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50 TOP Hacks To Increase Your Phone Camera Quality


Wouldn’t it be good if you could take nice photographs and increase your odds of capturing a better number of photographs each time? There are several hidden hacks you can use to get better at your camera quality for shooting glamorous photos.

Now is the time to take control of your smartphone camera both Android and iPhone instead of allowing it to control you.

Listed below are some great hacks and tricks to help you improve your smartphone camera so that you will get sharper and clearer photographs, capturing truer colors and take a greater variety of quality photographs.

Without any further delay, you can run through this hacks one after the other for great insight on how to increase your camera quality.

Use Tinfoil To Create Background

Foil made from a thin leaf of tin was commercially available before its aluminum counterpart. Tin foil is stiffer than aluminum foil. It tends to give a slight tin taste to food wrapped in it, which is a major reason it has largely been replaced by aluminum and other materials for wrapping food.

Isn’t it funny that a food material can increase camera quality follow along as I show you the secret?

You should be aware that a great picture is credited to the camera, but it also boils down to the background. Tinfoil is reflective material and they can be used as a backdrop for your pictures.

This gives you a better image produced by your camera all thanks to the Tinfoil.

Use A Towel

Often you are trying to be creative with your camera, but you are limited to old ideas on your head.

A great way to create a video slider is by using a towel, yes your towel.

Place your camera on the towel and lay the towel down on a smooth surface, tap the video recording button on your camera and gently pull the towel away from the object you are capturing.

You can also pull it forward to achieve a closer video slider.

You can also use a towel underneath a tripod stand to achieve a similar effect. If you have a carpet put the tripod in cups/plates with smooth bottom this will give you the Sam video slider effect.

Use Regular Bulbs Lights

Lights create special effects on pictures and exposes camera goal length more. You might be wondering why not white lights but regular bulbs? Regular bulbs create night like effects for your camera and give a soft tone of brightness. You should give this a try.

Need Softbox Effects You Can Use A White Plastic Bag

As you read above the importance of lights cannot be underestimated, softbox effects one of a number of photographic soft light effects. When you blow air into a plastic bag, tie the bag tightly, place the plastic bag on the flashpoint of the camera, take a nice shot with your camera and see the difference. A white balloon also does the trick.

Need a cheap background use A Piece Of Cloth And A Cardboard

A good Background also gives you a quality picture from your camera. Arrange two cardboard on horizontally and the other vertically, place a nice price of cloth between the two cardboard and use duct tape to affix the cloth to the cardboard place your object on the cloth and take a nice shot with your camera.

Underwater Shot

Are you scared your camera is not water resistant; you can still achieve underwater shot with your camera? Using a fish tank helps you to lower your camera in the water for a nice shot. Take not the fish tank is meant to give the camera protective cover to avoid water splash.

Use Forced Perspectives

This is another cool trick which is used to achieve a close perspective two objects (small front objects and a bigger back object). I bet you must have seen pictures sheet an individual is having the sunset in between his /her fingers. You place your camera closer to the smaller object and also considering the bigger object at the back.

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Perfect Top-Down Image

Ever wonder how flat images are been achieved, with the top down hack you can achieve this with your camera. Get a cartoon paper and a dick tape. Carve out 5 sides from the cartoon paper. Place your camera in between the cartoon paper and use the duct tape to attach it to your building ceiling.

Note: You would have to set camera timer so as to achieve this.

Remove people from your picture

Remove people from your picture.

Most of the time removing unwanted images from your photos does not need to be about rigorous photo editing. Set your camera on a tripod stand, take a much shot you could within 10 to 20 seconds. Copy this images to your Photoshop software, select the file menu, click the script and then navigate to statistics, then set your images to the median, select the images you desire to see and save them separately.

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Shaped light

Imagine taking open city pictures in the night, you can turn the city lights into any shape of your choice. Take a cardboard paper cut out the desired shape, place it on your camera lens, and take a shot with it. Whatever the shape is cut to, that is what the lights become the shape of.

Achieve a Window Shadow

It is not a must for you to shoot at a window-side before you can achieve a window shadow effect, with a cardboard paper. Cut different shapes to achieve the window effect on the cardboard which you can then use to take a window photograph shoot.

