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97 iOS Phone Codes – Every iPhone Trick Code You Need


Today, we play a game called “there is an iOS dialing code for that” by releasing to you a huge amount of iOS phone codes you can use on several carriers including Verizon, At & T, Sprint and T-mobile as well as super iOS codes for on the go task.

We have compiled a list of over 90 iPhone dial codes you can use in different situations.

Mobile Dial Code (MDC), usually referred to as secret mobile codes, this number gives you the chance to request and receive information directly to your mobile phone.

These codes are also known as the network code. This code combines a toll-free number, a web address shortcode into one dialing code. This code is always starting with a combination of * or #. You only need to dial these codes Like a regular telephone number.

1.    *#06# (IMEI Number)

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. To check for the manufacturer issued identity for your iPhone device, you can use this code to identify valid phones and block stolen of the network usage.

2.    *#101# (Check Mobile Number)

You might have misplaced your mobile number, or doubting the arrangements of the digits, to check for your mobile number any time, dial the above code.

3.    *#100# (Network Service Menu)

This code is used to access services offered by your network provider. Also, this code function based on the type of network provider you use on your iOS device.

4.    *3001#12345#* (Field Test)

If you love to take a look at the technical details of your iOS device, you can dial this code. Checking how weak or strong your present network signal is can also be done using this code and you can also change your cellular reception number instead of the bars usually been displayed.

5.    *#33# (Call Barring)

This code is used to activate call barring services, in a situation where your device is with a child who is underage, this code restricts and blocks calls, text and fax from going out. Note that the blocking system for calls does not function for a third-party app.

6.    **04* (Change SIM PIN)

This code allows you to change your SIM’s Personal Identification Number, nor that you will need your old pin to perform this task.

7.    *#43# (Call Waiting)

This code is dedicated to checking if Call Waiting is active or not on your iOS device. Activating this service will allow you to be notified of another call and to be able to receive the call while you’re already on a call.

8.    **03* (Change Call Barring PIN)

Activating call barring services requires a pin, to change from old pin to a new call baring pin, this sort code will do the magic. You will now ever need an old PIN to be able to complete this task.

9.    *#21# & *#61# (Call Forwarding)

If you are not available to receive calls, this code allows you to do call forwarding on your phone. This feature allows you to redirect any calls to a specific phone number of your choice. You can choose your family and friend‘s phone number for forwarding details.

iOS phone codes (4)

10.    *#31# (Show/Hide Caller ID)

If you prefer to stay anonymous, this code will allow you to hide your caller ID and also make calls anonymously to your friends and family or phone numbers you never knew before. To check the status of your caller ID simply dial *#31#.

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11.    *#30# (Calling Line Presentation)

This is one of the very useful codes on iPhone. This code allows you to choose if you want to see incoming calls phone number or not. If this code is enabled on your phone you will not be able to see incoming calls phone number. To deactivate this service dial *#30#.

12.    *#30# (Calling Line Presentation)

This code is used to access the calling party address details when the call is connected. You can also check for the status of Connected Line Presentation.

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13.    *646# (Check Minutes)

This code is designed for post-paid users only. You can use it to check for the numbers of available minutes on your device, and also check the numbers of used minutes so far.

14.     *225# (Check Bill)

This phone is available for use by postcode users, you can check for your used bills on the network so far, and also check for the existing balance.

15.    *777# (Check Balance)

As a prepaid user, you can always check your phone balance details with the help of this code. Your available balance will be displayed for you.

16.    *3282# (Check Data Balance)

Track on your Data Usage and see the both used and available balance when you dial this code on your iOS device.

17.    *3370# (Enhanced Full Rate Codec)

If you decide to have an enhanced Full Rate Codec, on your device which results in better sound quality on your device, if activated.

18.    *#5005*7672# (Service Centre Address)

You can get your network service center phone number by just dialing this code. Situations where you might need the contact number of your service provider urgently this code works for you.

19.    #646# (Minute Used)

This code is used to check for your used minutes, it will also show you the available minutes on your device, however, this code does not work in New Zealand.

20.    *#103# (Network Time)

This code is restricted to a few countries, and some selected service providers, it can be used to check for network time.

21.    *#105# & *#102# (Switch Numbers)

This code is design for you to switch between numbers on your mobile device; however, it does not work in some selected countries such as New Zealand.

22.    *#104# (Voice Mailbox Number)

Asics your voice mailbox easily, by dialing the above code. Your voice mails will be played for you, you can choose to delete or save any voicemail.

23.    *#147# (Last Caller)

This code enables you to check the last Caller, and also directly call the person back. You can choose to use this code if you mistakenly deleted your last call

24.    *noti# & 111 (SMS Delivery Confirmation)

Use this iOS phone code to check if your sent text message was delivered successfully, this code shows you assured SMS Delivery Confirmation.

25.    *67

To make anonymous calls on your iOS device, you can always choose to use this code as a prefix to the number you are about calling. The call goes through as “unknown,” “private,” on the recipient’s phone.

26.    *82

If you have previously set your calls to anonymous, this code when entered at the beginning of the mobile phones you are about to call will cancel the anonymity.

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27.    411

If you need help finding the phone number, address, or basic info for a business this code gives you access to call directory assistant.

28.    611 Call Customer Service

To get connected to your wireless customer service. Dailing 611 gets you through, however, it does not work 24/7 in some countries, while it doesn’t function on some carriers too.

