35 iOS 11 Tricks: Every IMPORTANT Feature You Deserve To Know

100 iOS 11 features

After all, Apple finally released the iOS 11 update to the world. We all are already fascinated with the kind of performance that Apple iOS 10 has displayed. Not only the Apple fans but also those who have been new to it are liking it equally.

Then there is next to the iOS 11 that is designed to serve users with enhanced features and greater benefits. It includes many enhanced features along with improved navigation.

Moreso, this would give you a new experience working with your iPad and iPhone. There are many things that you will appreciate about this latest operating software.

Now it is more about the communication amongst iOS devices that is of utmost importance. This way Apple has changed the game with software updates.

There are many things to look forward to like sharing Apple accounts, managing permissions while sharing devices, movies, books and much more.

One-handed keyboard

You will come to realize that most of the time you are busy with one of your hands and also wanting to reply a text, chat, email or even run some software on your device.

Apple has come up with the One-handed keyboard which allows you to have the qwerty keyboard in a compact mode for easy typing or response any time your other hand is busy.

iOS 11 iPhone users can hold down the globe keyboard button and this compact mini keyboard will show up.

Lock screen and Notification Center

Apple has decided to maximize its IOS 11 functionality and brought together the lock screen and the notification center, all you need to do is to swipe up on the Lock screen to view all your notifications, right there without any extra effort. This means that the notifications and lock screen have been merged and behave in the same way. So instead of you swiping down from the top of the screen to view notifications.

New Hidden Dark Mode

How to activate the dark mode in your Android phone.

For you to enjoy this hidden dark mode, you will need to follow this simple hack. The dark mode is not, however, a full one, but a snip into what Apple is hoping to offer soon. Navigate to Display Accommodations” and then turn on “Smart Invert.” This will make your display screen look like the dark mode.

Control Center

With the present design, when you 3D touch music player or any other running app in the control center, you will get a tile to access more information and more control of the app, for example, the music player. Design wise, each app tile has a dark background. There are some tiles that can be expanded to reveal more functionality while in the control center.

Access to Siri

Most of the times you are not in the mood to talk to Siri, but now you can have the main Accessibility feature to Siri which allows you to type your question instead of speaking to it. You just have to go to the Settings then navigate to General go to Accessibility and select Siri pick Type to Siri.

The very next time you prompt the Siri app, a keyboard will appear which will allow you to type your question. Siri is now redesigned to now supports spoken translation like its seen in the Google Assistant.


Apple has taken it upon itself to redesigned the iMessage app drawer to make it easier to use, also the new UI is now easy to navigate and enhances messaging activities more smoothly.

It looks way cleaner, slimmed down to a tiny row at the bottom which is expandable when you need it. Apple is trying to fix the iMessage apps discovery and usability problems faced in the previous iOS version by integrating a small tab to view the conversation chain has it goes on.



Nothing beats easy navigation when you are using a map function on your phone, it helps you in driving easily and getting to your desired destination smoothly.

Flyover Mode allows you to view the entire city in a 3D mode– Selecting 3D View on the navigation map and then choosing the Flyover mode option. This is also enabled in iOS 11 you can now fly over the city just by moving around in your maps function – a kind of augmented reality of city view.

Unlock Animation

When you decide to unlock your device by pressing on the Home button, the Lock Screen now pushes out by sliding up to reveal the Home Screen in a new way that toggles animated feeling.

Screen Recording

Also here is one of the features that make your phone more productive and to be able to achieve more effectively, the in Control Center is for Screen Recording.

Tap on it and you’ll be able to start recording the screen anything displayed on your screen will be captured and saved as a video.

The screen recording is particularly a great feature for instructional videos and tech support.

WiFi password sharing

The days of convenient WiFi password sharing are here for you and your friend, you can easily pass the password of a network you are presently connected to when there is another iPhone device close to you.

When two iOS devices are running iOS 11 in close proximity but only one is connected to WiFi that device will get a prompt to share the password if the other user tries to connect, this makes it easier for other iOS 11 to get connected to a WiFi network.

Redesigned Calculator App

The calculator app has been redesigned with a retro feeling touch, the keypads are now circular, compared to the previous design in the IOS 10, also its more compact and occupies the screen boldly for easy use.

Send/Receive Apple Pay Cash

There is the new feature called Apple Pay which allows you to easily send money through your debit or credit card (or Apple Pay Cash balance) to your friends and family through the Apple Messages app. After the recipient has received the money it would be transferred to there account.

ARKit for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Programmers can now explore the Apple augmented reality, which is one of the most exciting things that iOS 11 brought to the iPhone is AR, the new framework is developed for the programmers to build augmented reality experiences in apps and games. This framework lets them implement the use of motion tracking, surface detection in any iOS app they are building.

App Store Update

The app store now has a new look and design, with a major update which seems like the apple music look. It’s now packed with information on new apps and in-app purchases, stories. Apps and games also get their own category tabs, and ratings and reviews gained new look and arrangements.

Disable In-App Prompts for Ratings & Reviews

A lot of users found the in-app reviews and ratings annoying and thus apple implemented a new update that allows system-wide toggle to disable feedback requests inside any apps only appears in a few betas here and there.

Disable Auto-Playing Videos in the App Store

If you are conservative on the volume of data you used on your device, an option to disable video play in the app store could be a trial for you, when you open an app or game’s App Store page, if it has a trailer it will automatically start playing the video, this consumes your device data, disabling this for mobile data connection will be a better option.