Soft-Focus Lens Effect

Get a plastic bag and smear the plastic bag with Vaseline, this will create a soft focus effect blurring out the lens edge and focusing mainly on the image. This is another hack for your camera to produce a soft effect image.

Fake Macro Bokeh

After all, the screen saver of your laptop is not totally useless. You can use your laptop screen saver to achieve fake macro bokeh, by placing the object on your laptop keyboard, and a close shot will give you a nice photo accompanied by Macro Bokeh.

Use your Sunglasses as image Filter

Placing your sunglasses behind your camera lens, take a shot with the sunglasses focused on your desired object, the sunglasses create a filter effect for your image.

Macro Lens Hack

You will need a toilet paper roll, duct tape, and an external lens to achieve this hack, attach the duct tape to the camera lens insert the toilet paper roll and then place the external lens at the other end of the duct tape attached firmly. Take a shot with your camera and the photo will look like a macro.

Create Lens Flares

This can be achieved by placing a CD close to the lens of your camera, the flares reflect back and creates a flares photo after shot. Reflection from CD flares inside the lens with the CD in the lower frame gets blurred and produces a bokeh photo.

Produce your own Bokeh Shapes

You put the cardboard with the shape cut-out on the lens and take an out-of-focus photo of the lights, the bokeh will have the shapes of the cut-out. You can get any shape you want and the effect is bigger the more lights you have and the more bokeh you have.

Add Steam with a clothes steamer.

A picture of food with huge steam popping out could be achieved by your camera, by placing a hot clothes steamer under the food object, the steam from the clothes steamer serves as the steam from the food.

Produce Art-like Filter With Coloured Plastic Bags

Colored plastic bag wrap around the camera lens helps you to take a picture with a colored background, the photo assumes the color of the plastic bag creating a good effect.

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Create hazy photo

Create hazy photo

The roughness from your sandwich bag can be used to take a bath photo from your camera, wrap the sandwich bag around the lens area and focus on the object of the image you want to capture, the effect of this shows a fine hazed image.

Create a cool Portrait using Lace material

Partially covering the upper part of your camera with lace material, gives you an image with that effects of pores along with the lace material. This is another unique hack for your camera to capture images better.

Rain Guard

Another unique hack is this cool way to prevent, rainwater from splashing on your camera. Look for a blank CD Case measure the size of your camera lens, cut out the measurement from the CD case, and then fix it to the camera, wrap a duck tape around the edge of the CD case, place a polythene nylon on the sticky edge of the duct tape, and tape the nylon to the open end of the CD case, cover the open part of the camera with the excess nylon.

Turn Coffee Hood to Lens Cap

Grab your soft cellophane coffee cup and use it as a lens cap. This lens cap provides protection from scratches and minor collisions for camera and guides the path of the camera for a better and cleaner shot.

Capture High speed Drops

Here is another camera hack for you. To capture high speed drops such as water, liquid milk and so on. You will need a speed light, straw, milk, bowl, and food eye. You will set the speed light to trigger on camera flash. Turn your liquid milk in a glass cup, use the straw to drop food eye into the liquid milk and capture effect with speed light on camera flash.

Reduce Camera Shake

Most of the time you don’t have a stable smooth surface for placing your camera, a jeans shorts sown into a small bag could be filled with lentils, placing your camera on this filled bag will provide a stable smooth surface for your camera.

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Produce a Softbox Using A Shower Curtain

A hard store lamp and a shower curtain can be used to produce a softbox easily. Hang the curtain on a cloth rail, introduce the store lamp from the back, place your object to be captured at the other side of the shower curtain, the shot produced by your camera will look different with soft light effect.

Product Photography

Cardboard boxes are a good hack for product shots. Get a large cardboard box, paint the insides white, cut large square holes in 3 sides (Left, Right, and top) and then tape sheets of tracing paper over the holes (to diffuse lights placed around it).

Get a large sheet of white paper to drape between the floor and the back wall to cut out the 90-degree angle and Voila! You have a Light box for your products and models.

Colorful Filter

You can use plain duct tape, painted slightly with a colored whiteboard marker to achieve a colorful filter, wrap the slightly painted plain duct tape around the camera lens for a colorful filter shot.

