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Qualcomm snapdragon 845: Raw Power For Android Phones


When it comes to high-end processor, Qualcomm is one of the brands you should look out for. Been a strong competitor of Apple, the brand has no choice but to bring it’s A game to the table. Over the past few years, Qualcomm have continued impressing users with releases of new and more powerful processors.

In fact, this processor are released annually and are also stronger and better than the predecessor, well the truth is that Qualcomm is always releasing new processor especially when its competing brand Apple releases a new chip.

This is seen in the case of Apple’s A11 bionic that was released in late 2017, to keep the ball rolling Qualcomm also released its own processor which has since seen a lot of comparison with Apple’s A11 bionic and even the latest A12 bionic.

Since Apple released the A12 bionic chip in September 2018, we are still waiting for Qualcomm to throw another boom probably this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Early 2018, Qualcomm released its snapdragon 845 chip; this chip is endowed with so many features that keeps giving a thrilling experience to users. One of the features that make this chip outstanding is the 10nm LPP finFET that is able to process tasks faster than its predecessor.

It may interest you to know that the snapdragon 845 is able to integrate performance at 4x kyro 385 at a speed of 2.8 GHz and efficiency of 4x kryo 385 at speed clocked at 1.8GHz.

We are in an era where artificial intelligence is the forerunner of what is to come in the world of mobile phone technology. Ever since the idea of Al technology was introduced, a lot of brands like Apple, Huawei and Samsung have bought the idea.

By the way, Qualcomm is not left out of the aforementioned list, all these brands adopt the Al technology to overcome the huge computation needs of on-device machine learning.

According to Qualcomm, building a technology that understands users better has always been a dream and this is why the hexagon vector has been built into the digital signal processor (DSP).

What this technology actually does is process the complex math equations uses in artificial intelligence. Moreover, the hexagon 685 DSP powered Al gives a performance that is three times that of the snapdragon 835.

Features that made the chips exceptional

Tile based foveation for better battery life

Most chip have failed in terms of power management and this is probably because they were not engineered to cut down power usage. Even though some brands have been able manage this situation properly, some have failed woefully.

If some other brand were able to contain the situation then why shouldn’t the mighty Qualcomm do same? Qualcomm is not just a brand, it’s a giant! Like successful brands that were able to tackle high power consumption on chips, Qualcomm is also up to the task.

Qualcomm introduces the tile based foveation on the eye tracking system of its snapdragon 845 processor. Qualcomm’s tile based foveation system is able to cut down on power usage while maintaining frame rates In graphic intensive games.

So users of the snapdragon 845 powered smartphones will be saved the stress of frequent charging.

Perhaps the best part of the SD battery performance is the Qualcomm quick charge technology that offers 50% charge in just 15 minutes. It is not surprising that the quick charge feature was added to the SD845, and this is because in a competition it is either all or nothing.

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Ultra HD premium

ultra HD

Whenever the term HD is used what comes to mind? It’s easy! Cameras! When the camera of a phone can capture professional shoot, for me the phone should be crowned king. Okay maybe not, but a phone that performs well in terms of camera quality sure deserves some accolade especially from picture lovers like me.


The ultra HD premium is a feature that comes with the snapdragon 845 processor, this system is able to support wider color gamut while adding more shades to the existing 10-bit HDR.

Furthermore, the ultra HD is powered by spectra 280 ISP and is able to perform video playback in 4k recording. This experience will be wow on a large display with brighter and vivid colors. By the way, the ultra HD built-in snapdragon 845 processes has the Rec 2020 color gamut, this means on thing, more colors!

There is more! Cameras of phones that feature the SD845 can shoot high density slow-mo videos at 480 frames per second. Also, the spectra 280 can capture 64x the color captured by the SD835.

In addition, the chip also supports frame noise reduction and with the HDR mode better photos can be captured in low light scene. There is also a depth sensing technology that aids easy identification of the user hence supports ID face recognition.

Fast modem

Internet connection speed is another factor that makes the SD845 awesome, the chip comes in with a X20 modem that is far better than the X16 of the SD835. At cellular network, the X20 modem can carry out Gigabyte LTE speed of 1000mbps.

Test done on the ookla’s speed test app of the SD835 using Galaxy Note 8 showed a speed clocked at 673 mbs. SD845 is not only better, but is also faster and can connect to broader band width.

Is SD845 fast or not?

I’d say fast! My reason is that it integrates on a cluster of 4x kyro 385 at a 2.8 GHz and 1.8GHz speed respectively and an Adreno 630 GPU. Also the chip has improvement uplift making it 20% faster than its predecessor and 30% improvement in terms of graphic, this means faster app launch and baggage free running of the device.

And this was proved in a benchmark test carried out in a snapdragon 845 powered Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S8 that came with the SD835. A significant improvement on performance and efficiency was seen as S9 scored 8,295 on the Geekbench test which is 32% more improvement of the S8.

Similarly, Geekbench test carried out on Galaxy S9 and the Kirin 970 powered Huawei mate 10 pro shows that the processor on the former is faster.

At the time of the release of SD845, Kirin 970 was one of the strongest processors on Android devices, but after the test it scored 6,784 which is less than that of the S9 8,295.

When compared with its strongest competitor A11 bionic found in Apple devices, it was not as fast as expected leaving room for improvement. Apple’s iPhone X powered by the A11 bionic scored 10,357 in the Geek Bench 4 making it faster than the snapdragon 845 processor in the Galaxy S9.

Because of this, processing is faster in the iPhone X, test made in terms of 4k video recording made on the two phones proved how fast the iPhone X is against the galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 was able to process the task in about 2 minutes 32 seconds which is less than the 42 seconds it took the iPhone X to complete the same task.

