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31 iPhone Tips And Tricks You Wont Stop Using


When it comes to the world of mobile phone tips, you’re probably aware that they’re not easy to implement. This is especially true if you’re an amateur iPhone junkie and don’t have a lot of experience.

You may probably be considering an iPhone purchase, but you are not really familiar with all the technology options that comes with it? Do you think it is too much for you? There is no need to fear we have the solutions here.

Battery usage

If your iPhone battery drains more than you expected, it might be your phone brightness level. If the phone screen brightness level is high, there is a probability of your battery going low always than it should.

You can reduce the way your phone battery is drained by going to the settings app on your phone, then navigate to the brightness level section of your phone and set it to a preferable level, doing this means your battery will get drained slower.

iPhone battery drains more

Going to the top webpage

Tapping once at the top portion of the screen while you are connected with the Internet will automatically scroll the web browser to the top page without having to scroll all the way up, this is easy and saves you some time and energy scrolling from the bottom of a Web page to the top.

Font display size

If you ever want to read a lot of content on your small phone screen. So zooming in the to the smallest readable size, you will be able to read more in the internet window.

The Power Button

Power Button

The power button can be used to turn on/off your phone, a soft tap will toggle the phone off. A long press on the power button down can force the phone in to a hard reset and then back on again. You might need to do a hard reset when the phone or an app has crashed, or during an update.

Apple’s virtual assistant (Siri)

The flexibility of using an iPhone comes with easy access to information at the expense of the Siri app which can be used to perform a voice search. Holding down Home key on most models of iPhone will activate Siri.

Home and Power key (Pressed Simultaneously)

home key

Home and Power button can be pressed all together at once to take a screenshot of the present page the phone is on. Depending on the model of the iPhone, this works and it saves the captured image to photo and the iCloud. iPhone X users need to hold the power and the volume up button.

Notifications Panel

To view the list of recent notifications such as messages, calls, other contacts can be shown in a neat list accordingly in the notification panel. Pulling down from the top of the screen will show the list of notifications you have. You can decide what notifications you want to show by going to settings Settings > Notifications, to make necessary changes.

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iOS’s Control Center

Without having to go to the home screen of the phone you can access the iPhone control cent er by swiping up bottom of the screen to access the control center. In other to access the control center for iPhone X you swipe down from the upper-right corner to achieve.

Default setting

With the control center being the core center where u can make changes to phone functionality. You can change radio or WiFi settings, tethering, volume or brightness access key, or feature apps. To access this section, you can use Settings > Control Center

Open and Save PDFs in iBooks

If you have downloaded a pdf file or have received a pdf file over email or through iTunes, you can view and read this by simply pressing and holding on the PDF icon and you’ll see the option to “Open in iBooks.” This app gives you flexibility to study on the go.

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Start a Group FaceTime Call

You would have enjoyed the flexibility of Facetime through iPhone with your family and friends, but you have never done a simultaneous call with two or more people at once. Open the FaceTime app, tap on the + button at the corner of your screen, enter the name of the person you want to call, repeat the above step to add up to 30 contacts.

The Calculator


You might need to do some basic math on the go, but you don’t want to access the home screen, there is another simple way to do your math swipe right over the home screen or the lock screen, input the operation you want to perform and in a bit your iPhone will calculate it for you.

Extend Battery Life

You might be on an important journey while you need to make or receive long hours call, but your battery is on its way down. There’s a setting on your iPhone called “Low Power Mode” that you may not know about, it helps reduce the battery consumption of your phone restricts some apps from functioning and prolong the dead time of your phone.

iPhone Flash when there is a notification.

You might be in a meeting or church event where phone ring is prohibited, using your iPhone flash to get notification notice is another trick you can apply. Goto your settings app, click on “General”, then click on “Accessibility”, Scroll down a little bit and then click on “Enable LED Flash for Alerts”.

15.  Set a Timer Faster.

set timer faster

When you decide to time an activity, a timer can be of a better help. Swipe down on your screen from the notification area to access the control centre, instead of tapping the timer, press and hold it with your finger up to increase the time then tap on “Start”

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Measure Objects with Your iPhone

It seems like any time you need to measure something; you can never find the tape measure to do it. You can now measure anything with your iPhone easily. iOS is now built-in with a measuring tool that you can use to measure, though it’s not 100% accurate but it will give you a rough estimate of your supposed measurement.