Produce a softening effect through a window

If you can afford an f/1.2 lens, you can take a soften effect picture with a plain window with the object behind the window, the outcome of this photo looks like a picture taken with an f/1.2 lens. Note the light reflection must not be directly on the window.

Lighting Trick

A white large cardboard paper could be used for a lighting trick, place cardboard close to the object take a shot at long range not revealing the cardboard, the cardboard reflects lights back to the object creating a good lightning effect.

Matchstick Film Burn

To create a burning effect, placing a burning match stick In front of the camera between the object to be captured produce a film burn effect on the photo shot by the camera. Be sure you hold the match far enough in front of the camera to prevent any heat burn.

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Wildlife Photography

You can produce homemade wildlife photography, by using plastic probs designed like any reptile placed on a green leaf, you can take a shot from the opposite direction of the probs, the outcome would be as a wildlife picture.

Hair Dryer Hack

Ever wonder how flying hair is achieved, you can use a blowing hair dryer to achieve this by directing the hair dryer towards the hair.

Make Your Own Tripod

You can get creative with this hack, stack a small bag up with beans and tie it tightly, place it on the floor for proper balance, place your camera on the bean bag, your homemade tripod is ready for use.

Use A Business Card To Bounce Flash

Flash bounce can be achieved by hanging a flat plain white business card in front of the camera flashlight. Whenever the shutter is pressed the flashlight hits the business card info t of it and bounces back creating an up flashed effect picture.

Stay Steady Using A Tennis Ball

If you need a steady balance for your camera, you can hook the camera on the tennis ball making it stand firm in a specific position.

Use White Sheet As A Reflector

To reflect light from the sun or the camera flash to an object or a surface, you can introduce a white sheet to the picture, this will reflect back any source of light easily, creating a brighter photo.

Create A Camera Filter

Using colored embroidered wool with a loop at the middle attached to the end of the camera lens will create a colorful camera filter on the taken photo. The picture assumes the color of the embroidered wool.

Use Glasses To Add ‘Filters’

Another fantastic hack is to use open-ended glass to create a filter, place the glass over the lens and take a nice shot, the after-effects are always better than a natural photograph.

Use Short Triangular Prism To Reflect Background

Another great way to achieve, a reflective background placing a triangular prism in front of the camera lens produces an image with a reflective background.

Light painted Background

When taking a product photograph with your camera, you can have a light painted background by putting a light on your tablet, place the tablet in the product background, it would be really bright and you’d get that moiré effect that appears whenever you photograph a computer screen.

Light painted Background

Use An Empty Milk Carton As A Light Diffuser

You can cut out the milk carton and place it over your camera flash, so as to diffuse the light to a specific direction when taking photos.

Create Your Own Color Lens Filters

Measure your lens diameter, cut out the size on a plain glass paint it with a permanent marker with your desired color, cut as many as you desire, place each colored glass on your camera lens, take as more beautiful pictures as you can.

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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Pinhole Using Cardboard

You can cut a small piece of cardboard cut according to your smartphone camera, punch a tiny hole at the middle place the pinhole cardboard on the camera and take a shot. The effect of the shot will be like a pinhole image.

Use Torches To Add Lens Flare

Another way to achieve lens flare is to put on the torch to the lens, putting the torch on the camera lens helps create another good photograph with special after effects.

Create A Lightbox Using Natural Light And White Paper

Sticking a white paper on the window under the direction of natural light, the combination of the natural light and white pepper creates a good filter, the combination could function as a light box.

Use The Trigger Trap App To Turn Your Phone Into A Shutter Remote

Installing a trigger trap app on your smartphone connected to your camera can function as a shutter remote when you are in a far distance to the camera. Your phone will serve as a shutter remote.

Use A Mirror To Reflect Light

Another quick hack is to place a mirror opposite the object you want to shot. The mirror reflects lights to the object and the output of such photographs looks brighter than a normal lighted object.

Embroidery Thread

You can make a great camera filter by using the embroidered thread around a circular object placed in front of the camera lens. This produces another filter type for you.

Toilet Roll Tube As A Macro Lens

You can use a toilet roll tube to achieve a macro lens, it will guide the light path and focus it on the object to be captured, and this macro lens has its own special effects.

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