29.    511

Gain access to accurate traffic information on Apple Maps and live traffic updates, from third-party apps designed to monitor real-time traffic situations. Thus, this iOS phone code does not work in some areas like Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, and many more

30.    AT&T:       *3282#  T-Mobile:   #932#.  Verizon:    #3282

To view your data usage, on the above carrier, you just need to dial the corresponding code, and straight to your display, you will have details of your data usage so far.

iOS phone codes (5)

31.    Forward Phone Calls to Another Number

There are many reasons why you might desire to forward your calls to another number; call forwarding could be achieved by dialing the following set of code on different carriers with your iOS device.

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For Sprint carriers

32. *72

This is used for Unconditional call forwarding to any desired number of your choice

33. *720

If you want to opt out of the all call forwarding service you can disable the unconditional call forwarding using this code

34. *73

This code is meant for only call forwarding which you did not pick up while you IOS device was ringing and can be routed to the desired number

35. *730

To disable the above call forwarding only for no answers you will use that code

36. *74

This could be activated if you are always in a busy environment the call forwarding only for when busy to the desired phone number

37. *740

This code allows you to finally disable call forwarding only for when busy.

38. Verizon Wireless

For this carrier to disable call forwarding you call or dial *73. In the meantime, the dialler code for call forwarding in Verizon wireless is not known but at least you could get that done on your iOS settings section.

39. T-Mobile


This code is meant for turning on unconditional forwarding to any desired phone number

40. ##21#

To turn off all unconditional forwarding service

41. **61*number*SS#

This code is designed for call forwarding time delay you will need to replace  SS with 5, 10, 15, or 30 for seconds as you might desire too.

42. **61*number# 

To turn on call forwarding off, for the conditions if no reply to the desired phone number

43. ##61#

However to turn off forwarding if no reply the code deactivate that service.

44. **62*number #

Some time network carrier might not be reachable a call forwarding service for this could save you a lot.

 45. ##62#

Turn of call forwarding when not reachable

46. **67*number #

To turn on your call forwarding service when you are busy

47. ##67#

Turn off call forwarding when busy

48. ##004#

This dialler code allows you to cancel all call forwarding of any type you might have activated on your dialer.

49.    *#5005*7672#

This iOS phone code is used to check where your text messages went to, it means it shows you the message service center number handling all your outgoing text messages.

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50.    **63 or **me

You can use this code to assign a unique name ID for your self on the iOS network, just dial **me, or **63, on your iOS device to subscribe for this service.

51.    112

This is an alternative number to dial for SOS or emergency purposes as against the regular 911 used by everybody, this code might not work in some countries though and some carriers don’t recognize this code.

iOS phone codes (7)

Other codes associated with AT&T carrier are below

The following codes are extracted from the AT&T carrier website with it’s corresponding use.

52. *225#

See your bill balance.

53. *639#

View your upgrade eligibility.

54. *646#  

Check your minutes.

55. *729  

Pay your bill.

56. *3282#

View your data and messages.

57. *#08  

Voice connects.

Verizon Wireless

58. #225

See your present bill balance

59. #646

Use this iOS phone code to check your minutes. 

60. #729

Pay for your prepaid bill

61. #768

Pay for your postpaid bill

62. #874

Check when your upgrade eligibility date is elapsing 

63. #832 

To ensure your phone is working after completing an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) change or new activation process

64. #3282

View your data balance.

65. #4438

Check for your gift card balance.

66. #7623

Gain access to Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance for towing, jump starts, etc. Must subscribe


The following codes are dialler code for T-Mobile carrier on iOS devices.

iPhone account information

Account and Mobile Device information

67. #225# 

Use this iOS phone code to check for the details of your balance and last payment

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68. #263#

Turn “Binge On” off  

69. #264#

Check your Binge On” status.

7. #266# 

Turn “Binge On” back on  

71. #326#

View your Family Allowance usage  

72. #646#

Check your minute usage  

73. #674#

View your message usage.

74. ##686

View your phone number   

75. #763#

Turn off your international data roaming  

76. ##766#  

Turn on international data roaming.  

77. #793#

Reset your voicemail password to last 4 digits of phone number  

78. #796#

Voicemail password off/on option. 

79. #932#

View data used a data plan, and expiration date. 

8. #8294

Find a taxi service for $1.75 per use


81. *233

Put a call to the Refill Centre  

82. #225#

Check your account plan timeframe

83. #932# 

Check your web usage.

84. #999#

check your account balance and minutes remaining

iOS phone codes (1)

Scam ID and Scam Block Codes

85. #632#

Turn off Scam Block.

86. #634#

Turn off Scam ID. 

87. #662#

Turn on Scam Block

88. #664#

Turn on Scam ID

89. #787#

Display Scam Block status

iOS phone codes (2)

Emergency and Police

90. *47

State Police (on a per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests)

91. *55

State Police (on a per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests)

92. *77

State Police (on a per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests)

93. *2277

Colorado State Police – Statewide (Numbers stand for CSP).     *347    Florida Highway Patrol – North, West, Central, and South.  *394 Texas – Harris County.     *477 Georgia State Police – Statewide (Numbers stand for GSP).  *577  Louisiana State Police – Statewide (Numbers stand for LSP).   *777 Ohio – Jefferson and Belmont Counties.   *847 Tennessee – Statewide

94. *911

Emergency phone number (same as dialing 911).    *990 Ohio Turnpike (Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Wood, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Portage, Trumbull, and Mahoning Counties).    

95. *8477

Texas – Houston (Harris County) Crime Stopper Line.  

96. *HP

Highway Patrol (on a per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests.  *THP Tennessee Highway Patrol (per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests.   

97. #77

State Police (on a per market basis only, implemented only upon city/state written requests)

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