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How To Make ₦1.2million Monthly As a Network Marketer in Nigeria


I have created this RAGP Recharge And Get Paid review for serious network marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are looking for legit ways to earn extra income daily online in Nigeria.

You will learn 7 important things today;

  • Legitimate and profitable ways to earn money online in Nigeria
  • How to earn N3,000 daily income from your smartphone
  • You will learn about a product that sells itself.
  • How to setup your own VTU portal
  • Best business to start with N10,000
  • How network marketers in Nigeria make millions from the power of 10.
  • Best MLM company for network marketers in Nigeria 2020

Nigerians in network marketing business will know Longrich, Oriflame, Tasly, Edmark, Trevo and Forever Living. Combine all of them and you wont come close to what RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid has to offer in terms of product usability, commission structure and customer base.

Nothing beats patience.

So calmly read this from start to finish then start all over and read it again.

That will be the FIRST best decision you will make today.

….the SECOND best decision is below the page (I will let you know).

Look at this image. I will explain later in the compensation and commission section of this article.

Do you know that every time you buy N100 airtime from your bank or favorite recharge card app, they make N1 to N5. EVERYTIME!

N1 to N5 commissions seems small right? But then they are all doing it – GTB, Access, UBA, Sterling… you name it.

Now with RAGP Recharge And Get Paid, you earn N2 from every N100 recharge airtime you make whether for yourself, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, religious group… From anybody in general.

You might be wondering how to get into the recharge card selling business – it’s called a VTU portal and you will be a VTU agent.

Owning your own VTU portal and becoming a VTU agent for airtime and data sales is one of the hottest and most profitable businesses to do in Nigeria right now.

And the best part is, your VTU portal will not charge you for SMS alert, email alert, card maintenance fee and the rest.

But with RAGP, you can be both a VTU agent and also a network marketer.

Let’s dive in let me show you the tricks network marketers in Nigeria are using to make lots of money like in the image above on RAGP Recharge And Get Paid as an MLM instead of a VTU portal.

What is Network Marketing or MLM?

Network marketing or Multi level marketing (MLM for short) is a business model where customers can sign up as a distributor and earn commissions on sales of product as well as commissions from their own distributors, team, sales group or downlines.

Once you get into network marketing and you pick the right company to promote it’s products for a commission, you will find it is the closest thing to your “dream job” because everyday you feel like a CEO, working when, where and how you want.

Multi level marketing or MLM is the closest thing to entrepreneurship.

One of the absolute best multi level marketing companies for network marketers in Nigeria is RAGP Recharge And Get Paid because of the evergreen products being offered – airtime, data, cable TV, NEPA/PHCN bills payment.

Here is another image of the RAGP dashboard what shows you the true power of network marketing and the best referral program in Nigeria to make money online.

What is RAGP Recharge And Get Paid?

Recharge And Get Paid or RAGP for short is a CAC registered telecommunications company with Nigeria (airtime reseller) RC Number 1279919 and licensed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out telecom related services.

Recharge And Get Paid CAC document

RAGP or Recharge And Get Paid gives you the rights and access to start your VTU portal in Nigeria so you can earn daily.

Due to RAGP’s flexibility, network marketers and multi level marketers in Nigeria can easily setup their own VTU portal with aim of creating a distribution network of airtime sellers nationwide while earning commissions from every sale.

How Does RAGP or Recharge And Get Paid Work?

Due to it’s simplicity, you can setup your VTU portal in minutes and start earning same day.

Once you apply for a VTU portal by getting a VTU package ranging from N5,000 which is the least amount up to N100,000 which is the highest you can pay, your VTU portal will be created for you so you can start selling airtime and data straight from your phone.

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RAGP dashboard below


It looks exactly like that above.

First you get an instant registration bonus of 20% in your RAGP wallet which means if you select the N5,000 package, you will have N1,000 left in your wallet and the company takes N4,000 as your setup fee.

