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Popular: How I Easily Made ₦12,000 in ONE WEEK By Working From Home


In today’s article I’d be taking you on NewsPay Forum Earning Income Program Review. You are going to learn how to make money daily on NewsPayForum which is the v2 of the previous NewsPay with combined payouts of nearly ₦50,000,000 to all it’s members.

Members on NewsPay Forum receive payouts of ₦50,000 or more weekly by carrying out simple tasks like:

  • Logging in and browsing through their website
  • Posting Statuses on Facebook
  • Commenting On their Posts
  • Referring new users.

And those earnings are backed up with proofs.

As you can see from the image above, the top people are making ₦67,250 then another made ₦48,300 while a third made ₦33,300.

In this lockdown, this is the best business to job right now.

UPDATE: So i decided to register on NewsPayForum Income program to see how much money i can earn in one week. Then i invested in the Gold plan membership upgrade which is just ₦3,000.

See my payment received after one week.

So i made ₦12,800 in ONE WEEK and i was paid in full. No questions asked. No stress!

After investing just ₦3,000 in the Gold plan membership package. Imagine that! In ONE WEEK, I made over 4x the money.

Note: This was just a test run of the NewsPayForum platform to see how legit it is and how much can be made by doing minimal work. If i set my mind to it like you would do, I can make far more in a week.

If you are talking about a money making business where you simply read and comment on news and get paid online in Nigeria, NewsPayForum and it’s income program is the website for you to join today.

Join NewsPayForum Today and Earn Like Me

Call or WhatsApp Michael 07041354779 for your ePin/Coupon Code and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”

And the best part is, you don’t need referrals to get paid on NewsPay Forum.

Unlike most other read news and get paid websites like LPVForum and ATPays that require you to refer X amount of people to get paid, NewsPayForum has no such requirements.

What Is NewsPay Forum Income Earning Program?

NewsPay Forum Income Earning Program is a program established for Nigerians especially Youths, Students, Middle Class and etc to help liberate poverty in among them as well as aiding them in making legit money online by simply commenting on news and getting paid for it. This makes its participants liable to payment on monthly basis.

There are 3 major ways NewsPayForum will keep getting money to pay you for your work.

NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Share

This is the part where NewsPayForum pays you from ads sales according to your activities on the website like reading news and commenting on said news, daily login, creating testimonial videos directly from ads sales.

NewsPayForum Viral Sponsor Share Earning

Another revenue stream where you earn from is the sharing of viral or sponsored post to your Facebook account hile you get credited for each viral post given to you daily.

Note: As a premium member, you get less viral post given to you daily than Gold members on NewsPay Forum.

NewsPay Forum Affiliate Program.

Where you can make real money is through the affiliate program which is another revenue share between NewsPay Forum and you. You get earn 70% of every referral you send to NewsPay Forum either ₦1,100 or ₦2,100 per referral according to your plan or account type – premium account and gold account.

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NewsPay Forum Membership Upgrade

NewsPayForum income program is divided into 2 groups of members by the membership upgrade plan they purchase after registering on NewsPayForum.

Premium Plan: NewsPay Forum premium plan cost just ₦1,700 but it has it’s drawbacks like less money made on commenting on news and basically any activity carried out.

Gold Plan: Gold plan on NewsPay Forum Income earning program is for serious earners. It cost ₦3,000 for the plan and also makes you more money for the earning activities you will carry out on the website.

Premium PlanGold Plan (Popular)
Registration bonus₦700₦700
Daily login₦50₦85
Viral share₦100₦150
Approved post₦30₦50
Membership Upgrade cost₦1,700₦3,000
*You can easily make ₦500 everyday even without referral.

Note: These are all points and not exact monetary amount you will be paid at the end of the week – contact Michael to explain how the NewsPayForum point system works 07041354779 and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”!

How Does NewsPayForum Work

How NewsPayForum works is as straight forward as it gets.

You make money on NewsPayForum by joining the income program then commenting on news, sharing sponsored post, creating post, earning money though daily login… on the NewsPayForum website.

