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Virtual Reality and 18 Best VR apps for Android


Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. It is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment (i.e gaming) and educational purposes (i.e construction, medical, military training and so on). Other distinct types of Virtual Reality style technology include augmented reality and mixed reality

As it is now, standard virtual reality systems use either virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to produce seemingly real images, sounds as well as other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual environment.

virtual reality

Forms and Methods of Virtual Reality.

1). Simulation-Based Virtual Reality-here people maneuver objects like a driving simulator which gives the driver on board the impression of actually driving the vehicle. It works by predicting vehicular motion caused by driver input and feeding back corresponding visual, audio as well as motion cues from the driver.
2). Avatar Image-Based Virtual Reality-in this type of VR people can join the virtual environment in the form of real video as well as an avatar.
3). Project-Based Virtual Reality-This VR form involves the modeling of the real environment. It plays a vital role in various virtual reality applications such as robot navigation, construction modeling and airplane simulation.
4). Desktop-Based Virtual Reality: this involves displaying a 3D virtual world on a regular desktop display without the use of any specialized positional tracking equipment. Many modern first person video games are an example of desktop-based VR.
5). Head-Mounted Display (HMD): This form of VR completely immerses the user in the in a virtual world. A virtual reality headset typically includes two small high resolution OLED or LCD monitors which provide separate images for each eye for stereoscopic graphics rendering a 3D virtual world, a binaural audio system, positional and rotational real time head tracking for six degrees of movement.
6). Augmented Reality (AR): Is a type of VR technology that mixes what the user sees in their real surroundings with digital content generated by computer software. AR systems layer virtual information over a camera live feed into a headset or smartglasses or through a mobile device giving the user the ability to view three-dimensional images.
7). Mixed Reality (MR): is the merging of the real world and virtual world to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

cyberspace reality

8). A cyberspace is a networked virtual reality.
9). Simulated Reality: A simulated reality is a hypothetical virtual reality as truly immersive as the actual reality, enabling an advanced lifelike experience or even virtual eternity. It is most likely to be produced using a brain-computer interface and quantum computing.
Virtual reality isn’t futuristic anymore. VR apps may still be in their infancy, but the market is alive with Google, Facebook, and Samsung developing their own platforms for mobile and PC.

That’s what makes Android such a strong platform for VR. The cost of VR headsets for Android is low, while the quality of VR apps is only getting better.

How to get VR on your Android Phone

To get a VR app for your phone, just visit the Google play store and select one of the numerous apps. Google is leading the way with in mobile VR with platforms like Daydream and Cardboard. If you’re looking to experience the best VR apps for Android available right now, start with the Cardboard and Daydream apps for the best mobile VR experience.
But when you’re looking for the best VR apps, the future is going to surprise you.

Though the technology is still in its infancy, but VR is gradually becoming mainstream.
However by utilizing your smartphone you can download some greta free VR apps for Android to give you a taste of what VR is all about.

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1). Google Cardboard

Cardboard is one of two official VR apps for Android that Google has to offer. It’s designed to help you get your Cardboard VR headset set up correctly and give you a tour of basic VR features. You can download Cardboard-supported apps, load VR videos, and see 3D demonstrations. If you want to experiment with Cardboard VR apps for Android, you’ll need this app installed. Be sure to look at the best VR apps for Google Cardboard, too.

Google Cardboard

2). YouTube VR

No introductions are necessary for this app: you already know what YouTube does. Its VR add-on for Android takes the experience up a notch by introducing VR playback.
You use the same YouTube app, but installing YouTube VR allows you to switch to “watch in VR” mode to enjoy cinematic viewing of your favorite YouTube videos. It’s designed to work with all major Android-supported VR headsets, but was created with the Cardboard and Google Daydream headsets in mind.

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3). Google Daydream

Google Daydream is the second official VR app from Google; it’s designed as the high-spec replacement for the Cardboard experiment. You’ll need a Daydream-capable phone, as well as a Daydream View headset, to use this app.
The Daydream app acts as a portal for other Daydream-supported VR content. You can find VR videos, other Daydream-supported apps, and configuration for setting up your Daydream headset.

4). Fulldive VR

If you’re looking for a VR-focused platform that can offer you everything from web browsing to photo storage, Fulldive VR is the app you need. It provides you with its own VR store containing hundreds of VR-capable apps to install and operate through the Fulldive VR portal. You’re also able to take 360-degree photos and videos thanks to the app’s VR camera.

You can also check out millions of YouTube videos available through the app as part of a 360 3D or VR experience. The app works with any Android-capable headset, including Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

5). New York Times VR

Sick of seeing the news in plain old 2D? The New York Times VR app takes it to the next level by offering immersive news content. The app is updated daily with videos ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes long. You’ll find videos on everything from climate to fashion.

If you’re worried about your mobile data usage, the app lets you download videos before you watch, making it one of the best VR apps for Android users on the go. You’ve also got the option to play 360 videos without a headset, though app is designed for Google Cardboard headsets.

6). InCell VR

InCell VR- game for kids

VR gaming is still somewhat of a novelty at this stage, but that’s what makes InCell VR special. It’s an educational-themed game for kids who want to learn a bit about the human body.The player takes the role of a human defender from the 2100s, shrunken down to fit inside the human body. Your role is to travel around the body while fighting off the flu virus and learning some human biology as you go. It’s fun to play, looks great, and sounds even better.

7). Minos Starfighter VR

No virtual reality technology would be complete without a suitably futuristic space shoot ’em up to play. That’s where Minos Starfighter VR comes in.
It’s a visual spectacle that turns you into a space fighter pilot, battling alien enemies across different space environments. The quality of the graphics and sound alone make it one of the best immersive VR Cardboard apps on the Play Store today.

