Step by Step Guide to Hack an iPhone As You See Fit

iPhone Hack DIY Guide

There are a lot of reasons why you may choose to hack your iPhone. But the major reason why most people hack their iPhone is to get the full functionality of their iPhone. At this point, it is important I state here clearly that the hacking I am talking about here has nothing to do with spying on someone else’s phone. Another term commonly used for the type of hacking I’m talking about is ‘jailbreak’.

What this simply means is performing some set of instructions that will help you get full access to your iPhone software. After which you can be able to customize it in a way that you ordinarily wouldn’t have access to.

You can also be able to install apps that are not on the Apple Store. This should come as a relief to a lot of people, considering that iPhones have a lot of restrictions.

There is a common belief that hacking of iPhones will stop if Apple adds that one killer feature. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, time will tell.


The level of hack you can perform on your iPhone is dependent on what iOS version your iPhone uses. With every new version of iOS that is released, some hack features are closed while new features are opened. Hence, the reason why you cannot perform the same level of hack across all iPhone.

Trying to hack any version of iPhone software with a procedure that was designed for a different version will be a failed attempt. In some cases, you may experience technical difficulties and may need to Restore or Recover your iPhone. So before trying it, ensure you have created a backup on iCloud or iTunes.

Why you should hack your iPhone?

There are a lot of benefits that comes with hacking your iPhone, but I’d list a few. Note that some of these advantages may have been fixed on newer iOS versions and is now available to everyone.

  1. Allows you to run third-party applications on your iPhone. Some of these applications may not be available on the Apple Store.
  2. Run background applications on your iPhone.
  3. Make your iPhone a web server.
  4. Allows you to develop iPhone applications on the phone.

There are some downside to it, be you will have no problem if you adhere to the instructions I’d be listing next.

Things you should not do after hacking your iPhone

  1. Don’t upgrade your iOS. Due to compatibility issues, you may experience technical problems with your phone if you upgrade the iOS after hacking. Recall that I earlier said the level of hack you can perform is determined by your iOS version. So, whenever an update is suggested to you, so not upgrade it. However, keep checking the hacking community until they have gotten the hack of the new IOS.
  2. Don’t restore or reset your iPhone. This is clear and obvious, once you restore or reset your iPhone, you are taking it back to either its default state or a previous state. This means you will lose your hack.

Adhere to these, and you are good to go.

Hacking your iPhone: Step by Step

  • Go to settings and click on “Turn Passcode Off”. Remember that you will have to enter your passcode first.
  • On your internet-enabled computer, open or and download Pwnage. You should see both the Mac and Windows version. You will also need to download the correct restore image and bootloader files for your phone.  But not to worry, Pwnage will assist you to do that.
  • Open the Pwnagetool, and select your device.
  • Select the firmware that you or Pwnage downloaded. The firmware has an extension of .ipsw
  • When prompted, select the appropriate bootloader file. For some iPhones, it is called BL-39.bin and BL-46.bin.
  • If you are unlocking your iPhone, select “No” when asked “if you are a legit user”.
  • Make sure you select all the following options, Activate Phone, Enable Baseband Update, Neuter Bootloader, Unlock Baseband, and Autodelete Do this by clicking on the checkbox next to each of them.
  • If you are running winpwn, go back to the main screen and click “iPwner,” then select the custom .ipsw file.
  • Enter DFU Mode to allow iTunes to install the .ipsw file on your phone.
  • If you’re on Mac OS X, launch iTunes and hold down the Option key while you press the Restore button in iTunes. While on On Windows, hold down the Shift key as you click Restore. Select the custom .ipsw file that you made, and wait for the restore to finish.

Congratulations you’re done!

You can also use QuickPwn app to perform the hacking, it’s similar to Pwnage and it’s less complicated. However, the steps are similar.

Hacking your iPhone using Unc0ver and Cydia

This is a much similar method, but we will recommend a little bit of caution because there has been reports of facing boot loop issues. This method works best for iOS 12.

  • Delete all iOS 12 OTA file is downloaded on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings -> Storage and then reboot your device.
  • Visit from your iPhone browser. While on the site, use the search bar and search for unc0ver.
  • Download and install the app on your iPhone.
  • Give trust certificate. To do this, go to Settings-> General -> Device Management and click on the developer name and trust the certificate.
  • Open the Unc0ver app and tap the Jailbreak button and wait. After it is done, you will see the Cydia icon on your home screen. If the app gets stuck at the “Extracting Cydia…” step, reboot your iPhone and then try to jailbreak it again.

Start Using Your iPhone

Step by Step Guide to Hack an iPhone As You See Fit

With your iPhone now hacked, you can now customize it as you want to. You are now open to a completely new world of third party application for your iPhone.

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