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32 Ways Google Assistant Can Make You More Productive

google assistant
Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Unlike...

11 Ways To Increase Your Cell Phone Battery Charging SPEED

speedup phone battery charging
Does how far you charge your cell phone battery each time influence how long it lasts? You bet it does, but you...

2 Smooth Ways to Unlock a Network Locked Phone

unlock network locked phone
When you purchase a new cell phone, the odds are it will be accompanied by a network lock. This is set up...

Coolest Smartphones with Dual Camera You Wish You Had

best phones
Dual camera smartphones are not actually new, but we are always reminded of its awesomeness when we see smartphones with really impressive...

iPhone Warranty And Serial Number Check Techniques

check iphone warranty
When you buy a new iPhone, it usually comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty is put in place against any manufacturing...

Display And Display Types: Why Is It So Special?

phone display types
Mobile phone device vary in display types and display size, and this is one attribute that may contribute to giving users an...

15 Best Budget Phones With Top Quality Features

best budget phones
When you talk about budget phones, what it literally means is that phones you can get for not too cheap but affordable...

17 Best Cheap Phones Under $100

17 Best Cheap Phones Under $100
Sometimes it can be hard getting your desired smartphone, simply because the cash at hand or your pocket cannot afford the buy....

All You Need To Know About 10-bit HDR Capture

HDR Capture on Android Phones
Professional videographers usually use special digital cameras to capture amazing pictures and videos.   Amongst the many available cameras...

How To know Which iPhone Model You Have.

what iphone do i have
Do you want to know the iPhone you are using? Undoubtedly because iPhone devices look similar, even experienced users can find it...