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Snapdragon 845 powered smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9

Some version of the Galaxy S9 comes with the Exynos 9810 processor. However, the flagship smartphones from Samsung are still the first phones that are powered by the snapdragon 845 processor. The SD845 version of the phone can be gotten in the United States and is better than the Exynos powered version.

High camera quality is what Samsung is known for; in fact Galaxy S9 speaks louder for its brand in terms of camera efficiency. Galaxy S9 dual camera has a 12MP telephoto lens and a wideangle lens with a f/2.4 and f/1.5 respectively.

With the aid of the processor and the graphic processing unit, everything that has to so with gaming and overall performance goes smoothly.

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Xiaomi Black Shark

Xiaomi Black Shark dubs

Black Shark eh? Xiaomi Black Shark happens to be one of the smartphones that is powered by the SD845. This flagship device uses the company’s black shark technology allowing it represent its name in term of game.

With the Black Shark, you can connect a gaming pad to the phone via Bluetooth. The mid-range device features a 6 inches display with a 2,160 x 1,080 pixel resolution.

Furthermore, the dual camera setup of 12 MP and 20MP rear lens is able to capture breathtaking photos which will look good on its large display. Also, the Black Shark sports a 4000mAH battery that lasts longer than most smartphones on its price range.

With the Black Shark you can play games for about 30 hours on a fully charged battery. In addition, the device comes with a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating.

Oneplus 6

One plus 6

One good thing about Oneplus is that the brand incorporates new features into their phones and is still able to make them affordable. Oneplus 6 is another smartphone powered by the mighty Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor.

Apart from the huge 6.3 inch AMOLED display, the phones also have a design that is alluring to the eyes. Having a curved metal frame edge and a gorilla glass back users will sure have a phone to show off.

Perhaps the main factor that contributes to the performance is its 6GB/8GB RAM size that is crowned with either a 64GB, 128GB or 256GB Internal memory. By the way, the camera setup is also amazing, the phones sports high resolution dual camera of 16MP and 20MP respectively with a f/1.2 aperture. All said, the fact still remains that Oneplus 6 is a goal!

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2 premium

Sony announces the XZ2 Premium few months after the XZ2 was released. Adding premium to the specs name can only mean one thing, it is better than its predecessor. The phone saw upgrades in different areas which include camera, battery life and display. Perhaps what contributed to the upgrade is the SD845 processor that it was built with.

The XZ2 Premium comes with a 5.8 inch display that gives off an amazing image when shooting a 4k HDR video. It also features a dual rear camera with good resolution that allows shooting in low light condition. Also, the phone can carry out 960 fps super slow motion video.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung galaxy note 9

Another flagship from Samsung that is powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor is the Galaxy Note 9. Ever since its release in mid 2018, the device has received a lot of praised from users and reviewers as well. Galaxy Note 9 also has the Exynos 9810 version which also did well in terms of performance.

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Even though the Galaxy Note 9 is very similar to its predecessor, there were few changes made. Now, the Note 9 has a new S- pen featuring Bluetooth and a built-in battery which can be used as a remote control. Another change made is in the battery cell, note 9’s battery gets an upgrade of 4000mAh battery charge.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8

Powered by SD845, Xiaomi Mi 8 is not only gaming in performance but wears a rock able design. One feature that makes the phone stand out is the see-through glass back and its 3D face unlock that has a pretty impressive performance.

Another feature of this phone that caught my attention is its pressure-sensitive in-display finger front scanner.

Complementing the design is a huge 6.2inch AMOLED full HD display that gives anything displayed on it an amazing appearance, trust me, you will love it. In addition to all the aforementioned features, the dual camera setup of 12MP respectively plus a front camera with infrared sensor will ensure a wonderful shooting experience.

Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

Sony xperia

One good thing about the Sony Xperia XZ2 and the XZ2 Compact is that it doesn’t come with the omni balance design like its predecessor. Even though the design now looks modern, the tweak in design should be the cornerstone of other Sony phones that will be manufactured. Both XZ2 and XZ2 compact is powered by the SD845 processor, this means better performance.

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Both phones come with a 19MP rear camera that is able to shoot 4k videos and 960fps FHD slow-motion videos recording. Also, the smartphones comes with a 4GB RAM size and a 64GB internal memory that gives immense support to the phone’s performance. 

The only differences in both phones are the battery capacity and the display size, while the XZ2 has a 5 inch display, the XZ2 compact has a 5.7inch display.

LG G7 thin Q

LG G7 thin Q

May 2018 saw the release of the LG G7 thinQ, this flagship phone came with amazing features of which one is the snapdragon 845 inbuilt chip.

Another noticeable feature is the dedicated button on the left hand side that enable users launch Google and Google lens easily. LG G7 thinQ has a 6.1inch QHD full vision super bright display that brings more color to everything displayed on the screen.

In other to boost performance, the G7 thinQ was 4GB RAM along with a 64GB internal memory. It also has a 3000mAh battery that lasts long even when intense activities are carried out on the phone.

Furthermore, it has a dual rear camera of 16MP respectively with one having a f/1.6 aperture and f/1.9 aperture respectively and gets support from a wide angle lens.

Asus Zenfone 5Z

Asus zenfone 5Z

A feature of this phone that caught my eyes is the design, the phone has a similar design as iPhone X but in my opinion it actually looks better. Coming in with a top notch display, Asus Zenfone 5Z couldn’t be less attractive. This 6.2 inch display consists of a IPS LCD display technology with full HD plus resolution.

Not only is the phone powered by the SD845 professor it also has high RAM size of 4GB/6GB/8GB and an internal memory of 64GB/128GB/256GB to boast performance. Before I forget, the phone is also quite affordable for what it actually offers.

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