The 20% setup fee applies to every package including the N100,000 package which will leave N20,000 in your wallet.

You will be given an unlimited supply of airtime which you can login at anytime, place a phone number and sell instant top up to that phone number by using the funds in your RAGP wallet.

Watch this video on how to use RAGP Recharge And Get Paid dashboard to buy airtime online.

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RAGP or Recharge And Get Paid will deduct the airtime amount requested leaving the 2% commission in your wallet while the phone number will be instantly credited with the airtime.

Apart from airtime sales, you will also have access to sell the following services

  • Airtime
  • Data
  • DSTV subscription
  • GoTV subscription
  • Startimes subscription
  • PHCN or NEPA Prepaid bills
  • PHCN or NEPA Postpaid bills
    …. WAEC, NECO and JAMB coming soon.

And you get a commission for every single one of them including sales by your downlines.

What Are RAGP Recharge And Get Paid Compensation Plan, Bonus And Commissions?

First off, no matter your starting registration or membership package, you can always upgrade as you make more money on Recharge And Get Paid.

There are 3 main compensations plans to look out for on RAGP;

Sales Commission

  • Airtime – 2%
  • Data – 10%
  • DSTV subscription – N40
  • GoTV subscription – N40
  • Startimes subscription – N40
  • PHCN or NEPA Prepaid bills – N40
  • PHCN or NEPA Postpaid bills – N40

You also earn commission for any airtime, data and subscription from your downlines and their own diwonlines up tp your package level.

  • Airtime – 0.35%
  • Data – 1%
  • DSTV subscription – N10
  • GoTV subscription – N10
  • Startimes subscription – N10
  • PHCN or NEPA Prepaid bills – N10
  • PHCN or NEPA Postpaid bills – N10

It is a never ending tree of daily commissions, as they sell or use personally, you make money.

Referral sales commission

The referral commissions on the table below are calculated with the following assumptions

  • You referred 5 people and each of those 5 people referred 3 or 2 people and so on…. down your referral tree
  • Each person goes for the least registration package of N5,000
  • Each person sells all the serivces monthly worth JUST N10,000 – considering airtime, data, DSTV and GoTV subscriptions and PHCN/NEPA sales.

Note: I made these numbers very low for those of you new to network marketing and referral programs. But the pros are laughing at these figures because some marketers can easily refer 50 people in one week.

PackageNumber of DownlinesSales Commissions from Airtime

If you simply decide to build a team of VTU agents, you can make sales of N900,000 monthly from just product sales (if each person sells JUST N10,000 in a WHOLE MONTH).

DSTV and PHCN alone can easily make up for that N10,000 monthly.

PackageNumber of DownlinesReferral Commissions

From the calculations you can easily see how some people have N90 million in their dashboard.

Imagine that happens every month in various referral tree settings, you will make N1.2 million in one month from referral commissions and N900,000 in same month from airtime and other product sales.


The secret to getting such figures is joining a professional team like this —— TEAM SONAIJA on WhatsApp and getting the full on training and continuous support once you have registered and choosen a package from N100,000 to N5,000 —

>>Start Your Registration Here.

PV rewards.

Registration PackageBonusPV Given

PV means Point Value and you are given PV for each registration carried out by you or your team (to the last level) which qualifies you for the rewards program on Recharge And Get Paid.

Point Value is one of the rewards system on RAGP that network marketers and multi level marketers in Nigeria love because building a distribution network comes naturally for us and that is how one gets more PV.

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You may have seen pictures like this on the Facebook right?

They are mostly gotten from PV achievements and rewards that comes with them.

…. Going to take pictures with a massive cheque is completely optional. You request to receive your money directly without all the media attention and RAGP will comply.

You make money by qualifying for incentives or referral rewards which is what the PVs are all about.

