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Best Affordable Gaming Smartphones You Should Get

best gaming headphones
Playing games is one of the many entertainments you get when you purchase a smartphone. But the fact is that not every...

Weak Battery? 20 Hacks To Increase Smartphone Battery Charge And Lifespan

life hacks to increase phone battery
You fully charge your phone, it is at a robust 100% then after a few taps, maybe a short 5 minute video...

Full Coverage: Depth Sensor In Mobile Phones

depth sensor
Technology is becoming smarter by the day; a lot of unexpected inventions have been released so it will not be surprising when...

Real-Time AR: Product Demo, Architecture – Your Complete Guide

Real Time AR in Phones
The role of augmented reality (AR) in the real world today cannot be overly emphasized. As this business application expands, there will...

Display And Display Types: Why Is It So Special?

phone display types
Mobile phone device vary in display types and display size, and this is one attribute that may contribute to giving users an...

Life Hack: 20 AMAZING Things You Can Do With Your Phone

things your phone can do
There is no doubt that our smartphones have become what we could ever have imagined few years ago. From surfing the Internet,...

11 Ways To Increase Your Cell Phone Battery Charging SPEED

speedup phone battery charging
Does how far you charge your cell phone battery each time influence how long it lasts? You bet it does, but you...

Best Phones with HDR10 or Dolby Vision

HDR 10 on Smartphones
Coming from the era of “128 x 128” pixel displays of Nokia 3200 to “3840 x 2160 ” pixel display phones with...

Best Triple Camera Phones In The Market Today

Best Triple Camera Smartphones
Before buying a phone, users take into consideration the camera quality, battery life and overall performance. The world of mobile phone technology...

Lossless Zoom Camera: Facts, Benefits And How It Works

Lossless Zoom Camera on Phones
We are in an age of fast developing technology, so it is important for developers to sort out new ideas to remain...
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