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iPhone Tricks And Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier


Am not sure that you are utilizing an iPhone? Without a doubt, the greater part of the people reading this article will give a big “yes”, on account of the popularity of this device. The greater part of them utilizes this for their business or personal reason.

In this new period of innovative advancement every day at least another new application for iPhone is released into the app store. Here we are giving a few easy shortcuts that might be able to spare your time on your iPhone.

Indeed the iPhone is a wonderfully versatile pocket smartphone, a big thanks to the tens of thousands of apps available for easy and flexible use of your iPhone. It is easy to set up your desired screens to cater for specific workflows.
Keyboard shortcuts

1. Keyboard shortcuts

If you found yourself typing some long words more often, it will interest you to know that keyboard shortcuts will be of great help for you. Launch your Settings app on your iPhone, navigate to the General submenu, swipe to the Keyboard option, Tap on Text Replacement, and click on the + button at the right corner of your screen, input your desired phrase which will show while you Enter this shortcut.

2. Insert a period with double space

When typing inputting period with a double space can make your typing effective and efficient, and using proper punctuation for your writing. Go to your Settings app navigate to the General section, swipe down and then tap the keyboard, switch on the shortcut to green, this activates the double space function.

3. Activate/deactivate predictive typing

Is predictive typing is annoying to you, or if you accidentally turned it off, open any app on your iPhone and bring up the iOS keyboard, click and hold down on the Globe key(logo), select the Keyboard Setting, toggle on/off the predictive option.

4. Use one-hand mode

Another less popular shortcut on your iPhone is the Reach-ability also known as a one-hand mode. This shortcut feature brings the entire user interface down and makes it easy to reach various phone elements with the thumb finger. You can as well activate this by double tapping on the home key.

iPhone X noda

5. Take photos with your iPhone volume button.

Struggling to take a good selfie shot from your phone on screen capture, you can easily capture photos with your volume up/down. The good thing is that this feature has been enabled by default, just press any of your volume keys and you will get a nice shot. Holding the volume key down for some seconds helps you take burst pictures neatly.

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6. Take photos while shooting video

You might be already familiar with this, but if you are not, then here is a Shortcut on how you can take photos will you are still shooting a video on your iPhone. While in video recording mode you will see a capture button at the bottom right of the screen, which if you tap on it, it will capture a picture while the video is still on.

7. Take a Screenshot

Capturing important information on your screen could be pretty easy by just pressing a few keys together on your iPhone. This screenshot shortcut makes it easy to capture your screen.

Navigate to the screen portion you want to capture, say it is your note app, hold down on your iPhone power key and the Home button on your iPhone altogether at the same time. (For iPhone X click and hold the Side button with the Volume Up button at the exact same time to achieve the same thing).

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8. Shake to undo

Surprised? Don’t be another good shortcut you can use is to shake your iPhone to undo typed information, copy any text, cut or paste typed text easily if you have copied or typed any text, just shake your phone and the Undo Copy/Cut/Paste/Typing option will pop up.

9. Add your favorite Web pages to the home screen


Heading to the bookmarks section of your browser isn’t a cool way to maximize your time and regularly visit your favorite Web page. iPhone allows you to create shortcuts for your favorite webpages on the home screen. Head to your favorite web page in the browser and click the share button, select Add to Home Screen, and the shortcut to your favorite website will be created on your iPhone home screen.

10. Close Multiple Apps

You might have been running lots of app on your iPhone and it’s time to close them up, closing them one after the other from the multitasking window could be annoying, time-consuming and stressful at times.

Not many iPhone users are aware that there is a faster way to achieve this. Using two fingers especially your index and middle finger at a time to dismiss two different apps from the multitasking window is a way to save time and double your effort while closing a long list of opened apps.


11. Return to the previous app

The multitasking feature is designed to switch between one to another app, switching to a previous app can even be more convenient by using back key on your iPhone.

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When you open an app from another app, say you launch apple music from a link from the Safari browser, if you navigate to the top left corner of your screen, you will see the back button which will send you back automatically to the previous app you are using without using the app switch functionality.

12. 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone

This shortcuts can be very helpful when you want to get something done easily or go to an app without scrolling through the list of your app list, press and hold firmly on the app you want to create a shortcut for, navigate and click on the desired shortcut option you want to create.

13. Control iPhone with your head movements

I believe you would love to perform some task on your iPhone without touching the screen, well for your information iPhone lets you do that on your device. Head to camera switches section of your phone under the Settings option navigate to accessibility to set up several tasks you will like to perform with iPhone’s head Gestures by using a left or right head movement on your phone.

14. Decline calls easily

Moments when you’re in a meeting, church, or court premises, and you forgot to put your phone to silent. It could be embarrassing when your phone rings out in such a situation, well next time such incidents happens, you can quickly put your device in silent or reject the call. You can silent the call by pressing the volume button immediately or outrightly reject the by pressing the power/lock button twice.

15. Accessibility features from your home button

iPhone is designed to let you customize how you access some features from the home button. This feature can be enabled by clicking on the Settings and then navigate to the accessibility option and finally choosing the Accessibility Shortcut feature. Several options such as how to enable Voice-over, Invert your device Colors, Zoom, AssistiveTouch, and lots more shortcut option.

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iPhone Home

16. Replace Assistive Touch with the home key

If you use iPhone 7 Plus you will agree that the large screen feature of the device makes it convenient using Assistive Touch. To enable the Assistive Touch to go to the Settings app on your phone choose Accessibility and once you are done, a floating icon will bring shortcut menus such as the home screen, control center, Siri, screen orientation, volume, notification center and many more.

17. Perform forced reset

Whenever your phone becomes unresponsive, a forced reset could be the solution. To perform this on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus upward, you will quickly click and release the Volume Up almost the same time, then do the same for the volume down button, finally press and hold the Side button which functions as sleep / on and off button. Your iPhone will become responsive back.

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To carry out the above on iPhone 7 and older versions, press on the Volume Up button, press the Volume Down button also and then finally press the Side button.

18. Configure widgets in the notifications center

iPhone widgets are pretty helpful to achieve shortcut to launch an app, it also provide you with information without necessary opening the app, flip to the right on your iPhone’s Home screen, swipe down choose the Edit on the bottom among the widget list, tap on the + button to add any widget of your choose. You can go ahead and click on the three lines to edit and rearrange your widget list.

Your iPhone is a smartphone that can solve a lot of problems, in the meantime, there’s always a chance for better ways which is what shortcuts offers you.

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