VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone


Looking for ways to start your VTU business selling recharge cards in Nigeria? The key take away…..

You are here which means one thing, you are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Instead of complaining about the economy, you are taking matters into your own capable hands.

Calculate this.

How much did you spend on airtime yesterday? What about the whole week or even month? Now calculate how much you also spent on data.

Once you are done calculating, you will sigh for banks that keep shoving these recharge cards in our faces.

Listen! The truth is simple, we can’t go a day without touching your phone – making calls, texting, chatting or browsing. All these cost credit either through airtime or data plan.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

Allow me make a prediction – You will buy recharge card before the year runs out. Same goes for someone you know.

You have no option.

According to NCC – Your family members – immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, colleagues, religious members…. and so on, will buy recharge cards.

Because we all need it for either credit or data.

Today, i will show you how to setup your own recharge card selling business in Nigeria and earn commissions for doing so without spending a teeth grinding sum of money.

To be honest, you will not make millions of Naira in 2 weeks doing VTU business in Nigeria except maybe you are a pastor, course rep, meeting leader, spend money on Facebook ads or you have access to a huge amount of people on social media and offline, then maybe you can.


A more realistic figure will be N100,000 monthly, and i will show you 2 ways to achieve that in the same business.

That can be achieved!

Nigerian banks hidden secret

You ever notice once you go to the ATM to do practically anything – withdraw, transfer fund or simply check your account balance, the ATM automatically ask if you want to recharge your phone?

Why are they so bothered about us recharging our phones?

The answer is simple, these Nigerian banks are into VTU business, selling recharge cards and data plans to customers while getting a juicy commission from each sale.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

And every time you and anyone you know buys recharge cards from a bank, the bank earns commissions.

Commissions you should be earning yourself.

Banking apps have got more robust with NEPA/PHCN recharge along with DSTV, GoTV, Startimes subscription plans.

It doesn’t even end with banks, loads of small businesses are popping up everyday all over the place deeply involved in VTU airtime business.

Just last year or so, Jumia launched the Jumia One app – You guessed right, it is a VTU app selling recharge cards, data plans, cable subscriptions and much more in Nigeria while making a nice commission from each sale.


So what is VTU Airtime business?

VTU simply means Vitrual Top Up where you can buy recharge cards and data plans for networks in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile. Payment of all kinds of subscriptions services also fall under VTU like NEPA or PHCN along with DSTV, GoTV and Startimes subscription packages.

Everyone you know in Nigeria either buys recharge card, data plan or pay for subscription services like DSTV, GoTV, Startimes.

List 20 people you know including family, friends, colleagues, religious members, students and confirm that.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use any of these services without even listing electricity bills from prepaid to postpaid meters.

So, starting a VTU business in Nigeria selling recharge cards and subscriptions will cost a tear dropping amount of money, after all one needs to spend money to make money right?

Like stocking up on hundreds or even thousands of various networks in Nigeria, then having a huge deposit with cable TVs and so on.

That is not the case with VTU business.


Starting VTU Airtime Business in Nigeria

For you to start your VTU business in Nigeria selling recharge cards and subscriptions online, you don’t need a huge startup capital.

You can even use your next money for data plan to start your VTU business.

Yes, it cost as low as N5,000 to start selling as much recharge cards, data plans, cable TV subscriptions as your customer can handle.

No! You don’t need to print scratch cards, have a PC, server, generator, printing machines and store or office location to start recharge card selling business in Nigeria.

That was the old way which is way played out already, thanks to banks in Nigeria for exposing some of us to the power of technology.

You can start your recharge card business in Nigeria straight from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

If you have heard of affiliate marketing, Jumia J-Force or drop shipping, then know VTU airtime business in Nigeria is very similar to those because you will not buy any inventory or stock, all you have to do is place orders for people and get your commissions.


How do i start VTU business in Nigeria?

To start, you need to register with a VTU vendor.

VTU vendors are the ones who do the stocking piling of recharge cards, cable subscriptions and the rest while you refer or place orders for customers using their services and you get paid a commission for that basic work.

Just like transferring airtime or data to someone, it is that simple.

One of the most prominent VTU vendors in Nigeria is RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid.

RAGP is a VTU vendor in Nigeria registered by CAC to carry out top up services including recharge cards, data plans, cable subscriptions and even electricity bill payment.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

How does RAGP Recharge And Get Paid work?

When you sign up for RAGP – Recharge and Get Paid, you will be asked to pay a registration or setup fee called packages which are 7 in number – Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Executive Platinum packages.

Each package also comes with instant cash back of 20% to your ewallet as your first commission.

Registration and setup packages include

PackageFeeCommission Cashback
Executive PlatinumN100,000N20,000

You can also upgrade your RAGP – RechargeAndGetPaid registration package once your VTU business has started booming.

Note: When you purchase any of these packages, RAGP pays you 20% of the package amount which will be your first usable account balance while the remaining 80% left will be used as your setup fee.