  • *10,000 PV monthly earns you N100,000 Monthly
  • 25,000 PV earns you 500k INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND
  • 60,000 PV earns you N2 million CAR FUND
  • 100,000 PV earns you N3 million HOUSE FUND
  • 250,000 PV earns you N4 million ANOTHER HOUSE FUND
  • 500,000 PV earns you N6 million FINAL HOUSE FUND

Note: You can only get these rewards if you register as a Platinum member or Executive member or at least have upgraded your account to that status.

Your registration package becomes important when you are moving from being a distributor of airtime and data to being a network marketer for RAGP and are talking about residual income which brings me to my next point – RAGP Martix.

What is the RAGP Matrix?

To non network marketers, a matrix – forced matrix or ladder plan is where one membership account can grow his team to a maximum amount of downlines which is usually limited width.

For instance, some MLM or multi level marketing services will limit you to “bring 2 people, then those 2 people should bring another 2…” Nothing like that in RAGP.

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You are here to make maximum money, so why limit you?

With RAGP matrix, there is no limited width.

Get as many downlines as you desire.

You earn according to the amount you registered with from 5 levels deep to 10 levels deep. Even 1 level can make a huge difference in earnings.

RAGP RechargeAndGetPaid membership earning levels

Registration packageYouLevels or Matrix
You stop earning from your downlines at each membership limit depending on your RechargeAndGetPaid membership plan

With the RAGP matrix which is perfect for network marketers in Nigeria, even if you start another business, take a vacation or whatever, you still keep earning because one of your 100 downlines or grand-downlines (like grandchildren) will be selling or building his or her team.

…. and you will get commission from them all.

Now you see the reason i said this is a Nigerian’s network marketer’s dream.

No MLM comes close to RAGP Recharge And Get Paid in Nigeria.

Talk time is over, let’s begin!

Recharge And Get Paid Registration Process

These are the RAGP registration plans you must choose from to starting earning either by VTU airtime sales or as a network marketer in Nigeria.

Registration PlanPrice
It is a ONE TIME fee – not monthly or yearly. Just ONCE! Any other money you put in your wallet is your capital.

First of all, you will need a referral ID when you want to register so use sonaija as your Recharge And Get Paid referral Id.

To register for Recharge And Get Paid, visit RAGP registration page.

You will officially be part of my winning team and included in online team member trainings.

Join my new team SoNaija on WhatsApp group so we onboard you.

Choose a reasonable username because it will be your referral ID.

As for “purchase pin” (just a name), that is your extra security. So create a new 7 digit pin code which you will use for transactions on RAGP.

After registration, pick a membership package and pay with your atm debit or credit card

RAGP 1 Paystack
Or the Paystack payment portal

Choose Paystack or contact me so i register you with the ewallet instead.

RAGP-2 bank details
Then you fill in your bank details to complete the registration and make payment

Once done, you can start selling airtime, data or even referring people to join your team thereby building your own distribution network.

22 Benefits YOU Will Gain On RAGP or Recharge And Get Paid Today.

  • You earn 20% of your registration fee when you register
  • You earn 20% also when you upgrade your membership package. That is, going from N10,000 to N40,000.
  • You earn 20% from all your direct downlines or distributors you register on the platform.
  • You earn 2% of the airtime you purchase recharge
  • You make make 10% from data you purchase or sell to others
  • You earn N40 from cable subscriptions DSTV, GoTV and Startimes.
  • You earn N40 from PHCN or NEPA prepaid or postpaid bill payments
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Wonder why the rich get richer or why your oga/madam at the office looks like they are doing nothing to earn what they get?

They did all the hard work in the past building their team now they are reaping the fruits of their labour.

Same goes for multi level marketers, network marketers and team builders.

Now they can focus on their family, take vacations, relax in 5 star hotels and enjoy their day while their money works for them.

