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15 Simple DIY Hacks to Improve Cell Signal


It is said that almost more than half the people with cell phones are not satisfied with their signal reception. Most of the people are always complaining of poor or weak signal reception that causes them many problems.

Occasionally, it is frustrating for anyone to be in the middle of a phone conversation and the call suddenly drops. And equally frustrating when you need to make a call and your phone just don’t have a signal.

There are ways you can improve your cell phone reception to finally solve or minimize this problem.

In rural areas, dropped calls are very commonly caused by a weak signal. A mobile phone can only put out one-third of a watt and its very tiny internal antenna cuts that power in half. That is why it is difficult for the phone to transmit through the thick walls of a house or a car’s steel body and travel as far as thirty miles to a remote cell phone tower. How do you resolve this?

Move close to the window

Building walls are known to be cell phone signal enemy, most especially if they are made of metal, concrete, they block cell phone reception in the case when the cell tower is far from your present location. It’s best you stand by a window to get the best reception. In the meantime, if the window is UV treated you might need to open the window.

move close to the window

Charge Your Phone

Don’t be surprised network connectivity consume energy more than other services on your phone. Your mobile phone needs to be properly charged so as to communicate with cellular towers, very well, if your phone battery is down, you need to charge it up. Fully charged, your phone has a maximum amount of power to reach cell towers around the reception area.

Always Close Unused Applications

If you run apps that are unused at that moment, the compete for network too and load data on their own. So if you want to connect a call or deliver texts or might be wise to close apps that might be sucking out your network connectivity.

Increase Your Present Elevation

increase present elevation

As you have read above, concrete walls and other obstacles could lead to lower signal reception on your cell phone. Going to a higher point is another trick to boosting your network strength. Getting to the top of a nearby hill can improve cell service, this will allow the device to have a clear direct line of sight with the cell tower.

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Excuse yourself to a better space

Have it in mind that your cell phone is competing with other devices for network reception. Crowded spaces might be another problem of getting a good network. Go to an isolated place this will improve your chances of getting better signal strength.

better space

Turn on/off airplane mode

Another simple hack is turning Airplane Mode on for about 5-seconds or so and then turning it off again. Your device will restart its network search process for cell towers around, and it might end up connecting to a better cell tower which will obviously boost signal strength.

Connect to WiFi Network

You might need to WiFi network if cell signal is frustrating, you can use a WiFi signal to make calls, send texts, using your WiFi signal. This is not only limited to FaceTime Audio, Skype, Hangouts, but you can also do direct phone calls to a phone line with this option.


Know the network cell tower.

Knowing exactly the cell tower your device is connected to will give you a better insight on which direction you should be facing. You can install Open Signal which is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, this app will show you all the cell tower nearest to you and the exact one you’re connected to.

Doing this will allow you to know the best direction to face for network boost. You can also use www.cellreception.com a website where you can check for cellular stations around you.

Switch network provider.

You might need to compare different network provider to see which is better because it might turn out that it’s your present network provider that could be the problem, not all network carrier works in a particular location. Try switching to a different network carrier could be the best option.

Be sure you are not blocking the Antenna

Most phone now has their antenna embedded with the device, make sure you’re holding your phone in an upright position not blocking the Antenna, this gives your phone the ability to connect to network reception better.

Consider using a signal booster.


If the common order of the day is that you’re frequently struggling with cell reception, another effective solution is to use a signal booster outside your home or office. This essentially creates a personal cell tower for your home or office, it will serve as a repeater for the nearest cell tower, and enable your phone to pick a stronger cell reception.

Switch your device

After trying the above and the and none seems to work you might need to switch your SIM to another device, this will give you an insight whether it’s your network carrier or your device. If it turns out to be your device, you might want to take it to a technician for servicing.

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Use a Femtocell.

The Femtocell is not a signal booster, but you might as well give it a try when you have a limited option. Basically, a signal booster captures the cell tower signal outside and amplifies it for better reception to cell phones.

While a femtocell could be considered to be more like a mini cell phone tower on its own. It’s about the size of a home WiFi router, which works in the same way a signal booster would.

A Femtocell is programmed to work with one specific network provider, and consume a large amount of Internet bandwidth. Femtocells are easier to install and is a better option for people with no cell coverage at all.

Get an External Antenna

A 3.5mm External Antenna jack plugs directly into the headphone jack of your phone, and it gives a signal boost to your device. The External Antenna you will go for depends on the make and model of your cell phone, though they are bulky, inconvenient and are a horrible looking in a way like some old fashion phones.

Build your own Booster Antenna

Booster Antenna

You can always build your own discrete External Antenna if you don’t want to buy anyone. However, you will need some home materials such as Magnet wire; wire cutters; emery cloth; transparent tape; a ruler and few tricks. You can always check out a YouTube video on how to build homemade antennas.

With the above hacks you should have a better cell reception anywhere you are located anytime.

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