on the expect at which the water got your phone wet things.


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