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11 Ways To Increase Your Cell Phone Battery Charging SPEED


Does how far you charge your cell phone battery each time influence how long it lasts? You bet it does, but you should treat modern cell phone batteries the opposite way from older-generation cell phone batteries.

Read on to learn why and how you can charge your battery faster with simple hacks.

A lot has changed about cell phones and their batteries since cell phones first came out, and getting the most out of your cell phone’s battery these days takes a different pattern of care and usage than it did in the time of the old analog cell phones.

You will want to know that charging your cell phone battery comes with its own time frame and sometimes it is annoying seeing your device charge slowly.

Follow this simple hacks and you are in your way to a faster-charged cell phone.

Turn on airplane mode

airplane mode

You believe that when your phone is in airplane mode all network communications are turned off, more so you won’t be able to make or receive calls or text messages while in airplane mode is activated.

This in a way is an advantage to your phone charging ability. With few operations running on your phone, your battery stores charge faster.

You believe that when your phone is in airplane mode all network communications are turned off, more so you won’t be able to make or receive calls or text messages while in airplane mode is activated. This in a way is an advantage to your phone charging ability. With few operations running on your phone, your battery stores charge faster.

Turn Your Phone Off

This is another method which is similar to how turning Airplane Mode on, all communications line are down, no outgoing or incoming calls. Turning off your cell phone can surely help your phone charge better and faster. It’s advisable you use this method if you are not expecting any call.

Get a higher output charger

High output charger
A charger with higher output rating will charge your phone faster take for example your regular charger is rated 1mAH, getting a 1.5mAH charger will speed up your phone faster than the former regular charger. Naturally, a higher-powered charger will charge your phone in less time and this will save you more time.

Take note always make sure your device could work for the higher output charger in order to prevent phone damage.

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Make use of wall charger

Wall chargers dispense enough rated power to charge your device better, as compared to laptops or computer USB ports, stronger amp output charges your phone better and faster.

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The disadvantage of charging with your laptop or computer port is that power output from a USB port is much lower and this slows down your device from charging effectively.

Ensure Fast Charge Mode Is Enabled

Recently some new smartphone have been equipped with fast charging mode and this option is enabled by some high capacity chargers. Fast Charge Mode works for smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, and others. When your phone charges on fast charge mode, you are sure to have the phone fully charged most of the time half of the regular charge time.

Avoid Wireless Charging

avoid Wireless Charging

If increased charging speed is your main priority, using wireless charging might not be the best option for you. Although wireless charging comes with its own advantages but increased speed is not one of them.

It very efficient to transfer energy through a cable than via simple contact in wireless charging.

Turn off unnecessary features

For your device to charge faster you will need to turn off all unnecessary features, for example, running apps, data connection, GPS, WiFi, all these features could limit your phone from charging fast.

Remove the phone case

remove phone case

Whenever you are charging your phone take note that heat will be dissipated during the charging process.

Your battery will stay cooler and thus charge faster when you remove the case cover, always take note that having your phone case on the phone while charging will trap some heat which is dangerous to your phone and reduce charging speed.

Invest in High-Quality Cable

Looking at your charge cable it has four wires, white, green, black and red. The black and red are for charging while the rest two is for data transfer. The capability of a cable depends on its gauge.

The higher the gauge the higher the Amps it will be able to pass through to the phone. Generally, cheap cables will not charge your phone at a better speed.

Get a Power Bank

get a power bank

In case of emergency power, the power bank can be a lifesaver. A lot of power banks in the market offer the same amp output as a wall socket will supply. This means you can optimally charge your as a wall socket will do with your power bank.

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Take note and be sure your USB cable can handle the extra power.

Do not use the phone while charging

do not use while charging

Often most time you found yourself using your phone while it’s plugged to a power source when using your phone while it’s supposed to be charging your phone is not able to charge as quickly as you want it to, always avoid using your phone while it is charging.

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These are u hacks and tips of the easiest ways of making your phone charge quickly. whenever you are in a hurry and your phone is running d own you can use the above tips for a better charge speed for your phone.

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