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Expert Tip: 73 iPhone Secret Codes Other Users Don’t Know


There is a lot more to your iPhone dialer than just being numbers and hitting the green button to make calls. There are a lot of codes you can call on your iPhone device that will give you information about your device. These codes are called secret codes or shortcodes. Below is a list of some of these secret codes and how there functions.

Field Test (300112345)

You want to know the technical details of your iPhone device, simply dial this code on your iPhone device and you get the information you are looking for such as the strength of your mobile network.

IMEI number (*#06#)

IMEI number simply means International Mobile Equipment Identity number, this a 15 digit unique number a manufacturer issues to a mobile device to identify it. Every mobile device has its own unique IMEI number. To view your mobile device IMEI number simply dial the above code from your call app and it will appear on your device screen. To can you this code to know or check the originality of your device.

To make Anonymous calls (*#31#)

Want to make Anonymous call on your device, dial the above code on your device followed with the number you want to call, the recipient will not see your name or your number when the call gets through to the person, all the receiver will see is Unknown or private number.

To call Customer Service (611)

Want to connect to your wireless customer service dial this code and you get through. Depending on the country you are, it doesn’t work for 24hrs in the day in some countries, but it does in other countries.

customer services

Access accurate traffic (511)

Are you in the position where you are not getting an accurate traffic report from your Google maps, or Apple map, you can get access to accurate traffic information by dialing this code you get the local traffic conditions and update? In countries such as Arkansas, Alabama, and many more, this code doesn’t function there.

View Data usage ( For AT&T: *3282#)

To check how much data you have used and the balance you have, dial this code on your iPhone device and the information pop-up.

To view your data usage on your iPhone device with a T-Mobile carrier dial #932#

On Verizon carrier iPhone, dial #3282 on your device to check your data usage.

View your mobile number (*#101#)

There are times when you forget your mobile number or you forget how the digits are arranged, dial this number to code to check for your mobile number.

Check missed calls (*#61#)

Dial this code on your iPhone call app to check for the number of missed calls.

SMS Delivery Confirmation (111)

When you send an SMS and you want to be sure your SMS was delivered successfully, dial this code and it will show you an SMS delivery confirmation

Call Emergency Service (112)

You want to get through the call emergency service and you are in any of the European Union countries, dial this code to reach them, instead of calling 911 all the time.

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Emergency services

Enable/Disable call waiting (*#43#)

In a situation where you can’t find the call waiting option in your mobile device, the code comes in handy. This iPhone secret code allows you to check the status of call waiting, to disable or enable the call easily.

Call Barring (*#33#)

This code allows you to enable call barring when call barring is enabled on your device, text, calls, and fax will be restricted from going out. Although this code does not work on third-party apps.

Check SMS center (#50057672#)

When you send an SMS from your mobile device it goes to a service center or center number first, and then it’s sent to the number you send it to. Having any challenges regarding SMS, check your SMS center number by dialing this code on your mobile device.

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Call forwarding to another number.

Want to forward your call to another number? There are several reasons why you would want to do that. Achieving t u is can be done by dialing the codes below on your iPhone device on different carriers.

Verizon Wireless

The code to activate call forwarding on this carries is not known, you can do it activate call forwarding on your device’s settings page. For you to disable call forwarding on this carrier you dial *73 on your device.


To turn on call forwarding on the condition that you didn’t reply to a desired phone number dial the secret code *61 the number#

You can turn off the call forwarding of the condition when you did not reply the desired number by dialing ##61#.

When you want to forward calls unconditional to your desired number, dial *21 the number# this turns off the unconditional forwarding on your iPhone device, dial ##21#.

To activate call forwarding time delay on your device, dial *61number*SS#, SS stands for your desired number of seconds.

To active call forwarding with the condition of when your network carrier is not reachable, dial *62number#

When you are busy and you want to turn on call forwarding, dial *67 on your mobile device.

To Deactivate call forwarding when busy dial #67#

To Deactivate call forwarding when your service carrier is not reachable dial ##62#

To cancel call forwarding of all types that have been activated on your mobile device, dial ##004#.

Sprint carriers

When you want to activate call forwarding of unanswered calls to your desired number dial *73 and it is done.

To Deactivate unanswered forwarded calls on your sprint carrier device, *730 is the secret code to dial on your device call app.

To activate unconditional call forwarding to your desired number on your mobile device, dial *72 to get it done.

To Deactivate unconditional call forwarding on your mobile device, dial the secret code *720 on your device.

Network service menu (*#100#)

When you want to access the services provided by your network provider, dial the above code. The code works on the basis of the type of network you used on your iPhone.