  1. Signup: You signup for NewsPayForum (scroll to the bottom to see the registration form) as a member which gives you N700 welcome bonus.
  2. Getting an ePin: I recommend you go to Michael on 07041354779 and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”, a NewsPayForum vendor to collect your epin and upgrade your membership account to either Premium or Gold plan so you can continue earning.
  3. Upgrading your account: After upgrading your account to either Premium or Gold plan, you can start earning on NewsPayForum by commenting on news, sharing viral post… etc.
  4. Withdrawal: Once you hit the N4,000 limit, you can request for withdrawal.
  5. Referral earnings above N4,000 can be withdrawn every week.
  6. Activity earnings above N10,000 in points can be withdrawn every 2 weeks.

After you have registered and upgraded your account, you can then start earning when you comment on news and share viral pins on the NewsPayForum website homepage.

So begin immediately.

Go to your homepage then comment on the news under “NewsPayForum – Latest headlines/ Forum topics/ Posts”

Contact Michael call or Whatsapp on 07041354779 for NewsPayForum ePin and Guidiance. And please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”

Note: You will need an epin or coupon code (either Premium N1,700 or Gold N3,000) to register an account on NewsPayForum. And you can get from Michael an official distributor.

How to Make Money On NewsPayForum

Once you have upgraded your account, then you can start earning on NewsPayForum as a member.

The structure of NewsPay Forum Income program is very simple. There are many different ways of making money in the form of points on NewsPayForum and not just to simply read news and earn.

On withdrawal day, those points will then be converted to cash and transferred to your bank account.

As a participant you have 9 options to earn to your bank account on NewsPayForum Income program.

Referral Earnings

Make money by referring people to NewsPayForum and get paid weekly.

1). Referral bonus: You earn ₦1,100 or ₦2,100 for each person you refer depending on what NewsPayForum plan you are on – Premium or Gold plan.

The good news about this NewsPay Income Earning program…

You earn and get paid without referring anyone (cool huh?). When you refer, you only increase your money.

Activity Earnings

Everything else is categorized as Activity earnings which can be withdrawn once a month.

2). Active Daily Login: When you login to your account daily on NewsPay browsing and reading news you earn ₦50 or ₦85.

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3). Commenting and Contributing: When you browse each post and contribute your view by commenting, you earn from ₦6 or ₦11 on each post you commented. (You also earn by replying people’s comments. So you can argue as you like)

4). Sharing Sponsored Posts: This is another means that enables you earn through NewsPay Income program. On a daily basis you are expected to share a sponsored post called VIRAL SHARE on your Facebook account. You will be paid the sum of ₦100 or ₦150 for sharing daily sponsored posts.

5). Sign Up Bonus: NewsPay Income program is really awesome. They pay you ₦700 as bonus for signing up with them.

6). Complete profile. You earn ₦2 when you complete your profile with picture.

7). Submitting Posts: You will be paid ₦30 or ₦50 for every constructive and informative post you submit that is approved.

8). Promotional video: You will earn ₦100 or ₦150 every time you upload a promotional video about NewsPayForum either on Youtube or Facebook

9). Testimony: You earn ₦7 or ₦10 when you drop a testimony on NewsPayForum.

Notice there is no reading news? Because when you comment, you make more so reading news is bundled with the other activities.

Difference Between Premium And Gold Plan Members

These are really awesome ways to make money on this platform but there is a huge earning difference between Gold and Premium members earning on NewsPayForum income program.

Your daily limits for each package plan on NewsPayForum Income program is unlimited earnings but for comparison sake, we will use these figures to run a quick math.

Let’s say as a member of NewsPayForum, you make 100 comments daily

  • Premium member, you make N600 daily.
  • Gold member, you make N1,100 daily.
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That is without calculating referral earnings. So it is just your activity earnings – commenting on news, sharing news, creating post, daily login….

In 30 days,

  • Premium members will earn N18,000
  • Gold members will earn N33,000

That is a difference of N15,000.

An extra ₦15,000 with an investment of just ₦3,000.

On top of that, if you are on a premium plan and refer a friend who registers on a gold plan, you will not earn the commission. But as a Gold plan member on NewsPayForum, you earn on both Premium and Gold plan members.

