N150,000 Monthly Income: RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid Business

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Before we begin, memorize this name – RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid because today I will be taking you through a thorough review from dashboard to registration and earning potential.

Looking for a lucrative online business to do in Nigeria where you can start with as little as N10,000 and make N150,000 monthly straight from your phone and without leaving your house? You have come to the right place.

Imagine this, you post on Facebook or Twitter and you get paid N2,000 and then another N1,000 again a few hours later from the same social media post just like that.

N3,000 made in one day from a simple social media post.

That is not a rare occurrence, quick passive income like that is what network multi-level marketing business in Nigeria can bring you.

Having a job that pays monthly salary is good but the best of all is combining that with a passive income that also pays.

…because the best side hustles are the timesaving ones that won’t interfere with your everyday life whether you are a surgeon with a super tight schedule, a stay at home nursing mom or a student preparing for exams.

There are lots of lucrative online businesses in Nigeria you can do but most cost a fortune to start and months before you can see any return on your investment along with a boatload of work hours. So if you are not the type who has a strong financial backing, free time and patience then your best option is a shorter, less intensive and low capital business.

I recommend RAGP – Recharge and Get Paid.

What is RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid?

RAGP is a multi-level marketing and VTU company in Nigeria registered with CAC – Corporate Affairs Commission with registration code RC: 1279919 (You can confirm it from CAC website) with Head Office at Abuja – HCR Plaza, Plot 521 Sylvester Ugo Crescent, Behind Eco Bank, Jabi, Abuja.

Services sold include –

Telecom airtime and data

  • 9mobile
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • MTN

Cable subscriptions

  • DSTV packages
  • Gotv packages
  • Startimes packages

PHCN/ NEPA cards

  • Prepaid cards
  • Postpaid cards

With RAGP, you get paid when you buy any of these services for yourself and more importantly when others buy any of them from you.

According to NCC, reloading our phones with credit is now a necessity – Your family members – immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, colleagues, religious members…. and so on, will buy recharge cards.

Because we all need it for either airtime or data.

But that is not all the ways to make money online via RAGP, you can use a lot of websites of app including JumiaOne or even your bank app to start selling those services.

Watch this quick video that totally explains how RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid works.

Start here to register for RAGP – Recharge and Get Paid so you can start making money online or join our whatsapp group so we can discuss.

Lucrative Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria Via RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid

There are several lucrative ways to make money online in Nigeria from RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid VTU business in Nigeria and you can start straight from your phone whether you are a student, stay at home mom or currently in an office.

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These techniques on how to make money online in Nigeria with RAGP are;

  • Recharge cards – VTU airtime and data
  • Cable subscription commission
  • Direct referral commission
  • Indirect referral commissions
  • PV achievements and rewards

You can do either of them or both of them depending on why you signed up.

Personally, I use RAGP as a network multi-level marketing business, an MLM as most call it because that was why I signed up. Moreover, it is an easy online business to sell to new customers due to the high usage of the services – recharge cards for airtime or data, cable subscriptions and utility bills.

We all use at least one of those services.

Everyone you know use at least one of those services.

So let’s dive into the lucrative ways to make money online in Nigeria via RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid business platform.

Recharge Cards – VTU Airtime and Data Commission

Sell airtime and data to customers

Once you login to your RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid dashboard, you will see the menu button, click that. Then choose “Recharge”, you will see a page requiring you to place the receiver’s phone number and the network will be automatically verified.

Note: Always ask the receiver what network to be sure first before proceeding because some customers might have ported their line. You can either “change operator” as in the screenshot above or move on if it is correct.

Once the network has been verified, you can then choose to buy airtime or data by clicking or tapping any of the radio buttons into the picture above.

Select the amount needed for either and you are good to go.

Your commissions are instantly paid to your Ewallet.

Cable Subscription Commission

Sell cable subscriptions to customers from RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid

Once you login to your RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid dashboard, you will see the menu button, click that. Then you will see “CableTV subscription” and once you click that, you will be directed to a page requiring you to choose the cable subscription from DSTV, Star times or Gotv as well as their packages.

You will also need to have the customer’s smartcard number and sometimes phone number depending on the cable network selected.

Once you have both, input them, click the “buy” button and viola, you are good to go.

Utility Commission

Pay a customer’s NEPA or PHCN prepaid or postpaid bill

Once you login to your RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid dashboard, you will see the menu button, click that. Then you will see a page requiring you to place the receiver’s phone number and the network will be automatically verified.

You will be needing the customer’s meter number and phone number to complete this transaction.

But more importantly, you will need the customer’s distributor for this to work because it is nationwide and various distributors supplying each region.

Here are the available NEPA and PHCN distributors on RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid. —- Image

Customer’s distributor is usually on their prepaid or postpaid bill so they can easily check a previously paid bill to see which distributor they are connected to.

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But you can also take a risky guess or browse online to see which distributor covers which area. It’s only one distributor for each region.

For instance, BEDC covers most of the southern States.

That is all on how to use RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid to sell VTU services for your customers wherever they might be.

Direct Referral Commission

As a matter of fact, this is the only online business I use RAGP for and i don’t plan to stop anytime soon because this is one of the quickest online business in Nigeria i have found so far.

I refer customers to RAGP and make a minimum of N1,000 per person I refer.

So if you refer Chioma, you earn 20% of her signup package.

To refer customers to RAGP, all you need to do is tell them about it then give them your username which will be your referral ID which they then use when signing up on the Recharge And Get Paid platform.

