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New Unlocking Features To Increase SmartPhone Security


Let’s go back in time! Years back many device were manufactured without a decent unlocking feature that would help users protect their phones from hackers and other prying eyes. As the need for security became paramount in the society we live in, the need for more enhanced security becomes vital.

A lot has been done to improve the security features of devices, some of these security features consist of the passwords, patterns, finger print scanner, iris scanner etc.

First of all let’s look into the trending facial recognition technology, this system has been featured in many smartphones and so far have experienced series of upgrade and updates. A facial recognition is a technology that can identify and verify a person’s face.

It may interest you to know that the system can identify a person even from a digital image or video frame from a video source. What this technology actually does is compare the features of a selected facial feature while creating facial database.

Moreover, the face recognition technology is a bio-metric artificial intelligence that is able to identify a person by analyzing the facial shape and texture of the person. Although the facial recognition technology seems effective, but its accuracy cannot be compared to iris scanner and finger print sensor.

This is probably because the finger print and the iris of the eye is unique in each individual.

For instance, each member of a family despite been of the same blood line has his/her own finger print, the same applies with twin.

To improve security in many sectors and in smartphones, a simpler feature has been manufactured. Iris scanning is an effortless security feature that only entails the user’s registration of their iris on a database.

Not only does the iris scanning provide a simpler and more reliable means of authentication, but it will also pose great difficulty for hackers. Unlike the patterns and password that can be guessed or hacked easily, the iris scanning makes use of the unique feature found in the eye.

iris scanner

Interestingly, iris scanning has shown effectiveness in the various fields it has been used, one is in its application in security of military sites. Another sector is in banking; a UK based bank recently introduced the iris scanning facility for customers who make use of the galaxy S8 smartphone.

Also, some countries uses the iris scanning at their borders and this is for easy identification of official. Even though the iris scanning has proved effective over the past few years, it should still be supported by a finger print scanner for tighter security.

Away from iris scanning, the 3D scanning is another security feature that has been applied in many fields. A lot of 3D scanning device have been produced, one of such is the 3D scanner produced by makerbot which can scan in water.

Although not so common, the vein scanner is a security feature that should be fully utilized. Just like the iris and fingerprint that is unique in individuals, the vein is also unique. Individuals come with different veins and this fact contributes to effective identification of a person.

Face recognition

With speedy development of technology, humans are becoming smarter and sorting out newer ways to make task easier. When security features like password and patterns were incorporated into smartphones, hackers sorted out means of gaining unauthorized access to people’s phones and computers. Because of this, there was a great need for a more advance security feature that could protect users’ privacy hence the introduction of the face recognition technology.

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Facial recognition technology uses computer algorithm to catch specific distinctive feature of an individual face. Some of this features could be the jaw of the persons face, the face shape etc. and converts it into a mathematical representation.

This representation is then used to compare some data that been stored in the face recognition database. In other words, the technology can identify and verify an individual’s face by making use of some facial features on the individual.


Note, the face of the individual must have been recorded in the facial recognition database and the data is called the “facial template”.

Moreover, the face recognition can identify an individual in a video, picture or in real time. A lot of sector have utilize the Facial recognition technology, for instance, law enforcement agency uses this technology to identify people.

Even though the facial recognition system is better than password and patterns, it is prone to error which can lead to mis-identification of individuals. This is probably because there are too many faces in its data base software and experiences difficulties identifying African Americans and other ethnic minorities.

Some facial recognition systems are designed to calculate a probability match score between an unknown person and a specific data template stored in the database. This is particularly seen in law enforcement agency, like the CIA for example uses this system to identify a wanted criminal.

It is important to note that the system might not give a direct result, instead will show several similar matches that will be ranked in order of closest facial similarities.

In addition, different facial recognition system varies in their ability to identify an individual face. While some can identify in low light condition, others can identify even when the image quality is poor. All said, two types of error may occurs during facial recognition, they are the “false positive” and the “false negative” error.

In false positive error, the individual face will incorrectly match a face in the database. For instance, an investigative unit might submit an image of a person image and system will wrongly identify the person as an entirely different person. On the other hand, the false negative will show no match with any face on the database and because of this the system will return to zero.

Iris scanner

Being aware of the errors that come with the facial recognition, manufacturers are not only doing their best to improve the facial recognition feature but have gone further to introducing a much more reliable security system.

Even though the facial recognition is mostly used today, one thing for sure, iris scanning is more reliable. Iris scanning is bio-metric system that has been put in place for more advanced security purposes. Just like in the case of the finger print which is unique with individual, the iris is also unique in different person. Also, the chances of mistaking a person’s iris are 1 in 10 cases.

Iris scanner identify an individual whose iris information had been stored in a database by simply bringing the scanning some meters away while directing it facing the eyes. At the center of the scanner is a CDD digital camera that uses visible and near- infrared light to take a clear picture of a person’s eye.  When using the near infrared light, the Appears black making it easier to differentiate the pupil from the iris.

