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9mobile MoreCREDIT – Borrow Airtime or Data

The moreCredit is another amazing service that has been introduced by 9mobile which allows 9mobile customers borrow credit, airtime or data when they run out of airtime or data.
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How to manage MTN data and Save BIG

There are certain days it seems the apps are against you, anything you do seems to consume data. Well, today you will learn how to manage data on your MTN
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How to Check 9mobile Credit or Account Balance the EASY WAY

"Is it *55... maybe it's *12..." it happens to us too. Mixing account balance codes with each other can give migraine that is why we have laid out a quick how to...
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Airtel Do not Disturb to STOP all Spam Messages and Calls

In this 2019, meaningless, endless, disturbing, spam, unwanted messages on Airtel has to stop. Airtel DND - Do Not Disturb is your best friend. Most at times, telecommunication users...
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Guide: How To Share Data on Airtel Stress FREE

Plot twist: Ever been in a tight pinch when you have no data in your Airtel line but a friend is willing to share Airtel data with you.
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How to Check Credit OR Account Balance on Airtel

For networks in Nigeria, there are certain things one needs to know - How to check credit, airtime, data or account balance. The purchase of airtime or data using USSD code...
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OVER 6 WAYS to Check Airtel Data Balance

A lot of Airtel subscribers do not know how to check their data balance on the network or have simply forgotten which is quite normal especially when you have multiple sim...
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Share Data on 9mobile Like a BOSS

Just like other networks where gifting or sharing of data is a breeze, do you wonder if you can share data on 9mobile network also? Wonder no more because all of...
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Quick Fix: How to configure 9mobile APN internet settings

Let's put this out there, this 9mobile internet settings code is something most people don't need. So don't mess with yours...
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STOP unsolicited messages with 9mobile Do Not Disturb

You are sitting next to your phone expecting a very important message - probably an alert but instead you get a message telling you to dial X and Win... Well, that...
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