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Extremely Useful Siri Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Yesterday


We all use Siri for one thing and it’s to help speed everything along. So why does it seem like Siri does the complete opposite sometimes? The good news is that there are a few Siri shortcuts that will help you get things done, quickly on your iPhone.

In recent times Siri shortcuts have improved people’s productivity while using the phone, you can also be more productive with the use of Siri shortcuts.

Siri is a powerful app, its usefulness, and features, provided you know how to use it. To learn how to get the most out of Siri and its apps and features, keep reading. Siri shortcuts help you put together small actions to produce powerful results easily on your iPhone device.

You will have access to a long list of Shortcuts after you download the app.

Barcode Scanner

Having a fully functional Barcode Scanner which can help you scan any programed QR code can be easily performed after you have installed the app and using a shortcut command to launch the barcode scanner app.


  1. Video Controls: This Allows you to enter picture-in-picture or full-screen mode on any video within Safari. You can also change the video playback speed or show the default Safari player controls.
  2. Convert any video to GIF
    Convert Video to GIF Shortcut app, is designed to allow you to make a GIF with any video in your phone’s library, with the use of Siri shortcuts.


  1. Recording to Evernote
    Evernote is referred to be one of the most important note-taking apps for the iPhone. You can record to Evernote using Siri shortcuts, by sync your tasks or create notes with ease on Evernote.
  2. Read Later: To busy to read any important file, you can install your Read-it-later apps for iOS. It will help you keep track of files you wish to read later or Web pages you have found important details.


  1. Convert Burst Photos to GIF: Convert GIF from burst images looks very eye-catching. So this shortcut will be good to have featured on your phone. GIF has become an excellent ingredient to any conversation on social media.
  2. Awesome Collage Maker: The beauty of sharing a collage picture with friends can be achieved by using Awesome Collage Maker, with predefined photo grid shortcut, you can bring all your memorable pictures together easily.
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Time management

  1. Do Not Disturb with Timers: It is very common to put on DND on your iPhone device and forget to turn it off. DND is a useful feature on your phone especially if you need your phone silence for some specific time. Siri shortcuts let you schedule Do Not Disturb, with time range to put it off automatically.
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Talking Flashlight

This is another useful shortcut app that allows you “turn on flashlight”, and turn off when you say, “turn on/ off flashlight”, through Siri



  1. Dark Mode for every website: Your love for night time reading just got better, with this Siri shortcut, the Dark Mode Shortcut from Redditor Ndh4k4. You can activate it through the Shortcut icon or by speaking to Siri.
  2. Browse Top News: If you want to keep with the latest news Browse Top News shortcut is meant you. With this shortcut on your iPhone, you will be able to get notified about the latest trends of news in through the browse top news shortcut.


  1. Power saving mode
    While you are experiencing low battery on your device Siri shortcuts allow you to launch the low power mode without having to perform many tasks on your phone. Just say to Siri to launch low power mode.
  2. Monitor police during traffic stops
    If you are being pulled over by the police and you want to get the recordings as evidence, Siri is your best bet, tell Siri, “I’m getting pulled over.” You can activate this important Shortcut, but when it is fully functional, it takes control of your device, launch your front camera, records video, put on Do Not Disturb, and sends the video to a listed contact.
  3. Download photos and videos from social media
    Social Media Downloader Shortcut released by Wirexia9 makes it easy for you to download videos from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Simply this feature Shortcut through Siri
  4. Water Eject
    With Water Eject is a Siri Shortcut, you can push out any water your device with a single tap. This shortcut is designed to function using low-frequency sound waves to remove water away from your iPhone’s speakers.
  5. Amazon Price History
    Shopping time just got better with smart Amazon price tracker apps, this shortcut helps you instantly check out the price history of any particular product. It’s so helpful that you can use history to decide whether it’s the right time to go for a product or wait for some time more.
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  1. Share Location
    If you are stuck in jam-packed traffic, there is a high probability you will reach home a bit late using Siri shortcuts to share your location while you are busy driving and navigating your way around could be a good option.
  2. Get Directions
    Using Siri to get directions from your Apple Maps while you integrate your device calendar, is another way to make effective use of shortcut on your iPhone device.

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