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The iris scanner is usually placed 3-10 inch away from the eye and will focus the iris automatically. After focusing and capturing, the computer will detect the center of the pupil, the edge of the pupil, the edge of the iris and the eyelid. Furthermore, the scanner will then analyze the patterns on the iris and convert them in to codes.

By the way, the human iris is a protected structure and does not change and this is why it is more effective for bio-metric identification. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the iris scanner is the fact that eyeglasses or contact lens do not affect its accuracy. Also, the iris scanner can be used on blind persons as long as they have an iris.

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Vein recognition system

Who would have thought that the vein will be used for identification purpose? Perhaps it might not be as surprising as it seems as many ideas are popping-up and vein scanning seem to be a very good approach to reduce security issues. Unlike in the casebof the human iris that doesn’t change, the vein age a little as a person ages. Some persons have vein that can not be easily seen as a result, it will be difficult to tamper with.

The vein scanner is very easy to use, all you need do is place your finger, wrist or palm near the scanner. When you this a camera with the aid of near infrared light capture a picture of the vein, and process into a code that can be used by the system to identify the person.

This may look complex as the vein is not on the surface of the human body but inside. However, the principle behind this is the ability of the bloods hemoglobin to absorb light making it appear black in the picture. just like in the other bio-metric system, the a template of the vein will be created based on shape or vein network and location.

Smartphones with amazing unlocking features

Samsung galaxy S9

Samsung galaxy S9

Starting this list is the latest flagship from the stables of Samsung. Ever since its release it made many list, and this is because the phone is a success. The device has a 8mp front camera along with an iris scanner that uses artificial intelligence to capture the unique feature of the users eye in other to identify the face.

According to Samsung, this iris scanner proves more effective in the dark then in bright light. So users can set their password using the eyes, now this is pretty cool.

Galaxy S9 also comes with the face recognition system, so whenever the iris scanner fails to deliver especially in very bright environment, the user can make use of the face recognition. Moreover, the technology is learning based and improves with constant use, this means that the more you use the iris or face recognition system the better it will be able to identify your face.

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That’s not all! Galaxy S9 also comes with a fingerprint sensor mounted away from the camera, so it is a three way win in terms of security. In addition, users can also set pattern, PIN and password on their galaxy S9.

Alcatel 5


Middle range Alcatel 5 is a natural flagship, and this because despite its cost it still packs featured that some high cost device do not have. One interesting thing about this device is that it comes with a face recognition system and a fingerprint sensor which tightens security on the smartphone.

With the dual security features on the Alcatel 5 users can either unlock their device with their face or with their fingerprint. Furthermore, the Face recognition system is able to 100 points on the users face in order to identify the user.

Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Another amazing phone from xiaomi, redmi note 5 pro will give users more than what it actually worth. Although been a mid-range device, the phone comes with amazing features which includes good selfie and rear camera, attractive design and impressive overall performance.

Redmi note 5 pro also comes with a face unlock that is built into the brands MIUI and is able to detect specific features of the user. Well this feature can be made to do more by improvements, but since it’s the first xiaomi device to come with the face unlock feature users can expect more security feature on xiaomi device that will be manufactured in the future.

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LG V30

LG V30

LG V30 has done well for itself in terms of camera, not only is the front camera awesome, the dual rear camera which includes a wide angle lens can capture breath talking photo. Perhaps the highlight of the phones selfie camera is the inbuilt 10-bit HDR that ia able to capture about 1.7 million colors and enables the phone take bright shoots even in low light condition.

Unlike its predecessor V20, the security feature of the phone is tighter, V30 comes with a voice unlock, fingerprint sensor and a face recognition system. This means that users can either unlock their phone using by their voice, unlock using their fingers or unlock using their face. It would be prudent for the user to register these features i.e. fingerprint, voice and face in the systems database.

Huawei honor 10

Huawei honor 10

This is another flagship device that has not only excelled in terms of camera quality but also in security feature. Remarkably, honor 10 is a budget handset of mate 10 but still packs cool features similar to the mate 10. Worthy of note is the dual rear camera that can capture even in low light condition and also the front facing camera that gives brilliant selfies. In addition to the camera feature is a face unlock that uses integrated NPU for machine learning. This means the phone will be able to Multi-scan and this boosts the phone’s security.

Asus zenfone 5z

Zenfone 5z is a smartphone that smartphone users should look out for. And this is because not only is the phone affordable, it also comes with some features that a high range device comes with. It’s over performance is remarkable and this probably because it is powered by the Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor.

The phones dual rear camera also as a lot to offers when shooting, it capture great indoor and outdoor shoot. Also, the phone packs an 8mp selfie camera with it users can capture nice out door selfies. In addition to all the aforementioned features, the phone comes with a face recognition system that is very fast and works effective in both outdoor and low light condition.

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