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Fake Bokeh in Smartphones


One of the reasons most people patronize certain mobile phone brands is their need for a smartphone that promises an amazing shooting or snapping experience.

This is one reason why some phone brands improves their smartphone cameras by manufacturing high resolution phone cameras and also adding various features that will make you stand out.

The bokeh is one of the many features most mobile phone manufacturers have incorporated in their phones.

As thrilling as this effect may be, there have been cases where phones carrying this feature perform below expectation; this is probably due to low quality bokeh.

Due to advancing technology a system has been produced to enable you detect the artificial bokeh on your phone. The pixel peepers at DXOmark has shared some interesting information that will allow you ascertain the quality of your phone’s bokeh.

Even though it was not an easy task to achieve, this system has proved effective and accurate in judging the bokeh. The system acts as a guide for users who love shooting and gives them insight on the varying qualities of bokeh.

The bokeh effect has been used as a market strategy by some mobile phone manufacturers. Apple for example hyped this effect during the release of one of its smartphone in 2017.

Bokeh effect has made quite a name for itself as many has users it to distinguish am amateur image from a professional image.

This is because the normal camera will shoot a subject without focus; the disadvantage of this is that the background might distract the viewers from the main subject. On the other hand, the bokeh will focus on the subject making look professional.

The bokeh effect is not particularly new; a lot of people have been able to create bokeh artificially by downloading apps that can carry out the effect.

In the past, some smartphone like HTC and huawei P9 has also been able to achieve the artificial bokeh through settings. Huawei p9 comes with a bokeh setting which uses dual Leica lens system.


There is something peculiar with most smartphones that comes with the bokeh, they are usually built with dual camera.

When you use both cameras to capture, you will get a clear view of the scene and with this information you can determine the depth of field and create a background blur.

Most of do not know what the bokeh is; this post will be your guide into the facts of bokeh effects.

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What is Bokeh?

A lot you might have heard the word bokeh and not know what it really is. The bokeh effect is a camera feature that has been incorporated into some smart phones like Apple iphones, Samsung to mention a few.

The bokeh makes a subject the main focus by blurring the surrounding environment or background.

You must have probably seen portrait images that focuses and makes an image vibrant while blurring the background making. Whenever you see this depth of field effect, you should know it’s the bokeh effect.

Note; bokeh is different from a blurry background r shallow depth of field; it is simply out focusing the image area.

IPhone 7 bokeh

Remember when Apple was set to release the iPhone 7, it hinted that the camera will come with better effect; well it was actually referring to the bokeh. Many users have praised the iPhone 7 bokeh and some iPhone users also said that the phone camera gave a different experience that is better than its predecessor.

What initiates the bokeh effect on iPhone 7?

First let’s first see what causes the bokeh. There are few factors that contribute to bokeh on a DSLR or mirrorless camera Lens. This factor includes a depth of field, lens design and the lens aperture.

The lens design makes the photo bright and sharp and it becomes better with good resolution. The lens aperture is the opening at the back of the phone that allows light hit the camera sensor.

Wider aperture leads to less image focus; this simply means that image will appear blur. On the other hand, the depth of field is the phones focal point. This focal point is the distance set the focus of the image.

To produce a good bokeh the above factors has to be considered. However, Apple makers of iPhone 7 did an awful job in iPhone 7’s bokeh as they didn’t put this factor into consideration resulting to fake bokeh in iPhone 7.

Where did Apple go wrong?

Apple miscalculated! The software combination alongside the distance measurement and depth of field was not accurately done.

They also used digital processing and computer vision to create the bokeh. Even though iPhone 7 bokeh is not the real thing, it can still be compared with those seen in phones with DSLR or advanced point and shoot lens.

Does the artificial bokeh match the real thing?

Like I earlier mentioned, the quality of bokeh differs, some phones produce better bokeh than others. One factor that contributes to the quality of bokeh is the type or make of the smartphone.

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Most phones with good quality bokeh usually come with dual lens and are quite expensive.

The artificial bokeh is not the same as the real bokeh but can still stand in place of the real bokeh. The artificial bokeh device’s various means to make the subject the focus and blurs the background. A typical example is bokeh found in huawei phones. To achieve the artificial bokeh, these phones come with Leica lenses with 1/1.6 light intensity and an image optical stabilizer.

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