Once they sign up to become a partner, you instantly get your commissions.

Indirect Referral Commission

Ok, this is where it gets crazy.

You may have probably come across RAGP partners telling you how someone or they made millions, this is probably one of the ways they did it.

Let me break this down.

You earn 10% to 1% for every indirect referral to RAGP, meaning any of your down lines refer someone to this online business, you get a commission.


  • 1st Level: You refer Chioma as your direct commission, you earn 20%
  • 2nd Level: Chioma refers Angela, you earn 10%
  • 3rd level: Angela refers Tayo, you earn 5%
  • 4th Level: Tayo refers Emeka, you still earn again, 2.5%
  • 5th Level: Emeka refers Usman, you earn 1.25%
  • 6th Level: Usman refers Akpos, you earn 1%
  • 7th to 10th Level: You still get 1% for any referrals made and you don’t even need to know the person that referred the person who referred the other person and so on….

Crazy! To say the least.

PV Incentives and Achievements Bonus

PV is point value you get for every referral you or any of your down lines make on RAGP.

So just like indirect commissions, you also get indirect PVs from the membership packages bought by Usman, Akpos, Chioma, Angela, Emeka and the rest.

Starting from when you sign up as a partner

PackageInitial PV
Basic 20PV
Executive Platinum400PV

And with each PV milestone comes achievements, incentives and rewards.

You can qualify for incentives and achievement bonus once you become a platinum partner or member of RAGP and your PV hits the required amount.

  • 10,000 PV earns you N100,000 bonus in any given month
  • Accumulate 25,000 PV overtime and get rewarded with N500,000 bonus
  • Accumulate 60,000 PV overtime and get rewarded with N2,000,000 bonus
  • Accumulate 100,000 PV overtime and get rewarded with N3,000,000 bonus
  • Accumulate 250,000 PV overtime and get rewarded with N4,000,000 bonus
  • Lastly, accumulate 500,000 PV overtime and get rewarded with N6,000,000 bonus

Very Important: Please watch this video to understand fully how RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid works including dashboard, purchase pin, buying recharge cards, data plans….. everything you need to know.

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How Can I Become a RAGP Partner or Member?

When you sign up for RAGP – Recharge and Get Paid as a partner, you will be asked to pay a membership or account setup fee called packages which are 7 in number but you choose one of them depending on your pocket.

Note: You can always upgrade your partner membership later

Each package also comes with welcome bonus of 20% to your ewallet as your first commission.

Membership and setup packages include

PackageMembership FeeWelcome BonusEarnings Depth
BasicN5,000N1,0005th level
BronzeN10,000N2,0006th level
SilverN20,000N4,0007th level
GoldN30,000N6,0008th level
DiamondN40,000N8,0009th level
PlatinumN50,000N10,00010th level
Executive PlatinumN100,000N20,00010th level

The earnings depth are the direct and indirect commissions discussed above.

You can also upgrade your RAGP – RechargeAndGetPaid membership package once your business has started booming.

Note: When you purchase any of these packages, RAGP pays you 20% of the package amount which will be your first usable account balance while the remaining 80% left will be used as your setup fee.

RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid Registration Form

Wondering how to register as a VTU agent?

  • First, you register as a VTU agent or member with RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid click that link..
  • During the signup process, you will be asked for a referral code – use sonaija as your referral code.
  • You will also be asked for a purchase pin – use any 7 digit number.
    • Your purchase pin is a 7 digit number like a password or pin code which you use in carrying out transactions on RAGP Recharge And Get Paid.
  • Log in again using your username and password.
  • Select your starting membership package
    • Basic package – N5,000
    • Bronze Package – N10,000 – most popular
    • Silver Package – N20,000
    • Gold Package – N40,000
    • Platinum package – N50,000
    • Executive Platinum Package – N100,000
  • There are 2 methods of payments on RAGP registration – Paystack and eWallet (ignore the eWallet)
  • When you select either payment portal – preferably Paystack, you will be required to fill in your payment details
RAGP 2- eWallet
You can either select the eWallet payment portal
RAGP 1 Paystack
Or the Paystack payment portal
RAGP-2 bank details
Then you fill in your bank details to complete the registration and make payment

Once you have completed your registration, you should join this WhatsApp group immediately so we can take you through the process including next steps and more importantly, strategies and tips on how to achieve your goals.

Calculating Your Income From This Lucrative Online Business

Remember I said you can start with N10,000 bronze membership package today and make N150,000 per month or at least before the festive season?

See where the money is.

Building a team of 200 VTU vendors or members will be far more beneficial to you than you selling all these services yourself especially if you are interested in airtime and data sales.

Who are these VTU members and vendors? They are your referrals just like I am referring you, you will refer and create a team under you as your down lines.


If 200 partners in your team buy/transfer airtime worth N500 each daily you will earn 0.35% x N500 = N17 x 200 = N3,400 per day


If 200 partners buy/transfer data worth N1,000 each daily U will earn 1% x N1000 = N10 x 200 = N2,000 per day.

Calculating monthly

N2,000 + N3,400 x 30 days = N162,000 monthly

Over N150,000 monthly. 

Now, this is minus the referral commissions you would have gotten for each person you signed up as well as the cable subscriptions, utility bill commissions and more importantly, indirect referral commission.

Imagine that!

Tell me that is not a lucraitive online business in Nigeria.