Real-Time AR: Product Demo, Architecture – Your Complete Guide

Real Time AR in Phones

The role of augmented reality (AR) in the real world today cannot be overly emphasized. As this business application expands, there will be more need for investment in the AR technology.

2017 saw the launch of Apples ARkit and Google’s ARcore that has been featured in iPhones and many android devices.

Not only are the aforementioned AR technology brilliant in operation, but they have also served as a powerful tool for developers to create AR applications.

In 2018, RYOT partnered with kaleidoscope and oculus to produce the devlab 2018 which Is an AR/VR artist incubator. 

Also, late last year Verizon launched new and engaging AR applications that will aid learning in different fields.

In fact, there are tons of AR technology that have been introduced over the past few years, this tells us something, AR is here to stay.

Another interesting thing about AR is that it has been used in healthcare; AR now comes with telemedicine options that enable medical practitioners to interact with patients.

Furthermore, the augmented reality (AR) application can deliver real-time information to the treatment area and also support the diagnosis.

The AR has proved really effective in healthcare, for example, the AccuVein is a device used in medicine to ascertain the vein network of a patient.

Also, the use of this vein finder device can improve venipuncture and will make it easy for other vascular access procedures.

Augmented Reality - Apple Developer_comp

In addition, with the use of AR diagnostic tools, surgeons can make planned procedures before starting the surgery. The AR diagnostic tool will model disease conditions; this will help the surgeon be abreast of the patient’s condition.

By the way, AR has also been used to create fun games that will appeal to game lovers.

Besides, with the introduction of 5G which is expected to be on smartphones that will be released this year, the augmented reality gaming apps will be more exciting.

I recently wrote an article on AR mapping, this is another field the augmented reality has blossomed;

You can get information on the AR room mapping by clicking the link below

What is augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that manipulates information and virtual objects from real-world scenes in real-time.

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The principle behind this is that the AR is able to get information from the real world and ad detail to it while making look artificial.


Some applications found in smartphones come with augments reality apps that carry out various tasks in various fields in the real world.

Moreover, the AR has proved beneficial in learning new languages, sketching, healthcare and more.

Most AR application has been really been helpful and has even won awards for creativeness. An example is the Gatwick airport passenger app that has won several awards for the creative use of augmented reality.

You may wonder how the AR technology relates to the airline, but the fact is that the AR map helps passengers to navigate through the airport on their mobile device.

As in the case of the Gatwick airport passenger app, with the help of over 2,000 beacons in Its two terminals, passengers can use the AR map to know where they are inside the airport, impressive right!

Gatwick Airport Official - AR_comp

However, with constant improvement made on the augmented reality, we hope to see features in the AR that can help control traffic flow in the airport.

Real-time AR

A lot of effort has been put in by many developers to take the AR to the next level. Sudo world is one developer that has made a meaningful impact in augmented reality; this brand has built an AR app that takes the AR game to the next level.

The sudo AR us more organized and interactive and relates to multi-device in real-time syncing. What this actually means is that multiple users can interact in real-time at the same time. By the way, the sudo worlds augmented reality (AR) also has storing capabilities which are an edge to the other AR technology that has been built.

Multiple users can interact easily by simply doing a quick calibration, after that, they can start the shared AR session. In fact, this is so easy that it only requires the two users to point their phones to a physical location, after doing that they are synced.

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Consequently, all users’ virtual world will update accordingly in real-time.

The sudo world’s AR also makes it possible to have a life-sized model in the AR world and can be used anywhere. Initially, the sudo world’s augmented reality was built for iPhones but has now been incorporated into an Android device.

Application of the multiple real-time AR

Multi-person learning

The multi-person learning using the AR technology simply allows many users to view the same object in the same spot. What this means is that users can share virtual objects in augmented realities and in real-time.

This type of learning is very good as all an audience needs to do is calibrate their 3D models and view them directly.

A typical example of this is a group of students been lectured on the features of the human body. This student can use a 3D model to view what a professor using a 3D model highlights or rotates on the human body.

Not only is this fun, but the student can also explore their models and view from different angles. By the way, the student has to calibrate their 3D model to the front so as to get access or interact with the professor’s 3D model.

Shared virtual world

Advancement in augmented reality has also made it possible for users to share or view the virtual world at the same time. For instance, an airline can set up a few booths outside its environment, now imagine this booth are lined with artificial flowers and grass.

Whenever a user visits the booths and uses the AR on his/her phone the flowers and grass will be displayed.

This will also apply to every other user that visits the booth, this means many users can have the same AR experience while using the booth.

Interestingly, surrounding sound and wind can also be synced, and also the virtual flower or grass can be extended beyond the space of the booth. Importantly, the booth has to be set up, in the same way, to enable the users to have the same shared experience.

Brickscape - AR_comp

Multiple game players and shared drawing

Anything is possible with augmented reality, the possibilities of the AR has been extended to gaming. Before now, the AR technology only allows user access games individually, but with the advancement of the AR, multiple users can now enjoy games at the same time.

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Multiple users can play the Ar games by simply using a 3D model, in a similar way that it was used in multiple people learning.  In this case, the real-life environment will be converted into a digital interface when a virtual object is placed in real-time.

AR technology can also be used by multiple users to sketch or draw. It’s easy; all you need is a 3D whiteboard and a 3D model. Each user should use the 3D model to modify and view the buildings, cars, interior designs on the 3D whiteboard and make adjustments where needed.

Architecture modeling

AR technology can also perform task such as architecture modeling and helps users make a decision on some things they intend on buying. For instance, the sudo world AR technology can assist a family in choosing a car to buy.

They can simply display a virtual car in their driveway while changing the color or some features in the virtual car. This will give them insight on what the real car they desire will look like in terms of color and other features.

Aside from Cars, you can also do a house design trial using the AR. The AR gives you the opportunity to add whatever design you would like in the house, for example, you can add more rooms, toilet, furniture’s etc. virtually to your home design.

Product demo

The product demo is another function of the AR, when you go to some car garage where cars are sold, not all the available cars will be displayed physical. Some limited editions of a car brand can be displayed as demo using the AR technology.

The automobile dealer can display both the in and out of the car to many customers at a time.

In addition, the AR can also be applied to any other products, some mobile phone outlet or stores also use the AR technology to display phones to the customers.


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