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8 Ways To Easily Track Someone’s Location Using Your iPhone


Tracking someone’s location using your iPhone is much easier than you think even though you are not a professional hacker or homeland security expert.

Sometimes you just can’t help but worry about the safety and well being of your loved ones. You wonder why your spouse comes home late every day, you want to know where your children have been all day.

Or you have parents who are senior citizens and because of their safety and security, you always want to know where they are just so you can get to them quickly when there’s an  emergency. 

These problems can take away your peace of mind, and consequently increase your blood pressure.

Although there are various methods to check location on iPhone, but after much investigations and tests, we have selected the finest methods here.

  1. imessage
  2. Location history
  3. Apple’s family sharing feature
  4. FoneMonitor
  5. TheTruthSpy app
  6. FamiSafe
  7. Find my iphone
  8. Find my friends


You can know the location of friends and family members using apple’s iMessage.  It’s a free messaging service embedded on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. This messaging service lets ios device users share videos, text, picture and more, to another ios device users.

Below are steps for using iMessage to track someone’s location on your iphone using iMessage:

 Step 1. First, pick up to the target device you wish to track, go to Messages app, and then tap on its icon.

Step 2. After that, tap on your conversation. You can also share with individuals and group on iMessages.

Step  3. Check the top right corner of the Messages interface,

Tap on the “i” (Information) button.

Step 4. After that, details interface will be displayed, then tap “Share My Location” option and select the duration. Choose ‘Share indefinitely’ to track for a longer period of time (best option for tracking kids).

Step 5. Finally, pickup your own ios device and open the Find My Friend to see where your kid is right now.

View the Location History

The location history is another good method for tracking someone’s location and this is possible because apple always tracks your location and time and stores it on their server. Follow these three steps below to find the location history of iphone.

Step 1. You can start by tapping on the “Settings” icon to open setting. Scroll downward, find and select “Privacy” from the options. you  see.

Step 2. Now wait for privacy interface to appear, and then tap on the “Location Services”. Under the location service tap on “System Services”. And wait for system services page to come up and tap on the “Frequent Locations”.

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Step 3. After that, go down to the bottom of the page where you will find History location and tap on the “Area”  which will reveal the full timeline of that particular day.

Apple’s Family sharing feature

Thanks to Apple’s new Family Sharing feature, family members can now share iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store purchases, an Apple Music Family Subscription, an Apple News+ subscription, and an iCloud storage plan. Including photo album, calendar, and reminders, and even help locate each others’ missing devices.

Follow these easy steps to track someone’s location on your iphone via the Family sharing feature:

Step 1. Open icloud under settings to connect all family members by sending invites.

Step 2. Turn on the other iphone device and open “settings”.

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Step 3. Then tap the “iCloud” and swipe up to scroll downward.

Step 4. Under the “Advanced” settings, tap on the “Share My Location”  to share the location of that ios device to every member of the family taking part in the sharing.

Step 5. Use a third party app like Find My Friends or better still visit  iCloud.com to view the location of that particular device.

Use FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor can track a target device from any location at any time. its a well known name in the monitoring solution industry. this app can track all kinds of file, including text messages, internet monitoring, call logs, access social media apps, keylogger function etc. it works on most ios  devices (ios 10 or higher) and Android devices.

Step 1. Turn on your iphone device and open settings.

Step 2. Tap on the “Privacy” and after that, hit on the “Location Services”.

Step 3. Still on Location service page, tap on the System services at the bottom of the Location services page.

TheTruthSpy App

The TruthSpy App is a tracking tool that enables a person to track down the location of a device. as well as keep an eye on the full activities of a person over his/her device. This tracking option presents a useful means for tracking out all the activities of the kids done over their Iphones.

The TruthSpy can track the calls, SMS, chat history etc.

Use these simple steps to track someone’s location on your iphone via the TheTruthSpy App:

Step 1. Go to the iphone store, download, install and run TheTruthSpy App on your iphone and on the target phone as well, but make sure its well hidden on the target phone.

