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41 Samsung Secret Codes: Everything You Need Is Here


Looking for Samsung secret code, you are lucky because below is the list of Samsung secret code that makes come in handy whenever you need them.

Software Version (*#1111#)

Want to know the software version installed on your Samsung device all you need to do is dial this code on your call app and you will get the information.

IMEI Number (*#06#)

When you dial this code on your Samsung device, your IMEI number will be displayed on your screen. Your IMEI number is a unique 15- digit number that is put in your mobile device by the manufacturer for identification.

Battery Information (*#0228# or *#8999*228#)

Here you have the code that will display your present battery level, the charging/discharging status, and its overall capacity.

USB logging control(*#872564#)


This code helps you to perform the following actions but not limited to these: USB keyboard activates, to block unknown devices and also to block some actions you don’t activate on your USB connection. To access your Samsung device USB logging dials this code.

Display storage capacity(#8999636#)

When you dial this code on your Samsung device it allows you view your mobile device storage capacity.

Samsung Hardware version (#8999837#)


Dial this code on your Samsung device, it will display your hardware version, hardware manufacture date, hardware properties such as camera version, proximity, sensors and running operating system.

Vibration Testing (#9998842)

This code helps you test for the efficiency of your Samsung device vibration without going through the settings page.

Full Reset (27673855#)

Dialing this code on your Samsung device from calling app, you get a pop-up screen giving you the option to reset your device. The factory setting will be restored to your mobile device.

Restart phone (#*2562#)

Want to restart your Samsung mobile device without using the off button, dial this code and your mobile device will restart.


LCD contrast (9998523#)

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the source of the image displayed on your mobile device and it is a super thin and fragile computer monitor. To know your mobile device LCD contrast ratio dial this code on your Samsung device.

Sim Information (#8999778#)

To get the sim information on your mobile device, dial this code on your device and you get sim information such as your sim number, this is faster to use compared to going through your setting page.

Serial number (*#0001#)

The mobile device serial number is a unique identifier assigned to your mobile device for identification. To check for your Samsung device’s serial number dial the above code on your device and there you will have it.

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serial number

Network Information (#8999638#)

Using this code will allow you to check the details of the network on your mobile device.

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Display contract (*#0523#)

To view your display contract, dial this code on your Samsung device.

Debug Screen (#9998324)

This code helps you troubleshoot any screen issue you have with your mobile device.

Camera Reset (2767226372#)


Want to reset your mobile camera to factory settings, then dial this code on your Samsung device and it is done.

Bluetooth test (*#3888#)

To test for how efficient your Bluetooth, dial this code from your call app and can find out its efficiency.

White screen (#*7666#)

To active, a white screen on your Samsung mobile device dial this code and it will get activated, instead of going through the setting page.

Charging duration (#*2474#)


When you dial this code on your Samsung device it displays the duration it will take your phone to be fully charged.

Hand free mode activate/deactivate (#*4263#)

On a call and the next second you need to get busy with your hands to activate the hands-free mode dial the above code, you also can use this to deactivate hand free.

Delete all SMS (#*5376#)


You decide to delete all the SMS on your mobile device, dial this code and they will all deleted, so easy and fast instead of going to the messaging app to delete them one and after the other.

Debug mode (#8999667#)

Is your Samsung device having issues? Use this code to debug any issue your device may be having.

Call list (*#2255#)

To view your call list on your Samsung device, dial the above and the will see the list.

Java version (*#5282837#)

This code will help you view the java version you have on your mobile device, this way you can see if you have the latest version of java on your device.

LCD brightness (#8999523#)

To adjust your device’s screen brightness, dial this code and you can increase or decrease the brightness of your mobile device.

Enable network lock (7465625638*code#)

Dial the above code to activate network lock on your device.

Disable network lock (#7465625638code#)

When you want to deactivate network lock on your mobile device, dial the above code.

Task Screen (*7828#)

To view all the apps running currently on your mobile device dial this code on your Samsung device.

Activate/deactivate auto answer (#*2886#)

Dial this code on your mobile device to activate or deactivate auto answer of call on your Samsung device.

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Attached/detached GPRS (#*7288#)

When you dial this code on your Samsung device your GPRS will be enabled, you can dial this same code to disable it.

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Attached GPRS (#*7287#)

This code will help you to enable GPRS on your Samsung mobile device.

Pause REC (#*22673#)

When recording on your Samsung device you can pause the recording by dialing this secret code.

Samsung pause Rec

Resume REC (#*22674#)

Making a recording on your device and you paused it to get something done; you can easily resume the recording by dialing this code.

Pause play (#*22677#)

Peradventure you are playing any file on Samsung device you can choose to pause the file by using the above code.

Resume play (#*22678#)

Resume previously paused file on your device, by using this code.

Enable Sim lock (7465625746*code#)

This code allows set a passcode to your sim to restrict the access of others to your sim.

Disable Sim lock (#7465625746code#)

You have a sim passcode on your mobile device and you which to remove it, this code helps you to do that.

Phone Model (*#92782#)

You want to know the model of the Samsung device you are using, dial this code on the device and you get to see the model.

Voltage (#*7986)

To know the ideal charging voltage of your Samsung mobile device, dial this code on your device and you get it.

Bluetooth MAC Address (*#232337#)


Bluetooth MAC (Media Access Control) address is your device’s unique hardware number on your Bluetooth. Your device’s Bluetooth MAC address is displayed when you dial this code.

Sleep Deactivate/Activate (#*7693#)

To put your phone to sleep mood dial the above code, you can also use this code to deactivate the sleep mood.

samsung secret codes

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