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35 iOS 12 Features: Your Frist Complete Guide


Your iOS 12 which is present in most iPhones comes with a Do Not Disturb feature to stop those irritating spam messages and phone calls. But the hidden features of iOS 12 doesn’t end there.

iOS 12 is the successive upgraded version of the 11th version, which was released in June, 2018. This upgrade is similar in aesthetics to iOS 11 but contains numerous performance and battery life improvements and security updates.

With this upgrade, your apps gets to run faster and is more responsive than ever. The beautiful thing is that this upgrade comes with a lot of cool features, especially with subsequent versions like iOS 12.1, 12.2, that makes it better than its predecessor.

We are going to be looking at 35 Cool features of these  versions combined.

Sharing Suggestion

This feature is similar to Google photos. With this feature, you can be able to share group photos with friends and family easily. The photos app on your iPhone like X, and XR, will identify events and places, suggesting you share an album with other people. It can also recognize people using face recognition.

Intelligent Search Suggestion

The search is so intelligent such that launching the search navigation will give you quick responses and suggestions for events, people, places, and dates when you start searching.


Sharing Photos Using iCloud Link

If you are an ICloud Photo User, you can instantly generate a link for any of your photo or album. You can share this generated link with anyone on the web and they can download the photos. To do this, select the photos, select the share button, and select copy link. To also disable this feature, tap on the stop sharing menu to disable.


Memoji is an app on iOS. With the 12th upgrade, you can now create your own Animoji character, similar to Bitmoji, but in the 3D feature. You can choose from a diverse set of options of eyes, skin color, hair, and more to  create a character that closely resembles you.


Screen Time Feature

This is a feature that gives you an insight as to how you use your device. With this feature, you get a detailed report of the time you spend with your device. It includes the apps you are using, how often, how many times you pick up your phone to operate, in what context you do this, and so on. It gives you a weekly summary of your habits with your device.

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App Limits And Downtime

This features enables you to tame your addiction to some particular apps. Once you are aware  of the time a particular app take, you can set limits for using such particular apps. You will be notified when the time is almost up. When it is up, you will see a splash screen instead of the app. You can adjust the limit. But with Downtime, which is the nuclear option, you will be lock out off every app, except essential apps like phone.

Do Not Disturb Feature

In the previous version, using the ‘do not disturb’ feature, the screen gets to light up when there is a notification. But with the upgrade, all you see is a dark lock screen. In the morning, notification will still be hidden, until you want to see them.

.do not disturb

Parental Control With Apps Limits

The App Limit feature also extends with the family sharing. That is, parents can set limits on apps on their kids devices, with their device. They can also set limits for age- appropriate content.

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RAW Photo Support

With this iOS upgrade, you get to import and manage RAW photos on your IPhone and IPad. With an IPad Pro, you can edit them as well.

Instant Tuning

With Instant Tuning, you can now turn off notifications for an app, hide it from Lock Screen and more without going to settings. Also, when you are not using an app or interacting with a notification, Siri will suggest that you turn it off with this feature.

Deliver Quietly

This feature enables you to send notifications directly to Notification Center without interrupting you. To do this for an app, swipe left on the Notification, and tap on Manage.

Siri Suggestions

The iOS 12 now allows for better Siri Suggestions. As Siri, learns your routine, it will suggest shortcuts to you for things you need to do at the right time. It can be on the Lock Screen or In Search.

Siri Shortcuts

Better Siri Translation

Siri Translation in the previous version was limited to a handful of language. Now, it works with over 40 language pairs.

Check Facts

This feature enables you to check facts, like about celebrities-when they were born etc. This extends to facts about food, including calories and nutrient content.

New Knowledge Areas For Siri

Siri has now been improved to include more knowledge areas that the previous area couldn’t cover. You can now ask Siri about Motor Sports, Formula 1 and more.

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New Augmented Reality App For Measure

This new app allow you to measure flat rectangle surfaces simply by drawing a line on the live camera view. The cool thing about this app is that if you simply point your camera at an object, it will detect the edges automically and calculate the distance.

Enhanced Tracking Prevention

This feature works by blocking share buttons and comment widgets from tracking you without permission. Safari also now prevents advertisers from collecting your device settings, so they can retarget specific ads to you across  Internet.

Better Password Management

This feature enables you to suggest stronger and unique passwords, and you  will be reminded when you reuse the same password again.


OTP AutoFill

You don’t get to remember or paste a 6-digit password anymore. This is a game changer for individuals who use Two Factor Authentication. With this, One-time passwords are automically filled received via SMS.

Reading Now

Reading Now is an app for iOS phone. With the iOS 12, Reading Now makes it simple to get back to the book you are reading currently. You can now also find awesome recommendations for what to read next.

Book And Audio Store

The book and audio store has now been improved to enable your use of them become easy. You can now find your next favorite read with new and popular selections with the book store.

The audio book store has also been designed to enable you look for immersive and informative stories, and to get nonfictional reads narrated by favourite authors, and celebrities.

Toggle Off Weather Forecast In Maps

If you find the weather information not useful or annoying while using your apps, you can now turn off this feature. There is a new section in the Maps settings that lets you toggle off the bottom-right weather conditions icon. This feature works for the 12.2 version.

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weather forecast

Using Siri To Play Videos On Your Apple TV

With the improved Siri on version 12.2, you can ask your IPhone to play any video, show, movies, channel, or game, on your Apple TV.

Inline Music Playback

With the 12.1.4 version, asking Siri to play music with the music app, it would do so, but it comes up with a big ‘open music’ icon. However, with the 12.2, a widget comes up that allows you to skip any music you don’t like when it is playing.

Customizing ‘Downtime’ Each Day

Previously, you could only set screen downtime each day for a specific time. But iPhone iOS 12.2 offers you specific days with specific times.

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Toggle App Limits On and Off Temporarily

The 12.1.4 version enables you to set up App limits. But with 12.2, you get the added feature of toggling it on or off. To do this, go to the “App Limits”, you will see options to turn it off or on.

Shaming Unsecured Websites

Safari now tells you sites which doesn’t use the secure HTTPS protocol, which encrypts the data you send and receive from the site. If you land on a page that uses HTTP, Safari will pop up a message, “not secured” in the address bar.

AutoFill Signing You In Automatically

You could use the AutoFill for username and password with Safari. But you still had to tap the Login or enter, to sign. Now once the Safari autofills, it signs you automatically.

Apple Pay Cash Lets You Transfer to Bank Instantly

With the version 12.2, Apple says you can now transfer money to your  bank account instantly through your Visa Debit Card. This usually took days as in before.

Multitasking While AirPlaying Videos

You can now continue to use your IPhone to browse apps and play short audio and video files while AirPlaying a video to your TV, and without disrupting the stream while doing all of these.

Automatic Updates

A new option with the software update section called ‘Automatic Update’ allows you to automatically install all updates on your iPhone. However, by default, this feature is off. If you choose to, you can turn it on.

Easily Quit Apps On iPhone X

With the previous iOS 11, quitting an app requires a tap and hold action. But now on the iOS 12 for XR, you can do this by entering multitasking and just swipe up to force quit and app.

Critical Alerts

Even when you are in a Do Not Disturb Mode, there is an opt-in notification created for critical information,like reports on health care providers you will receive.

QR Code Control

There’s a new default control added in Control Center. It’s a shortcut to quickly open the camera and scan for a QR code.


Battery Statistics In Battery Settings

You can now see statistics of your battery usage. This include the battery level and usage time in one graph. The graph are very interactive too, such that it gives you a break down of the battery usage for the corresponding hours.

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