Packages PV – Point Value

  • Basic package gets you a point value of 20PV
  • Bronze package gets you a point value of 40PV
  • Silver package gets you a point value of 80PV
  • Gold package gets you a point value of 160PV
  • Platinum package gets you a point value of 200PV
  • Executive Platinum package gets you a point value of 400PV

Note: When you or any of your downlines (other people, VTU agents you introduce to RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid) makes a purchase or introduces some one on any of the packages above, you get the package PV added to yours which quickly adds up to thousands of PV once you become active in selling and recruiting.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone


As these PV accumulates either from your purchases and recruiting or your downlines doing either, you qualify for some cash awards as stated below.

  • 10,000 PV gets rewarded with N100,000 cash
  • 25,000PV gets rewarded with N500,000 cash
  • 60,000 PV gets rewarded with N2,000,000 cash
  • 100,000 PV gets rewarded with N3,000,000 cash
  • 250,000 PV gets rewarded with N4,000,000 cash
  • 500,000 PV gets rewarded with N6,000,000 cash

Imagine you the VTU agent purchase recharge cards, data plans, cable subscription or electricity bill for 100 people 5 times in a whole month and you are on the Basic package, you will receive a PV of 10,000 and will be rewarded with N100,000 cash irrespective of that was bought and at what price range.

Once you have registered, this is what your dashboard will look like.


Well, minus the millions of Naira in your VTU wallet.

Remember I will also show you how to make at least N100,000 each month – Twice!

What are RAGP commissions?

Recharge And Get Paid commission structure defers for different services.

You as the VTU agent, get paid the below percentages or Naira among for each service you purchase either for yourself or anyone else.

  • 2% of the recharge card or airtime value
  • 10% of any data amount.
  • N40 commission on cable subscriptions

Let’s get really conservative here with our example.

Imagine you decide to count only close friends and immediate family while you start out.

So 10 friends buy recharge card worth N500 from you weekly.
10 friends x N500 x 4 weeks x 2% commission = N400 VTU profit

Those 10 friends tell other 2 friends to do same.
10 friends x 2 more friends x N200 x 4 weeks x 2% commission = N800 VTU profit

They all buy data plans from you once a month.
10 friends x 2 friends x N2,000 data plan x 10% commission = N4,000 VTU profit

N400 + N800 + N4,000 = N5,200 in VTU profit

You already made back your investment in your first month. Simple as that!

Without even calculating cable subscriptions for yours and their families every month, you can see how this easily stacks up.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

If you decide to take your recharge card business seriously, including friends of friends, colleagues, fellow students, people in your community, religious group and more importantly, social media… the sky is your limit.

You join one of those Buy and Sell Facebook groups with 100,000s members in it, you can easily squeeze out 1,000 customers in your first month for your recharge card business.

1,000 customers buy recharge card or data plan from you at cheap rates…twice a month, and assuming your commission will be a rough average of 5%.

1,000 customers x 1,000 worth recharge card / data plan x 2 = N2,000,000

N2,000,000 x 5% = N100,000 Monthly.

There you have it, your first N100,000 in VTU profit from selling recharge cards, data plans, cable subscriptions and NEPA/PHCN prepaid and postpaid bills.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

How to Register as a VTU Agent for RAGP

Wondering how to register as a VTU agent?

  • First you register as a VTU agent with RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid.
  • During the signup process, you will be asked for a referral code – use sonaija20 as your referral code.
  • You will be required to pay a registration and setup fee by purchasing a package.
  • Login again using your username and password.
  • Select your setup package
    • Basic package – N5,000
    • Bronze Package – N10,000
    • Silver Package – N20,000
    • Gold Package – N40,000
    • Platinum package – N50,000
    • Executive Platinum Package – N100,000
  • There are 2 methods of payments on RAGP registration – Paystack and eWallet
  • When you select either payment portal, you will be required to fill in your bank details
RAGP 2- eWallet
You can either select the eWallet payment portal
RAGP 1 Paystack
Or the Paystack payment portal
RAGP-2 bank details
Then you fill in your bank details to complete the registration and make payment

Once you have completed your registration, you should join this WhatsApp group immediately so we can take you through the process including next steps and more importantly, strategies and tips on how to achieve your goals.

Quick Edit: Bonus Tip on Selling RAGP Services.

Some one asked how to convince friends and family who already use banking apps or USSD code to buy airtime directly from you.

I thought the answer might interest a lot more people so it is placed here instead.

First of all, focusing your customer base on friends and family has a growth cap. And you are starting this VTU business to burst that cap.

Also, you will not just be selling only airtime and data plans.

There are several ways you can get friends and family to patronize you for recharge cards and data plans

  • The added benefit of them promoting your business
  • It cost the same amount so they might as well get from you.
  • Ease, especially when they don’t have access to the bank app or have cash at hand.
  • What about situations where they have no data to go online to get?
  • What if they don’t have money at the moment but need airtime, instead of borrowing airtime at an interest rate, they can get from you.

These are scenarios that happen at any time and you probably know most friends who have been in such including yourself.

Other ways to sell these airtime and data plans?