Step 2. Create an account on the app by signing up. Make a new account and put in your login credentials to access it.

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Step 3. After step 2, login and check the dashboard of the app to see what all applications are installed in the target phone.

Step 4. Still on the dashboard, you will find a GPS location tracker which you must activate.

Step  5. Now you can track the location of the target person’s phone.


FamiSafe is one of the most efficient and easiest ways  to track someone’s location on your iphone without being detected. the ios version can let you do more like, viewing browsing history, location history, app usage logs and more.


Use these simple steps to track someone’s location on your iphone using FamiSafe:

Step 1. Go to the iphone store, download, install and run FamiSafe on your iphone and on the target phone as well.

Step 2. Sign up by opening a FamiSafe account within the App on your phone and the target phone you wish to track.

Step 3. Connect to keep an eye on phone on the target phone you want to track from parent’s phone using Famisafe.

Step 4. After setup, use FamiSafe’s parental control feature to track or monitor anyone, remotely by extracting their iPhone’s location history.

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone a special service from Apple that can enable u to locate a missing iPhone. The target device should be linked to your iCloud account because Find my IPhone is integrated with iCloud to allow you trace an iPhone through its website.

Follow these steps to locate someone’s position on iPhone using the Find my iPhone service:

Step 1. Go to the device Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and turn it on to set up the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature.

Step 2. After step 1 , go to the iCloud website any time you want to check location on iPhone. Log-in to the iCloud account that is connected to the target device, you will find the “Find my iPhone” option on the welcome screen of iCloud,

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Step 3.  You will see options for devices connected to the account; now select the target device you would like to track.

Once you have done all that, the exact location or position of the device you want to track will be displayed.

Find my Friends

This feature from Apple can help you locate a missing device, plus it comes with a social location-sharing feature that allows friends find each other, maybe in a crowded place or a maze-like structure.

find my friend in crowded place

Use these steps to track someone’s location on your iphone using the Find my Friends feature:

Step 1. Open the Find my Friends app on your ios device navigate to your profile then turn on the location sharing feature to activate this service.

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Step 2. Go back and select the “Add Friends” option. Then put in the name of the other device or person you wish to track.

Step 3. Tap on the device you wish to track and send them an add request. You can also select the method of sharing the location.

Step 4. Take the target device and accept the request you sent, then activate location sharing and notification on the device you receive alerts each time the person you are tracking moves from one location to another.

Tracking the location of people you love might sound unethical but there are several reasons that make tracking a morally responsible act.



No one knows exactly what the future holds even with a crystal ball.  It’s impossible to know what might happen in the future. Hence the need to always be prepared just in case something was to happen.

Getting yourself prepared for emergency is not easy; Prayers do help but always keep in mind that heaven helps those who help themselves first.

Smart phones can do more than aiding communication; they can also be a great tool for managing problems. For instance, it’s the fastest way to get a hold of authorities or loved ones in the event of an emergency.

You can’t really do much to help those you love in cases of emergency, unless you know where they are and what’s happening to them. But with phone apps like FamiSafe and TheTruthSpy you can monitor their movements and then call your country’s emergency line to request assistance immediately.

Child Protection

Some cell phones come with embedded applications that send data on the phone’s current location from time to time to a central server through the cellular network. As you login to the service over the Internet, you can see your child’s previous and present location, revealing if your child has been telling the truth about his/her activities or is in an unsafe place.

Efficiency in workplace

efficiency at workplace

Every employer would like to have an employee that are performing efficiently, that’s why some of them issue phones to workers because it can use the tracking information from the phones to see where workers spend time while on the job.

A phone-tracking service also helps taxi and delivery companies monitor drivers that move faster than the recommended speed limit.

Locate Friends

Apps like ‘Find my Friends’ are specially developed to help enhance your social life by tracking friends. It’s a downloadable application for the iPhone. it displays on a map dots that represent your friends’ locations, allowing you to find each other in a crowded place.

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