It’s high time you discarded all those third-party QR code apps because the new features implemented with the iOS 11 in the camera allows you to scan any QR code, either payment, or informational QR code, QR Code Support – Automatic detection of the code, also equipped with the live Photo Editing – Open a Live Photo, tap Edit and mute the video.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is a new feature which allows your phone to go into full DND when you are in a car environment when your friends try to reach out to you, they will be replied with a message stating you are currently driving aside your favorite contacts only. This feature automatically engages when you are in a car.

Siri Intelligence

With the new synchronization method applied to Siri, it can now suggest activities for, for example, a reminder about a concert ticket you booked on safari, Apple have now started sync your personal data and customization between all your devices this will allow you to have all your previous searches and details in Siri across all devices you use.

More naturally in Siri’s voice

With the update and enhancement applied by Apple, Siri’s speech engine to make it sound more natural and less robotic which makes it more cool and exciting to use. There’s a new male Siri voice as well.


Safari now comes with four new unique features which are Flight Status, Automatic Reader Mode, Additional Privacy, Password Autofill, Saved passwords in Safari can now be used when needed in third-party apps as seen in the Android OS, also with the Automatic Reader Mode you can Long press the Reader button and the options ‘ this ready out what’s on the screen.

Smart Storage

Storage and iCloud storage has been renamed to Phone/iPad Storage’ and it offers suggestions for saving more space with several options such as auto deleting old conversations, moving huge files to the cloud and removing the unused app to save space on the local storage.

Multi App Dragging

Categorizing apps in to different folders is now easy with a drag and drop option, Tap and hold an app until it wiggles, you can then go ahead and select multiple apps which you want to categorize all together, for example, your bank apps or all your social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, and others.

Phone SOS

With your auto call section on the phone, you can set the SOS number to 911 and this will dial 911 automatically it the Sleep/power button is pushed for a few seconds consistently.

File Manager App

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Gray Front Screen

As revealed during the iOS 11 feature during WWDC, the files is the Apple’s file manager app, as seen in the Android OS where its users have the power to modify its system files and moved them to desired folders, if you can’t find your iCloud Drive app, it’s because it’s now a part of Files.

New Formats for Pics & Videos

In the previous versions, the camera app can only save pictures in JPEG and videos in H.264.

Meanwhile Apple have realized this video takes up more storage than required and now have the files in a new format which allow better quality and less storage consumption, as announced by Apple The new HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) will take the place of the old JPEG files, while videos will be using the H.265 video coding.

GIFs Supported in Photos

Apple has found a way to bring the gifs images on iOS 11 to reflect under the photos app, on the previous OS GIFs you saved to your iPhone would show up as still images in the Photos app, but now they have full display capabilities.

New Image Albums

You now have the ability to move a photo or group of photos from one album to another in the Photos app, that is you can decide to categories your photos based on date or time or event venue as you wish.

Still Image for Live Photos

Live Photos

This feature is another way to maximize the potential of your life photo app, in past times the only way to select the still image you wanted to use for Live Photos was to use a third-party app, but all thanks to apple, you can now tap edit icon at the bottom, then drag the cover photo frame on the slider to wherever you want.

Videos Get Optimized Portrait View

You can decide to watch your saved memories video in either landscape or portrait mode, but the video would not be optimized for the new orientation, however, Apple has stepped up and solved the problem, now in iOS 11, the video looks good no matter the orientation format you are watching from.

Live Photos in FaceTime and Ringtone

You now have the ability to take live photos in face time as against the previous OS. You can decide to snap screenshots of video calls whenever you are in the FaceTime app. Not only that, they aren’t normal screenshot they’re Live Photos that have its own motion time.

Also, FaceTime ringtone has been fairly high-pitched than before. Now it’s more subtle and deep and more interesting to hear.

Save & Mark Up PDFs Now

It’s now very easy and convenient to save Mark up PDFs, it’s now pretty easy to save webpages, notes, photos, and other files as PDF files and mark them up afterward, with the Markup as PDF button in the share sheet, this has been made easy.

Make Notifications Persistent

In situations where you want to pin a notification banner on your screen just as a reminder to respond to someone or maybe show it to a co-worker before dismissing it, then this feature will be very handy for you, also in previous OS you could on disable notifications for some certain apps but in iOS 11 you now have the full ability to disable notifications for any app of your choice.

However, when you enabled this feature you will still get notifications but it will only be tagged notifications while the content will not be displayed or the said app be shown.

Indoor Maps for Malls & Airports

Apple has implemented indoor maps which can be your navigation within the mall or airports, have you ever wander around looking for a restroom in a public indoor environment, then the solution is right with you on your Apple device.

iPhone-to-Computer Security

When you decide to connect an iPhone to a new computer, iTunes will ask you to click on “Continue” which is to allow the computer to access information stored on the iPhone hence this is done, a prompt dialogue box on your iPhone will ask you to either “Trust” or “Don’t Trust” the paired computer.

Meanwhile, in iOS 11 a new security feature that also requests that you input your passcode on your iPhone before continuing has been incl3, even when your device is already unlocked.

However, we are committed to constantly updating this list as soon as we discover new iOS 11 features. You can let us know if we have missed out any feature which is of importance.


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