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Easily Recover Deleted Videos On Your Android Phone


Have you found yourself in a situation where you deleted a video or photo from your phone by mistake? Well, I have been in this situation a couple of times and I’m sure I am not alone here. If you have been in that situation in the past, you will agree with me that it’s very frustrating.

The good news now is that you can recover some of the content you deleted from your phone. Doing this is very complicated directly from your android phone. However, with some dedicated apps, it’s very easy. This article will cover some of these tools and how they are can be used.


DiskDigger is one of such apps that will help you recover deleted videos on your Android device. They can only be achieved if you have not deleted these contents long ago.

DiskDigger on Android

How to recover deleted videos using DiskDigger

To recover deleted videos on your android phone, follow the steps listed below.

  • Search for DiskDigger on Google Play Store. Download and install the app. Remember that you may need to give some permissions to the app.
  • Launch the app on your phone. You will be prompted to purchase the premium version. You should click on “No Thanks”.
  • Next, on the main menu, click on “Full Scan”.  When the scan is complete, a new window appears. Locate the directory where the deleted video was located before you deleted it.
  • Select all video types you want to recover, or simply select the type if it is just one video type. Next, tap ‘OK’ to start the search.
  • The app searches for deleted files that match the selected format in that selected directory. The size of the directory determines the time it will take to complete the search, so it may take some time.
  • After the search is complete, it tells you to check if the file was recovered. Click on “OK” to enable you to go through the list of what it found.
  • If the file was listed, select it by tapping on the checkbox next to it. If it multiple files, select all that is applicable and click on “Recover”.
  • Next, you are asked to select where you want the video to be recovered to. You usually have three options to select from, but for the purpose of this write-up, select ‘Android’.
  • When the recovery is complete, you can now close the app and play your video.
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Note: Recovering videos with DiskDigger requires root access to your smartphone or tablet. I’d not be talking about what this means, but you can read about it by doing a quick search on “Root Smartphone”.

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EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

This is another app that will enable you recover deleted video back to your android phone.

  • Download the EaseUS MobiSaver from Google Play Store and install on your android device.
  • After successfully installing the app, launch the app from your device.
  • To start the search for deleted files, click on “Start Scan”.
  • When the Scan is complete, deleted pictures and videos will appear on the screen.
  • To change your search criteria, click on settings. Here you can change the file size, file format to search for, etc.
  • When the search is completed, select all files that you want to recover from the list displayed and click on “Recover”.

Note: Recovering videos with EaseUS MobiSaver requires root access to your smartphone or tablet just like the previous method.

Both methods described above can be done with only your Android device. Below I’d discuss a method you can use to recover deleted videos on Android using a computer system.

EaseUS MobiSaver Computer Version

Connect your Android phone to a computer

Yes, this is the same app as the one discussed above, but this is the computer version. First, you will be required to download the computer version of the app. To download it, follow the link http://down.easeus.com/product/emsa_trial. Install the app on your computer and follow the steps to recover deleted files. You can also create a backup using the app on your computer.

  • Connect your Android phone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Install and run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. 
  • Next, click the “Start” button on the software on your computer to let the software recognize and connect your device.
    NOTE: Your device must be rooted to use this method. So, ensure that your device is rooted before starting the process.
  • From the application, scan your Android device. This will display both deleted and existing files. This includes pictures, videos, text, etc. Ensure you specify the file type to make the search faster and easier.
  • Preview all the files you want to restore, select them and click on ‘Recover’.
  • When it is complete, you can save the restored file on your computer as a backup copy.

With these easy steps, you can recover any deleted video on your Android device. Remember that you may not be able to recover files that have been deleted over a long time. It is best to try this as soon as possible.

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