  • Open the Measure App
  • Move your iPhone around so the device can analyze the area
  • Hold your iPhone so the camera is pointing at the object you want to measure
  • Move your iPhone around until you see a white circle with a dot in the middle
  • Line the white dot up with the edge of the item you want to measure
  • Press the white button with the + sign
  • Drag to opposite edge of item
  • Press the white button with the + sign
  • The app will display the estimated measurement. (Curated from bestproducts.com)

Create Shortcuts

With the iOS 12 shortcut help you simplify everyday tasks and let you get things done with your apps. For example, you could create a shortcut called office location on the map, which will help you navigate your way to the office or send the location address to a friend visiting your office. Go to App Store, search for shortcuts on the store, download the App, Open the App and click on Get Started.

3D Touch

To save yourself some couple of seconds during your daily activities, you might want to consider the 3D touch on your iPhone. By applying more pressure to the touchscreen the installed app can respond by showing some details that will give you quicker access to the app features. For example, taking a selfie through the camera app.

phone power button

Dark Mode

If you are a fan of dark mode you might want to activate that to filter of blue light in the night, “dark mode” that changes your interface from light colors to mostly black, you can access this by clicking on Settings, then General, then Accessibility, then Display accommodations then Invert Colors, then click Toggle Smart Invert, this will activate the dark mode.

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Dark Mode

Document Scanner

You can access the document scanner in the notes app, open Notes app, tap on new note or open already created one, click on the + icon navigate to Scan Documents, use the shutter button to capture the picture of the document you want to scan, adjust the corners to your satisfaction, then save.

Offload Unused Apps

If you are getting the “Storage Almost Full” message on your phone it might be the time to get rid of some unused app, go to settings, click on iTunes & App Store, tap the offload unused apps at the bottom, deleted apps will be out on your home screen, and they can be reinstalled with a simple tap when next needed

Siri and Entertainment

For the fun lover people, Siri can help you out in figuring out what movies are playing near you, or what types of restaurants are nearby. Siri is becoming more smatter and advance each day, you just have to explore its abilities.

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Cloud Streaming


You don’t have to be obsessed with high volume of memory for your iPhone, with cloud streaming and appropriate network bandwidth, you can. Stream your favorite music, video and radio stations online.

Apple TV App

Having your media in a single place is more convenient and easy than having it scattered all over the place, like having Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and others, Apple TV app have tried to combine this together in one place.

Share with AirDrop

Airdrop help you to share files and documents with other iPhone users without having to send them over the email.

Siri Can Transcribe It for You

If you are tired of typing out a large volume of document, you might want to use the Siri virtual assistant to help you transcribe. Open a note or a new email tap and hold on the microphone button, when the Siri app is activated, you can start dictating the content of the document.


Make your conversion more fun with emojis, emoji are the new way of showing your emotions, when your keyboard is up tap on the face icon to see the list of emojis you can use you can also type words and will often see an appropriate Emoji.


This is another tips on how you can navigate with your iPhone connected to your car, it also supports third-party navigation apps, for easy routing.

Dictionary (Adding Words)

In case you are currently writing something then a word flashes to be misspelled although you know that it is not misspelled, withdraw the correction for 3 times then the word will automatically be put in the dictionary. This is one amazing feature if ever you write a lot.

Custom Vibrations

You might have previously created a custom ringtone for certain friends and loved ones call, your iPhone lets you create and assign custom vibration to those friends and family. What you have to do:

Go to the Settings app, choose Sounds & Haptics, click Ringtone, choose Vibration, Create New Vibration, then add a new vibration by tapping and holding however you want, click on Stop in the bottom right, then Save in the top right, you can then give the vibration a name.

Edit Screenshots

So you know u can edit screenshots before saving or sharing it. Take a screenshot by pressing the power button and the home button at the same time, quickly click on the small thumbnail of the screenshot that appears at the bottom left of your screen, there you can crop the screenshot, and when you have finished editing, tap Done in the top left.

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