Join NewsPayForum Today

Call or WhatsApp Michael 07041354779 for your ePin/Coupon Code and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”

Then….. contact Michael for your epin and training on 07041354779 and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”.

The difference between making money and making GOOD money on NewsPayForum is in the plan you choose when registering for the income program.

Is NewsPayForum Legit or Scam?

As a Nigerian, anything that has to do with money keeps up alert because of the situation of things.

As of this writing, there are over 30,000 people on the website. If NewsPay Forum defaulted just once on it’s payment, you can be guaranteed people would have blasted it all over Nairaland by now.

How To Register And Earn on NewsPayForum Income Program

How to register and join NewsPayForum Income Program in 2 steps;

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do to open the registration page is to click here – Register for NewsPayForum. (scroll to the bottom to see the registration form)
  • Step 2: Choose an account upgrade plan – either Premium plan or Gold plan. For instant account upgrade, I refer you to Michael – click here for your epin or call 07041354779 and please go straight to the point – No “hi, hello…”.
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Start making money on NewPayForum!

NewsPayForum Epin: How To Upgrade Your NewsPayForum Account

There are several ways to upgrade your account from your initial basic registration which earns you no money to the Premium or Gold plan including;

  • Online payment with your credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Purchasing an ePin or coupon code

The third option of using the epin is your best bet when trying to upgrade your account. There are quite a number of vendors who can sell ePins on NewsPayForum but I would recommend you buy from an official distributor like – Michael.

You can chat with him on whatsapp here or reach him directly.

NewsPayForum Customer Care

Don’t let the stress of epins, failed transactions, delayed payments or error in registration bug you down. You can reach the NewsPayForum top class customer care team via whatsapp as well on +2347067901308.

Need more? Read this FAQ on NewsPayForum.

How many news articles are posted daily?

There are lots of articles daily that you can read and comment on.

Can I comment on old news and get paid

No! Only news posted same day.

How do i get sponsored articles to share on NewsPayForum?

Articles for sharing will be on your dashboard called VIRAL SHARE. Click the link named Viral Share and open any of the post you see there.

Once open, read it. While you scroll, you will see 3 arrows.

The first arrow is for social media – Facebook “Click here to viral share this post to your Facebook timeline”. Click it and you will be automatically share to your Facebook account on file.

The second arrow is an Ad for a sponsored link – “Continue. Skip Ads until you return back to this post as NewsPayForum”. Click it which opens the Ad, skip the Advert and it takes you back to NewsPayForum.

The third arrow is to make a comment on the post. “Comment below this viral post to earn”

Once you do that, you have completed your task and will earn N150 for that post.

Which social networks can I share VIRAL or Sponsored post to?

Only Facebook.

I don’t have a Facebook account

Create one or use a friend’s own. As long as you get permission.

How much can i earn daily?

Only activity earnings are unlimited – You can eanr as much as possible.

But referral earnings is limitless. You can make as much as possible from referral earnings.

How do i register on NewsPayForum?

Click here to register for NewsPayForum.

I registered, how do i activate my account?

Login again and you will see an “upgrade” link as well as the 2 packages – Premium and Gold which you can select one of them to activate your account.

I registered, how do i activate my account?

Click here to send a whatsapp message or call 07041354779 requesting for your epin for any of the packages above.

How do i use the epin?

Once you have gotten the epin via whatsapp, login to your account, select a package and input the epin.

The use of epin to activate your account is instant!

Is there a minimum withdrawal?

Yes, the minimum withdrawal is N4,000.

When is payouts?

There are 2 payment types – Referral earnings and Activity earnings.

Referral earnings payment is made weekly as long as you request for withdrawal during the withdrawal period.

Activities earnings is once monthly which is usually at the end of the month as long as you request for withdrawals during the withdrawal period and have shared VIRAL SHARE post to your Facebook timeline.

Would i get paid without referrals?

Yes. It is called activity earnings which comes once a month.

Can a new member apply for raffle draw?

Yes! Once your account have been activated, you can earn from NewsPayForum any way you want.

Dive in and start making money on NewsPayForum Income program.

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