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MTN 4G LTE SIM including data plans, bonuses and settings


Telecommunication users often experience slow network while surfing the internet, this may be due to settings, network which does not have LTE coverage in a particular state or the mobile device might not support a long term evolution (LTE).

Most networks in Nigeria supports this 4G LTE coverage, LTE (long term evolution) stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology that delivers high data speed. LTE allows users enjoy HDvideo streaming, video and voice calls, superfast downloads and more and will improve your internet experience.


MTN Nigeria is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Nigeria with a large amount of subscribers, MTN like some other networks in Nigeria has made their 4G LTE service available to all customers in all states in Nigeria.

This really amazing as MTN now has LTE coverage in all state in Nigeria unlike some other networks that can only cover some states. Before I go on about MTN 4G LTE, let me show you how you can make money from selling VTU online.

This is a huge success because before now MTN LTE could only cover some states, with this improvement MTN customers can now enjoy the 4G data plan anywhere they may find themselves in the country.

To enjoy the MTN 4G LTE, the customer must be using an LTE compatible phone and must have swapped their sim for MTN 4G sim card for the users convenience.

MTN has also gone a long way by make a short code available that can be used to check if a smartphone is compatible or can use MTN 4G network data plans. If the device is compatible, you can go to the nearest MTN office or outlet and get an MTN 4G sim card.

You can check if your Smartphone is compatible with 4G service by sending 4G to 131, if the smartphone is compatible, you will receive this message “Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your sim to enjoy MTN 4G LTE.

Some quick offers you can check out.

Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer for a sim swap now.” If your phone is not compatible you will receive similar massage, only this time informing you to upgrade your sim and device to enjoy the MTN 4G LTE.

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MTN 4G LTE Data Plans

MTN also offers 4G data plans which allows their customer access the internet very fast, when I say very fast I mean with high speed and no obstruction. This data service is more expensive than the usual data subscription as it is faster when used.

To activate the MTN 4G LTE simply dial *444# to check and choose MTN 4G plan suitable for you. You can check out the MTN 4G data plans below

  • 100MB for N500 valid for 7 days
  • 150MB for N499 valid for 24 hours
  • 200MB for N1000 valid for 30 days
  • 10GB for N6000 valid for 30 days
  • 15GB for N10,000 valid for 30 days
  • When you subscribe N39,999, you will get unlimited data to browse for 30 days
  • 42GB for N66,499 valid for 12 months that is for a year
MTN images - Get 5GB free 4g data

Free MTN 4G LTE Data Bonus

The MTN 4G sim card is also sold at a higher rate than the usual MTN sim cards, when you buy and activate the sim it will take about 4-6 hours before it will start working.

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To get the free 5GB data that accompanies your new 4G sim, simply dial *131*4#, to check your data balance dial *559*62#.

Note: 2G and 3G data plans can also work on the sim.

You can update your software and activate MTN 4G network on your smartphone you can update you software on an Android and IOS device by following the steps below;

How to upgrade software and settings on iOS Device

  • Step 1- from the home screen, click setting
  • Then scroll to notifications and click on general
  • Tap software update
  • If an update is available, follow the prompt to download and install the update
  • For settings, go to the home screen and tap settings
  • Then click on cellular
  • Tap the enabled LTE switch to turn the 4G connection on
  • After this step, the 4G connection will be changed

How to upgrade software and settings on Android Device

  • Go to home screen and tap apps
  • Scroll and taps settings
  • Then scroll to the system section and tap system update
  • Tap update now
  • If a system update is available follow the prompts to install the updates, otherwise tap ok.
  • For settings, tap apps on the home screen then tap settings
  • From the connection tab, tap more settings
  • Then click on mobile networks
  • Tap the preferred option, and select LTE/CDMA auto-enables 4G LTE, when available
  • Tap ok to apply the new settings then the device will reboot
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This is a simply procedure to update software and settings on IOS and android device, however, for some device network update might take a longer time.

Consider these services rendered by pother networks in Nigeria

MTN images - Buy 4G LTE data USSD Code


What is LTE?

LTE (long term evolution) stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications that delivers very high data speed. It allows users enjoy superfast streaming of online videos, games, and more. LTE is also known as 4G, the long term evolution was introduced after the 3G.

Why do i need to get LTE?

LTE offers faster download and upload speed that will considerably improve your internet experience, with the 4G sim card you will be able to easily use you mobile phones like a fixed line internet connection.

What do i need to connect to 4G LTE?

Connecting to 4G is easy, all you need do is get a USIM , an LTE compatible device and be in an area covered by 4G. Since MTN has 4G/LTE coverage in all states in Nigeria you can use the LTE anywhere in Nigeria.

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How do i Know if i have a USIM?

To verify if your sim is USIM simply text 4G to 131 on your mobile phone, then you will receive an SMS informing you about the compatibility of your sim or device, which is informing you if your sim or device supports 4G LTE.

Where can i get a 4G device?

There are so many place you can get a 4G enabled device, but since you will be using an MTN 4G sim, you can go to the nearest MTN store or any phone store. Make sure the device you are purchasing supports band7 (2600MHz).

I have a 4G connect and USIM but i still can’t connect.

First, you need to check if your 4G device supports band 7 (2600MHZ), you can do this by checking device specification on the internet before purchasing the mobile phone. Next, ensure you have turned on 4G under phone network settings, if you still can’t connect, visit an MTN store for support or check out the 4G videos on the MTN website.

Do i need special data plan for 4G?

No you do not need any special data plan for 4G. All 2G and 3G voice and data plan will work on 4G. However MTN still offers 4G data plan that can also be used with 3G and 2G connection.


    • It can be one of many reasons but try restarting the phone.

      Also try changing the APN settings manually. (What it is called in your phone might be different)

      Go to “settings”, “mobile networks/data/internet…” then “Access Point Names”
      Then create a new APN (access point name)

      Fill in these
      Name – GloHSI
      APN – gloflat
      Username – flat
      PAssword – flat
      Authentication type – PAP or CHAP

      Check again or restart the phone.

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