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40 Best of THE BEST iPhone X Cases You Should Buy


Every phone comes with a sleek design that is pleasing to the eyes. But you might want to get a bit of wrapping around it to protect it from any misadventure-cracking of screen or total damage. This is why cases are made as means of protection.

For the iPhone X, its a very fancy phone with sleek design, and so we are going to be looking a list of cases to wrap it in so you can give your phone that extra care to prevent any damage.

1 Swarovski Jeweled Case

This case comes with shiny jeweled back of crystal to give it that impression. Very cheap to buy for around $59.

Swarovski Jeweled Case

2 LOHASIC iPhone X Leather Slim Case

You want a classy leather look, without the regular full folio-style front cover, this one is meant for you. It has different colour for pick. Plus it has a metallic gold design. Can be gotten from Amazon around $16.

3 Under Armour Handle-It Casing

If you’re an athlete, then this casing is designed for your iphone X so it doesn’t slip when you’re working out. It’s a specialty case with two elastic band that slips through your hand. Can be gotten at best buy for $39.

4 TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Case

The maker TOZO claims it is the world’s thinnest hard-shell case for iPhone X, and indeed its very slim with 0.35mm thickness. You don’t want to add any bulk to your fancy phone, this is your best pick. Pricing starts from $8.99.

TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Case

5 Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case

One of the cheapest iPhone case you could get for your iPhone X, which can protect your phone from scratches. Pricing for this starts around $8.99.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case

6 Spigen Neo Hybrid

This casing is very affordable on Amazon for as low as $16. It offers excellent protection and has enough style to stand out from ordinary cases, with a seamless two-piece design.

7 Totallee Thin Iphone X case

Very cheap casing for as low as $8. Super thin and lightweight according to its name. Well built and made of durable polypropylene, offering protection and firm grip without bulk.

Tottalee Thin Iphone X case

8 Native Union CLIC Case

This is a stylish canvas case for your iphone X which would stand out among the crowd. Price starts from $35 on Amazon.

9 Speck Presidio

This iphone casing sports a two-layer design with a 10-foot drop protection, and comes with varieties of styles. It comes with a lifetime warranty and you can get it on Amazon for $24.

10 ESR Marble Pattern Cover

ESR cover casing really stands out , with a marble design in blue, grey, black or white. It has a thin light TPU case. Plus it includes a smooth, anti-scratch and Anti-fingerprint finish. Pricing starts from $13.

ESR Marble Pattern Cover

11 Tech21 Evo Tactical

You can use this casing when you want to charge your phone wirelessly without you peeling it off. The design is made to protect your phone from drops too.

12 Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

With this case, you have everything you need. Made of hard polycarbonate shell, which protects all sides and edges of the iphone X, alongside with a built-in screen protector and dust cover, which also protects the lightning port. Can be gotten on Amazon for $22.

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13 Peel Case

This comes in seven colours like a rainbow. It offers a bump and scratch protection, with leather holes for speakers and buttons. It has a subtle lip on the back to protect the dual camera. Can be gotten on Amazon for $25.

Peel case

14 Lastucase for iPhone

To protect a jewel designed device by Apple takes something unique. The lastucase is it. It features a tough black rubber slip to absorb shocks from falls. Lastucase can be gotten for an affordable price.

15 Noreve Iphone X leather case

This case is of a leather build customized in different colours,  which protects your devices from falls and scratches , looking every inch an option for the buy. With a little less than €60, one can get it.

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Noreve Iphone X leather case

16 JEtech Case for Iphone X

This one is about the price, as it is a cheap casing for your iphone X. With its thick design, it should be able to absorb the shock of all but nasty falls. Sells around $4.

17 Ringke Air

This is like a certified military grade drop protection case, which comes in a slim, form-fitting, which does not add much weight to the phone. Makes your phone look great with its design. Can be gotten for $10.

Ringke Air

18 Mophie Juice Pack Air

This case is made of polycarbonate to help prevent damage on impact (Like dropping). It can also allow for charge via Micro USB or Qi wireless charging. The LED light indicator indicates the power juice left. It can be gotten for less than a $100.

19 Catalyst Waterproof Case

This is the best waterproof case you can get for your iphone X. With a 10m deep protection and a 2m drop protection, it’s made to handle whatever you throw at your iphone X. Can be gotten on Amazon for $90.

Catalyst Waterproof Case

20 Twelve South Journal

The maker of this leather case have been up in their game ever since. Rest assured that this leather case is a blend of style and solid protection for your iphone. It costs $70 on Amazon.

21 Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Available in various colours, but rocks the same transparent back, so you can see your iphone in full while its protected. It’s a simple polycarbonate hard casing, but its slim and has pronounced button covers. Can be gotten for as low as $12.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

22 Iphone X Leather Folio Case

A casing crafted from french leather, covering the front and back of the phone in a wallet-like design. This is extra protection and Apple made a flap on the front with a couple of slots which can be used for  storing cash and cards. Its about $78.

23 Moshi Stealth Cover for Iphone X

It’s a slim case made of metal and has a magnetic clasp on the side to prevent your phone screen from scratching. It has a military grade drop certificate , so be certain it will protect your phone when you drop it.

