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21 Common iPhone Problems And Easy DIY Fixes


Now that you have invested big money into an iPhone what can you do if you run into problems? Well, you can go to Apple’s website where they have all the information on features and how you can fix problems. But before you do that you may want to just check this quick list of the most common issues other iPhone users are experiencing.

Here we have put together for you 21 most common iPhone problems and it’s fixed.

1.    Water Damaged iPhone

You might have accidentally dropped your phone in the swimming pool, or got drenched by heavy rain, probably it’s your 2 year old child that dropped your phone in the water, no matter the case, you can save your iPhone from total water damage, by rubbing it on a dry towel and remove the SIM card.

Do not attempt to plug it or put it on.

Another life-saving option is to put the phone in a silica gel sachets for two or three days.

2 year old child that droped phone in water

Battery Life Issues

The common trend around iPhone users is that they always go around with their charger. However, if your iPhone battery draining fast, you can tackle this through a factory reset, controlling the numbers of apps usage that consume high battery such as Uber, Google Maps, YouTube, closing unused apps and uninstall some apps if need be, you can also go for screen brightness reduction.

White Screen of Death

This is mostly caused by incomplete OS upgrade, failed jailbreak or hardware problem. You can restart the device to see if it solves the problem. If that fails to resolve the issue, doing a hard reset (factory reset) your iPhone can bring back the phone to life.

Lost Data after Upgrade.

Most of the times after jailbreaking or updating to a new version, you tend to lose iPhone videos, photos, contacts, and messages, etc. In this kind of a situation, iCloud and iTunes backup would be your best rescue tool.

Black Screen

A sudden drop from a high point, spilling water on it, updating an app, bad firmware, jailbreak, hardware error, etc, can be a cause. First of all, charge your phone completely to take out the battery performance issue, if then the error persists you can go for factory settings to reset your phone.



You might have encountered a message like ‘iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it?’ To solve the overheating problem first take the device to a cooler environment, also take away from heat or direct sunlight.

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You would have to stop using for sometime or better still switch it off for a few minutes. You can also do ‘Reset All Settings’ on your iPhone to fix the overheating problem.

Camera Roll Crash

If peradventure your phone camera roll crashes, you are surely going to lose your previous videos, pictures, and other images formats. Restoring the iPhone to factory settings is the best advised only way to fix Camera Roll crash.

Incomplete booting (Stuck on Apple Logo)

Ways to fix an iphone stuck on the apple logo

A lot of reasons can cause your phone to get stuck on the Apple logo. I could be failed updating, jailbreaking, incomplete retrieving of data from backup. You can fix this issue by restoring your phone by performing a hard reset or putting the device in recovery mode.

Freezing or Quitting of Applications Unexpectedly

Your installed application can malfunction or quits itself unexpectedly if the iOS version does not support the said app or the app is not properly installed on your device. Restart your phone to see if the app will work properly, or uninstall the app, then go to the app store for a new installation.

iTunes Error 3194

itunes error

If you are stuck with this error your device might probably be running a wrong firmware version, or the iOS version on your device might not be supported by Apple. To fix this you might need to make changes in the host files of your system. You might also do a factory reset to fix iTunes error 3194 if the earlier option did not work.

Forgot iPhone Passcode

If you forgot your password and as a result you make several attempts trying to unlock your device, your device would be locked permanently. To unlock your disabled iPhone, reset the device and set a new passcode. You can also opt for the Recovery Mode option to fix your phone.

Proximity sensor not working

You might be in a situation where your phone proximity sensor has refused to work, then you can perform some added measures. For example, you can restart your phone, hard reset it, restore it, put it in DFU mode.

Can’t connect to a Wifi network


If you are having difficulty in connecting to a Wifi network, then check if you are providing the right password for the network or not. The best way to fix this is by resetting the network settings. Go to Settings then tap General navigate to Reset and tap on the “Reset network settings” option.

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Touch Screen Not Working

If for any reason your phone touch screen is not responding to touch, or it’s responding partially, ensure the screen is clean and dry, you can then try again. Next, restart the iPhone, and the touch screen should work. If by any means the screen is damaged, broken, then take the phone to authorized personnel or store.

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Screen Becomes Unresponsive in Cold Weather

Very low-temperature area/environment could cause the unresponsiveness of the screen, then try locking and unlocking the iPhone as it has helped some to resolve the issue. You can also move to a warmer environment.

iPhone Error 56

You might encounter this problem when restoring the device via iTunes. This could occur due to hardware issues, or conflicting software on the phone. Using another USB cable, try with another port, or restore your iPhone on another computer would be the best solution to go for. If the above options still not fixed, restore the iPhone in DFU mode.

Face ID Not Working

Either your face ID is used as a security log in to your bank app or for other security measures, this feature in iPhone X allows you to access your device, App store, and iTunes etc., feature in iPhone X allows you to access your device, App store, and iTunes, etc., without necessarily needing to use your passcode.

Restart the phone or simply power off/on the device to make the Face ID functional. If this does not solve the problem navigate to the settings app and reset the Face ID.

Bluetooth Problem

For instance, if your Bluetooth is unable to pair your iPhone with another Bluetooth device or your car Bluetooth, this is another common problem. The simple step to follow is to go the Settings option, turn off and then on the Bluetooth, you might probably need to restart your device. You can also toggle Airplane Mode.

Any of these options should fix the issue.

However, another option is to click on Settings, navigate Bluetooth, select ‘Forget this Device’ and you can repair with the device again.

Messages are not getting delivered

If you have recently updated your device to a new iOS version or are using it with a new SIM card, there is a high chance you will have this issue. Often it could be caused by date irregularities on the device. Go to Settings select General then Date & Time and set it to automatic.

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iPhone echo/hissing issue

While on a call, you might hear an echo or a funny hissing sound on your phone, the best way is that you can just put the phone on speaker for a second, and tap It back off, this should correct the funny hissing sound.

You might need to hang up and call again to check the quality of the sound.

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iPhone not charging

Another common regular issue is if your phone has refused to charge, don’t worry! It happens with lots of people using the iPhone. In most cases there would be a problem with your charging cable or the connecting port, try getting a new cable or change you charge adapter, or restart your device.

iPhone not charging

After going through this post, you would be able to resolve various issues with your iPhone on the go.

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