14 Ways to BOOST Your Cell Phone Signal At Home For FREE

Boost Cell Signal Free At Home

Do you know you can improve your cell phone signal with a few simple tweaks?

Its irritating when you are about to make a call or surf the Internet, only for you to see your cell phone signal vanishing into thin air. In some other scenarios, it may be so weak that it causes you to barely make that call or barely hear what a person is saying at the other end.

Not to worry. If you have been in this dilemma before, there are ways with which you can use to navigate through this difficulty. So, we are going to be looking at 14 ways which you could use to improve your cell phone signal.

Keeping Your Battery Full

Did you know that it takes more power for your cell phone to connect to a cellular tower? Which is why even though you get to do many things with your phone- particularly a smartphone, never allow your battery to become low. Otherwise, it may have too low a juice for it to connect to a cellular tower.

Keeping your battery full or at least a good percentage will improve your cell phone signal.

keeping battery full

The good thing is, smartphones have power saver mode to ensure longevity of battery usage. Also, lowering screen brightness, turning off push notifications, updating phone to latest firmware are ways to minimize battery usage.

You don’t want your phone to be low to prevent low signals.

Minimize Interference

The communication between your cell phone and the cellular network towers is like a back and forth communication. One yells and the other hears and yells back in return.

When there is a clear sight between them, it easy for them to hear each other. But when there are obstructions and objects, it becomes hard to communicate. Reason why people move close to the window or up and down to get signal is so as to reduce Interference between the phone and tower.

Poor signals are caused by:

  • Distance to cell tower
  • External Interference: Valleys, trees etc
  • Internal Interference: Electronics
  • Building material and construction: concrete walls.

You can minimize the Interference of these by:

  • Decluttering interiors
  • Moving outside or getting near a window
  • Avoid high buildings and structures
  • Staying at the top floors of high buildings
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Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Mobile phone booster are devices (also known as cell phone antenna  that can be installed in our homes, cars and offices to boost cellular signals.

How does it work?

Cell phone signal booster takes existing weak cellular signal from the outside and amplify 4G and 3G LTE signal up to 32x for any phone and any carrier. In a simple sense, it acts like a megaphone.

Its functions in a nut shell includes:

  • Improves 4G LTE and 3G for cell phones.
  • Amplifies cell phone signal to and fro.
  • No need for it to be connected to the internet or WiFi to work
  • One time purchase with no monthly fees.

Check Your Phone

Sometimes poor reception of signal may be due to your phone settings or some unforeseen things the may have happened to your phone. Your phone, especially your smartphone, is a designed multitasking device, which may create some lingering issues. Thus whenever there is a poor reception of network, you could:

  • Restart your phone
  • Double check to see if cellular data is turned on under settings
  • Toggle Airplane mode off and on to reconnect to cell tower.
  • Check your SIM Card for any damage

Finding A Cell Phone Tower Near You

Sometimes you might be in an obscure environment with a low cellular signal,  without being aware that there are cellular towers around you. So, how do you find them?

find the nearest cell tower

Apps To Locate Cell Tower Near You

There are numerous apps you could use to locate cell tower around you. Some of them include: CellMapper, Antenna Search,  and Call Reception.

Websites To Locate Cell Tower Near You

They include websites and app for android and iPhone users. Open Signal, LTE Discovery, Network Cell Info,  are some of these sites with app enabled features too.

These apps don’t show you exactly how to boost network signal on your smart devices, however they tend to show you how the signal strength between your phone and a cell tower is.

Don’t Block Your Mobile Phone Antenna

Old mobile phones were designed in such a way that the had external antennas, responsible for receiving and sending signals to mobile towers. With smartphones, it is now different as antennas are now designed to be tucked into the phone.

It was made to be an aesthetic design but the issue of increased reception arises, because those interior antennas still need to do the same job.

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Holding your phone sideways (landscape positioning) may be effectively blocking your antenna from the mobile tower. Not to get such antenna problems, try holding your phone in an upright position with your antenna free of a blockage, it should help increase mobile phone reception.

Find Space

Whenever there is a gathering, like a musical concert, there is no telling that everyone wants to make calls, snap and upload to their social handles, do a selfie, and so on. Right at that moment, it seems everyone is plugged in into one source, one mobile cellular tower.

What do you get?

• Dropped calls
• Poor call quality
• Slow internet
• Super slow uploads & downloads
• Stuck text messages
• Spotty services

So instead of competing for signal bandwidth and clogged up network, finding a less populated areas go could be a panacea. So, move away from that clogged environment and get a better signal.

Wi-Fi Calling

You can use your WiFi network to improve your cell phone signals. WiFi calling uses your broadband landline internet instead of cellular service to make calls and connect to the web. This is feature supported by newer smartphones like Apple ihones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG Phones, and some other android phones.

If you already have landline internet in your home, connecting your WiFi calling-compatible cell phone should be able to help maintain a steady connection.

Using Femtocell to improve cell phpne signal

What’s a femtocell? A femtocell (known also as a microcell or network extender) is an equipment that depends on having a broadband landline internet to convert landline internet to cellular signals and vice versa. Having a femtocell device is like having a personal mini cell phone tower.

Femtocell is the proper and broad name, but each carrier likes to brand their own femtocell names. You might therefore see names like AT&T Microcell, Verizon Network Extender, Magic Box etc. But they are all femtocell by nature.

Femtocell can be gotten at a fair price, and it comes with side benefits, depending on the brand carrier.

Using Hotspots

Mobile hotspots-  known as 4G routers, WiFi Routers,  LTE modems- are cellular routers that uses 4G data in place of landline WiFi to connect to the Internet.

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Mobile hotspots can be used on the go by people who need connections to multiple devices. Hence, you can connect to your phone, your laptop, your desktop, your ipad, or any device that supports this feature at a time.

Using Hotspots

If a hotspot comes with an antenna or extension port for an antenna, then it may be capable of providing better signal to your cell phone. It is also more effective when it is used alongside with signal boosters as described above.

Closing Unused Apps

As you open up an app, part of the phone’s attention goes to that app for it to work seamlessly. Now imagine a bunch of apps opened at a time and not being used? You can imagine how the phone performance will be greatly reduced. So you go ensure that those opened apps are closed so the phone could devote all its performance of connecting to a cell phone tower.

Making sure your body doesn’t block signals

Sometimes your body could serve as an obstruction to your phone and cell tower communicating with each other. So instead of your phone close to you, try holding it away from your body, or you hold it in the opposite hand of the on you normally use. It a simple trick, but it works effectively.

Get A New Phone

Just as people get old, so does a phone gets old as well. A phone newly gotten is undoubtedly going to perform better than a 5 to 6 year old android phone. Plus newer technology comes with new phones that may support features (faster and reliable connections) which your old phone could not.

So, it’s time to consider changing, letting go of your old phone and get something that would serve you better.

get a New Phone

Ditch Your Network Provider

In fact, it not your fault if you have tried all to no avail, and you still get headaches trying to get signals from your particular network provider. Maybe their services in such areas where you reside is poor.

You need to take the bull by the horn, and look for a better service. After all, you are paying for it, you have the right to decide you don’t want it anymore.

There you have it. I hope it helps.


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