  • Elderly friends and family – parents, aunties, uncles, neighbors… and their elderly friends.
  • Non tech savvy friends and family who don’t use *737# USSD code or banking app.
  • Shop/business owners: These group mostly buy insanely huge amounts.

But selling recharge cards is not the only way to make money via VTU.

There is DSTV, GoTV, Startimes, NEPA/PHCN nationwide both prepaid and postpaid. Selling these are a breeze because most people go out to get one or all of these.

Also, you can join this WhatsApp group where we discuss one on one about your concerns.

Kindly identify yourself once you join that group so we can chat about RAGP and every burning questions you might have.

So you have 7 services to sell. Once you have all these services at your disposal, it comes down to waiting for opportunities and creating opportunities yourself by getting your business out there – even telling friends to tell their friends and families.


2nd Way to Make N100,000 from home in Nigeria?

Earlier I said you can make N100,000 per month doing online work from home jobs in Nigeria, especially via recharge cards and data plans sales also known as VTU business.

I showed you a way to achieve that earlier, willl show you another way to achieve such results AGAIN.

Stick with me let me take you further into the business world of VTU agent downlines.

With RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid, you also get tiers which means you can register more agents or people under your VTU business banner by simply giving them your referral code and once they register, you get a commission.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

For every referral that signs up with your code, you get 20%

We get really conservative again with our example.

Imagine you introduce 10 of your close friends and colleagues, students, religious group… and they all register as an agent for VTU business by getting the cheapest package on Recharge And Get Paid.

10 people x N5,000 x 20% = N10,000

Easy N10,000 for you.


Now imagine if you decide to run it as a real business – Joining Facebook groups (there are loads you can use with thousands of followers, I use a couple my self) and posting there, posting on twitter including comment section of influencers, telling people on your Whatsapp or even stepping it up with $20 Facebook ads, you can easily, I mean EASILY register 100 people each month.

Check the table below

No of PeoplePackagePercentageYour commission
200N5,000 20%N200,000
300N5,000 20%N300,000
400N5,000 20%N400,000
500N5,000 20%N500,000
1000N5,000 20%N1,000,000

Now each person you introduce the VTU business to in Nigeria can decide to register someone else and guess what, you get a 10% commission from that.

So you refer Mr John who registers as an agent with N5,000 and he decides to refer Mrs Angela to the VTU business who also register as an agent with N5,000.

N5,000 Mr John x 20% for you = N1,000
N5,000 Mrs Angela x 10% for you = N500.

VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

Let’s create a crazy table to show you what is possible using the 100 people you introduced to VTU online business in Nigeria either by selling telecoms services like recharge cards and data plan or cable services like DSTV, Startimes and GoTV packages .

No of PeoplePackageCommissionTotal
Tier 110N5,00010%N500,000

Just like that, if each of the 100 people or agents you introduce to RAGP – RechargeAndGetPAid online VTU business in Nigeria decides to introduce 10 family, friends, colleagues, business associates, students and so on,

You get a whooping N500,000!

All this from an investment of N5,000 or N10,000 with RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid.

To top it all, you also get a commission from the VTU business the people you signup creates – recharge card sales, data plans, dstv subscriptions…


You setup your VTU business and wait for your money. It is that simple really.

Henceforth, you will get paid anytime you….

  • Recharge airtime for yourself – All Networks
  • Recharge airtime for others – All Networks
  • Buy data for yourself – All Networks
  • Buy or sell data to others – All Networks
  • Subscribe your DSTV, GoTV or Startimes or do the same for others
  • Pay your electricity bills or do the same for others
  • Get others to partner with you and enjoy all these benefits in multiples
  • You can earn N15.5 million or more in awards and achievements.
VTU Business: Make N100,000 Monthly From Your Smartphone

Hope I exposed you to a way to make passive income in Nigeria? Go ahead and signup with RAGP using our referral code sonaija20.

Don’t forget to login again to purchase a package plan so you can begin selling or referring people to get your commissions.

Once you register, you should join this WhatsApp group immediately so we can take you through the process including next steps and more importantly, strategies and tips on how to achieve your goals.

And if you turn it into business and really market to everyone you know both on social media and all, the sky is your limit.

Time of waiting for the government to rescue us has long since passed, we are taking matters into our hands now. So, gather your money and make your move today to better your tomorrow.

Feel free to drop a comment below


  1. Hello Good Morning. Thank you for the introduction on VTU Business. My question is, how would I convince friends or family to patronize me instead of buying airtime from the ATM or directly from their bank accounts? What do they gain?

    • The answer was quite long so it has been added to the post, kindly read it again to see. Or jump to the”Quick Edit” section of the “What are RAGP commissions” subheading.

  2. I think this is one elaborate explanation, but no clear-cut directive on how to register for the VTU platform. This is one major reason that dampen morale of prospective investors.

    • The percentage will be in your ewallet and you can trasfer the funds to your account. As for selling, everything is in your dashboard (Recharge cards, data plans, cable subscriptions and all) once you have purchased a package and your RAGP account is activated.


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