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Network service

You want to activate call forwarding because you are busy to a direct desire number, dial *74 to get it done

To Deactivate call forwarding when busy, dial *740

Call line presentation (*#30#)

When the people you call cannot see your mobile number, it might be that there is a problem with your number’s calling line presentation. Use this code to check if your call line presentation is disabled or enabled.

Minutes check (*646#)

To check the number of minutes left on your device and also the number of minutes you have exhausted so far, dial the above code. Only prepaid user can use this code.

Check balance(*777#)

As a prepaid user you want to see your phone balance, dial this code and your available balance will be displayed on your screen.

Change Call Barring Pin (*03)

To activate call barring on your device requires a pin when you want to change your pin to a new one, use this code to change your pin. However, you will need your old pin to be able to create a new pin.

Check bill (*225#)

Are you a postcode user? You can check for your used bills so far and balance on your mobile device by dialing code on your call app.

Service Centre Address (#50057672#)

Do you want to get for your network address center? Dial this code on your iPhone device and you get your network contact address.

Service center address

To check last caller (*#147#)

When you mistakenly delete your last call, this code allows you to check your mobile device, last caller, you can call the person back directly.

Enhanced full rate code (*3370#)

Enabling full rate code on your device results in better sound quality, when you want to activate this, dial the above code on your device call app to activate it.

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Minutes used (#646#)

Use this code to check for your used minute on your device, dialing this code on your device will also show you the available minute on your device. Unfortunately, this code doesn’t work in New Zealand.

Voice mailbox number (*#104#)

To access your voice mailbox easily, dial this code, your voice mails will be displayed on your screen; you can delete or save any voicemail of your choice.

Network time (*#103#)

This code is used to check for your mobile device network time, although this code is restricted to a few countries and selected network providers.

Call directory (411)

Looking for basic information about a particular business such as phone number or address, this code will help you get access to call directory.

Cancel anonymity (*82)

Have you previously set your calls to anonymous? but you want to make a call that is not anonymous, enter this code at the beginning of the mobile number you want to call, it will cancel the anonymity and the person will be able to see your name and number.

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Name ID (**63)

Use this code to get a unique name ID assigned to yourself on your iPhone network, dial this code on your iPhone mobile device to subscribe for this service.

Codes you can use on AT&T carrier device

Upgrade eligibility (*639#)
Dial this code on your iPhone that has AT&T carrier to view your upgrade eligibility

Check minutes (*646#)
To view the minutes on your mobile device dial this code.

Pay bills (*729)
To pay your bills on your iPhone AT&T mobile carrier device dial this code.

Pay bills

For voice connect on your AT&T carrier iPhone device dial *#08

To turn on Binge on your T-Mobile carrier iPhone dial #263# to get it done

To turn off Binge 9n your T-Mobile carrier iPhone device dial #264#

When you have Binge turned off already on your iPhone T-Mobile carrier device and you want it back on dial #266#

To check your Binge on the status on your T-Mobile carrier device dial #264#.

To view your phone number on an AT&T carrier dial ##686

Want to rest your voicemail passcode to the last four digits of your mobile number on your AT&T carrier device dial #793#

To put on or off your voicemail password on your AT&T carrier device dial #796#

To find a taxi service for $1.75 per service on your AT&T carrier iPhone device fail #8294

Find a Taxi

To pay your prepaid bill on Verizon wireless carrier dial #729

To view your present bill balance on your Verizon wireless carrier device dial #225

To gain access to Verizon wireless roadside assistance for towing your vehicle dial #7623 to subscribe.

To pay your post pay bill on Verizon wireless carrier dial #768.

To check if your phone is working properly after completing an Electronic Serial Number change on Verizon wireless carrier dial #832.

To check for your gift card balance on Verizon wireless carrier dial #3282.

To open sprint mobile self-service menu dial *2, it will give you the option to access the care self-service IVR and care call center.

To call the non-emergency police and other government services dial 311.

state police

To make a payment through your Sprint phones through Pay by Phone Automated IVR fail *3.

To get minutes used the information for the category of usage in English, including current bill cycle dates and text messaging on your sprint device dial *4.

To get minutes used the information for the category of usage in Spanish, including current bill cycle dates and text messaging on your sprint device, dial *5.

Dial *3370# to activate an enhanced full rate codec on your mobile device, this will result in the better sound quality of your mobile device.

To switch between numbers on your mobile device dial *#105# or *#102# to get it done, but these codes do not work in some countries such as Zealand.

To call the state police dial #77 on your iPhone device.

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To turn off scam block on your iPhone dial #632#.

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