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8). Netflix VR

Netflix VR- immerse you in tv

Netflix has supported VR for some time; it was one of the earliest adopters of VR for Android. The Netflix VR app for Android lets subscribers watch content through major VR headsets like Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

You get two viewing modes with this app. The first is a rustic living room experience and offers a static view of your media content. The second, a void experience, immerses you in your TV or movie by moving the content to match your eye movement.
There’s no VR-specific content on Netflix at present, but you can watch the full Netflix catalog (sans 3D).

9). VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Why bother going out when you can get your thrills indoors? This game, as you might expect from the name, gives you the ultimate VR roller coaster experience. It’s one of the best-supported VR games in the Play Store, with over 10 million installations.

You get to experience real-life roller coasters, thanks to pre-recorded 360 videos or more basic 3D-modeled roller coasters. The game is “optimized” for Google Cardboard headsets but if you’d prefer, you’re able to play the game without a headset using your phone’s touch controls.

10). Expeditions

There’s no better place to show off the potential of virtual reality apps than in the hands of children. Thanks to Google’s Expeditions app, that potential is unlocked. Students and educators can use Expeditions to explore virtually recorded landmarks across the globe.

The app lets you share the same trips with other headsets, so it’s perfect for small classroom groups. There are over 900 different tours for you to try out, ranging from mountain ranges to museums. As it’s a Google app, it’s been designed for Google Cardboard or Daydream headsets.

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11). VirtualSpeech

Practicing a speech without an audience can be helpful, but the experience doesn’t emulate the pressure of an evaluating crowd. You can nail a dry run ten times in a row on your own, but when you actually step on stage and see your audience, the nerves can debilitate your abilities.


Fortunately, VirtualSpeech can help you hone your public speaking skills — the app places you on a virtual stage with a virtual crowd, where you can practice your speech or presentation in front of an audience that imitates the mannerisms and sounds of real people.

Their movements and sounds are fully customizable, so you can ramp up the distractions and virtual judgement as much as possible. And at the end of your virtual speeches, the app will analyze and score your verbal and nonverbal communication.

So far, people mostly use virtual reality to entertain themselves. But VirtualSpeech stands out as one of the first VR apps that can actually train you to become a better professional.

12). Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR wants to make immersive storytelling the future of entertainment. The app offers hundreds of 360-degree films, shows, documentaries, tours and concerts, all in virtual reality.When you put your headset on, you’ll transport to a virtual room where you can choose from a massive collection of immersive experiences, segmented by 20 different channels.

At the touch of a button, you can tour the awe-inspiring Redwood National Park, go through the San Francisco Giants pre-game routine and take the field with them during opening day, or sit back and enjoy Emmy winning documentaries. Jaunt’s content is already engaging on its own, but in virtual reality, you’ll actually feel like you’re experiencing the events they’ve documented.

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13). Orbulus


Teleporting to a destination at the press of a button is probably a long way from becoming a reality, but, in virtual reality, it’s, well, a reality. If you want to visit a location before you pay for an expensive vacation, or if you just want to see more of the world but don’t have the funds, check out Orbulus. You can experience the sights and sounds of various cityscapes and landscapes ranging from Paris at night to the northern lights in Scotland.

14). Discovery VR

Have you ever wanted to swim with sharks? Or play with pandas? Well with the Discovery VR app, you still can’t really do those things … but you can get pretty close. When you put on your headset, the app immerses you in the habitat of different animals, landscapes, and cityscapes. This is the most fun you’ll have learning about science since watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in middle school.

Discovery VR-immerse in nature

15). Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture partnered with more than 1,200 international museums, galleries, and institutions from 70 countries to create the most accessible and immersive art and history experience in the world. By offering guided virtual tours of the world’s most famous museums and curated exhibits, you can learn about the artwork, artifacts, and stories that have molded the many unique cultures of our world.

Fulldive VR-occulus

16). Inside Abbey Road

Legendary artists — like The Beatles, Queen, and Oasis, among many others — have all recorded their best hits at Abbey Road, and the music created in the famous studio will continue to impact our culture for many years to come. Google and Abbey Road decided to create Inside Abbey Road to guide the public through a virtual tour of the studio, allowing you to explore the origin place of some of the most popular songs in the world.

The tour starts with a nine-part series of the studio’s history from the 1930s until now. After that, you can explore different recording rooms that famous musicians have used, and even enter a mixing studio to try your hand at producing music.

17). Romans from Mars 360

Playing Romans from Mars 360 might be the perfect training session for combating an alien invasion. Endless waves of martians bent on world domination are attacking your castle, and since you’re a roman soldier, you can only defend your castle with a crossbow. As you earn more points, you can upgrade your crossbow to shoot flaming arrows and summon earth’s elements like fire, earth, ice, and lightning to squash your enemies.

18). VR Street Jump

Remember Frogger? Well, VR Street Jump is the modern, first-person version of the classic game that almost feels too realistic — you’ll feel like you’re actually dodging traffic. When you’re playing the game, just remember to look both ways. Or else a car might send you soaring across the road.

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VR Street Jump

19). GoPro VR

GoPro VR is quite similar to the Discovery VR app except it offers even more diversified content. All of the videos available in the GoPro VR app are captured via GoPro cameras so you can expect mind-blowing quality.
This is the perfect free VR app for people who want to see adventurous videos via Cardboard or VR gear and get the thrill. You can download GoPro VR for free from Google Play Store however it’s restricted to some countries.Amazingly, some of the videos available in GoPro VR are even 60 frames per second.

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