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24 X-Doria Defense Lux iPhone X Case

This case is made of anodized aluminium frame with built-in air pockets to absorb shock. This case should keep your iphone X safer than most as it surpasses the military grade drop. Sells for around $24.99.

X-Doria Defense Lux iPhone X Case

25 Otterbox Strada Case

The Strada Case series offer an all-round protection to your iphone X, thanks to a multi-layer design and a folio cover for the screen. Built to absorb shocks from falls, scratches and scrapes. It has a leather exterior that gives your iphone a sleek look. Price starts from $44.96

26 Incipio Esquire Slim Case

This is a low profile option slim case. The fabric build yields a soft, cotton-like feel and slides into the pocket easily. It covers each of the iphone X’s corners, but leaves the button open for easy use.

27 Hex Brown Leather Case For Iphone X

This is a snap-on case with a soft and premium leather that gives it a classy finish. It has a soft microfibre inner that helps keeps the iphone X scratch and scruff free. It has a bespoke polycarbonate cavity, meaning your phone is secured even when jostled.

Hex Brown Leather Case

28 Incase Lite Case for iPhone X

Has clean lines, a tough polycarbonate and a tough TPU construction, lovely diamond textured patterned back. It has a snap-on which can be used to protect the top of the phone as well. Comes in different colours like Gold, Ivory or Gunmetal colour.

29 Skech Stark Case

This case focuses protection on the corners, top and bottom edges of the phone. The sides are totally open and it comes in either black or clear varieties. There are generous cuts out for ports, speakers, and camera. It has a drop test of about 8 feet. It sells for $25.

30 Lumee Duo Case

You like to take pictures in the dark, especially party night,  then the Lumee light case is for you. Even during the day, extra lighting from the case can help you take good shots. The case is for protection and for lightning. The casing also protects your phone from drop damage.

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31 Moshi Talos Case

With a military grade drop, fall shouldn’t be a problem with this case. There are ridges along the side which allows for firm grip. Precise cutouts for speakers and camera, a cover for the Lightning port, plus flush button covers. Can be gotten around $50.

32 Silk Base Grip Case

It’s a thin, flexible and cheap case that has a great design. The frame is textured thus preventing your iphone from less likely slipping from your hands. This case is so slim that it doesn’t interfere with the wireless charging feature.

Silk Base Grip

33 RhinoShield SolidSuit Case

This case comes with its highly protective CrashGuard bumper, and a tempting Solid Suite design that can tempt you to buy. This case offers an impressive drop protection up to 11 feet. There is a protective lip for the screen, tactile button covers, and precise cutouts. Pricing for this casing starts from $30.

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34 Caudabe Veil XT Cases

With a 0.35mm thickness, this case is among the thinnest iPhone X cases around. This case offers a fair drop protection, and texture finish that enhances grip. The button covers and openings are precise, and this case feels like a second skin. This case comes in different colours like black, blue or red and its worth the buy at $15.

35 Grovemade Minimalist Tough Case

This is a stylish natural material case with high drop protection grade. Its tough frames are combined with anodized aluminium with a shock-elastomer band, and comes with a choice of leather or wood back panels. Its pricing starts from $100

Grovemade Minimalist Tough Case

36 Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

This casing rocks a level layer of protection, making as tough as it can be. It has a platinum finish, actually polycarbonate over leather with textured areas that enhances grip. If your iphone X mistakenly falls from your hands, this case will stand up to its name. Pricing on Amazon starts from $55.

37 Willnorn Premium Slim Leather Case

This casing is textured built, with a cloth-looking exterior consisting of leather, which is cushioning to prevent scratch. It has a raised lips to prevent the phone from front- facing-falls. It has a sets of slots on the back used for holding cards and IDs, making it a multipurpose casing. This casing is a good buy. Check it out on Amazon.

Willnorn Premium Slim Leather Case

38 LifeProof FRE Waterproof Case

This waterproof iphone casing is IP68 rating. This means that this product can withstand 30 minutes to One hour of full submersion in up to a meter of water. It is snow-proof, dustproof and even meets the military grade drop. Without mixing words, this casing has more and all in one piece. Pricing starts from a $100.

39 Titanium Wallet Case for iPhone X

This looks like your regular protective plastic case. It is made of dual layer, rugged TPU material that protects it from top drops, scuffs or scratches. Inside the casing there is a microfiber that prevents scratching when you’re taking your phone out or placing it in. And just like the willnorn casing, it has a slot for you to store up your credit cards and IDs. Pricing can be found on Amazon.

Tranium Walletium Case for iPhone X

40 Silk Iphone X Grip Case

You want to get a blend of protection, design and price, the this case should be worth considering. With less than $20 , this case offers a modest level of durability, with shock-absorbent air pocket in each corner of the case. It has a firm grip texture which keeps your phone secure in your hands. And lastly, its slim design enables it to fit into your pockets easily.

With all of the amazing list given so far, whatever iPhone X case you’re looking for-Pocket friendly, design wise, protection or a combination of all-this article should be a substantial guide to getting your pick.

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