Earn while doing nothing;

  • You earn 10% from registrations at your second level
  • You earn 5% from registrations at second level
  • You earn 2.5% from registrations at third level
  • You earn 1.25% from registrations at 4th level
  • You earn 1% of registrations at 5th level
  • You earn 0.35% from airtime purchase fro your team, distributors or downlines.
  • You earn 1% of data purchase from your distributors or downlines
  • You earn N10 from cable TV subscriptions done by your downlines
  • You earn N40 of PHCN or NEPA bills payments either prepaid or postpaid done by your downlines.

The goodies continues below. Remember for everyone you or your downlines or grand downlines sign up, you earn PV according to the amount they registered with.

  • *10,000 PV monthly earns you N100,000 MONTHLY
  • 25,000 PV earns you 500k INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND
  • 60,000 PV earns you N2 million CAR FUND
  • 100,000 PV earns you N3 million HOUSE FUND
  • 250,000 PV earns you N4 million ANOTHER HOUSE FUND
  • 500,000 PV earns you N6 million FINAL HOUSE FUND

Be like me, join and thank your decision everyday.

Now for network marketers in Nigeria, this is YOUR dream come true.

Because it gets better than merely selling recharge cards in bulk, you can build a team having your own distributors selling these airtime and data for you from their smartphone while you earn your commission from them.

This on it’s own is already enough to make most network marketers in Nigeria say yes and signup but we haven’t scratched the surface yet.

As a serious network marketer in Nigeria, you can keep building your team and distribution networks or downlines.

It’s time to put procrastination aside, get serious with your daily income and signup – this will be the SECOND best decision you will make today.

Recharge And Get Paid FAQ

What is the name of the company?

Recharge And Get Paid of RAGP for short.

Who is the CEO of Recharge And Get Paid?

Ositadinma Oshopo

When was RAGP founded?


What are the products and services sold by RAGP?

Airtime, Data, Cable Subscription (DSTV, GoTV, Startimes) and Electricity bills payments.

Is the airtime available for all networks?

Yes. MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile.

Will i make more money as a distributor or a network marketer?

Picture this! Imagine you have a team of 100 people who are selling airtime for you daily from different parts of Nigeria. Compare that to just you selling airtime.

I want to become a network marketer and get into MLM in RAGP instead.

Great choice but you need to be able to refer people – from working your friends on WhatsApp to getting distributors on social media.

Must i refer people before i start making money on Recharge And Get Paid?

If your goal is to sell airtime and the other services, then no, you don’t need to refer anyone before making commissions on sales. But if your goal is to be a network marketer, then yes.

How do i get the recharge cards?

The airtime, data, cable TV and others are sent to the receiver’s number.

How do i register for Recharge And Get Paid?

Start here — Go to RAGP registration page and fill in your details.

What is Recharge And Get Paid referral ID?

Referral ID is your username you will use to refer others to join your distribution network or multi level marketing team.

What is purchase pin?

Purchase pin is used to authorize buying of products like airtime, data… while also adding an extra layer of security for transfer of funds.

Can i have more than one account?

As a network marketer, you will be advised to have more than one account.

Is Recharge And Get Paid Scam or legit?

Yes, it is 100% legit.

The partnerships with Nigerian telecoms – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile along with DSTV…even PHCN is enough proof of legitimacy. Don’t forget RAGP is also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and licensed by Nigerian Communications Commission NCC.

How do i fund my account?

You can fund your account either by transferring from your bank to RAGP or by transferring to any other RAGP member.

Does my PV increase on selling or buying airtime?

No, you gain RAGP PV or Point Value when someone registers under you or your team.

Is there an app for recharge and get paid?

No official app.

Is there a WhatsApp group for recharge and get paid?

Yes. Join our WhatsApp group here

Where is RAGP office located?

Head office Address – Suite C16 & C17, Danziyal Plaza Central Business District, Abuja (Same building with Zenith bank)

What is RAGP customer care number?

You can contact RechargeAndGetpPaid RAGP customer care on any of these phone numbers.

081 1 689 8208
080 3 722 1858
081 8 209 8378

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