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NFC on Android: Setup, Activation, Share And Payment Usage Guide


I have a friend who bought a high-end Samsung phone recently and as an expert in tech related issues, he brought the phone to me for inspection. A mere look at the phone shows that he must have spent a fortune buying it. We decided to go through all the phone’s features.

Expectedly, the phone came with all the features you would find in a Samsung phone. But there was one feature that really piqued our interest. It is the NFC. While NFC is not a new phone feature it is not a common feature as at that.

The feature is mainly for communicating with other phones and devices but how is this done? Is it a replacement for Bluetooth or Xender or WhatsApp? Does it do more than sending files and synchronising with other phones/devices. Then, I went on a factfinding mission and came up with the following information about NFC.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It Is a file transferring method. It can also be used to make payments. If you have two devices that have the NFC feature and they have the ability of communicating with each other, that is they are within each others “field”. Communication is done through radio frequencies.

NFC is mostly a tool for sharing data as well as a method of payment. If your phone have an NFC feature to are able to use your device to read/write to programmed NFC tags.

Near Field communication which is better known as NFC is very useful in transferring data from one phone to another. It can transfer photos, videos, files or can be used to make payments. But how is this done and what are the processes? We will take you through the critical steps of using this feature on your phone.

Near Field Communication Feature

Does your phone have NFC?

NFC is not available on every phone especially the mid range phones. It is meant mainly for high end phones.

Checking for NFC on your device.

To check if your phone has NFC you should check for the NFC printing at the back of your phone. On some Samsung phones you can find “Near Field Communications” printed on the battery pack. But this only applies to older phone models as recent ones don’t have a removable battery pack.

Or you can just avoid checking the hardware and just go over to the settings menu.

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Checking for NFC on your phone using the “Settings” approach

From the phone menu, tap the “Settings” feature and choose “Connected devices” after that choose “connection preferences”, once this has been done, you can see “NFC” as well as “Android Beam” as options.

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Depending on the type of phone you have, the two options can be found in a different folder location. If you can’t see them, go to the settings menu, tap on the search button on the top of your phone screen, and you can type in “NFC”. If the feature is present in your phone, the NFC option will show up.

Activating the NFC feature on your phone.

If the feature is present in your phone device, the Android Beam as well as the chip must be activated so as to enable the NFC.

On your Android phone, tap “Settings” from there choose the “Connection preferences” you can see the “Android Beam” and “NFC” options. To activate them, you should have them both on.

The capability of the NFC feature on your device is affected by Android Beam. If this feature is not enabled, it may hinder NFC’s sharing capability.

How to use the NFC feature on your Android device.

How to share content with the NFC feature.

You can share apps with the NFC feature but not the actual apk file of the app. Rather the sender phone just beams the apps play store page so that the receiving phone can just open it up and download the app. Also, to share web contents involves sending the URL of the web page to the recipient, who receives it an opens up the web page with their own web browser.

Sharing videos from YouTube happens in a similar way. The NFC merely directs the YouTube app of the receiver’s phone straight to the video. Sharing contacts starts with the sender selecting the contact and choosing send contact through NFC.

When this is done, if the receiver gets the contact, it is automatically stored in his phones contact list. In the same way, sharing photos is quite a breeze. Open up the image you intend sending and put the back of both phones against each other and you can tap the screen when prompted to do so. The received will get a notification when this is done.

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How to make payments with the NFC feature.

making payments with the NFC feature

NFC is mostly used for mobile payments. For this to be possible you will have to sign up to one of the available payment methods. Google Pay for instance, is only compatible with phones running in Android 4.4 KitKat and higher.

When your phone meets this merchant requirements, you are able to make payments at any s store where these payment methods are accepted.

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To make payments, the first step is to ensure that the NFC in your phone is enabled. Then you have to turn and hold the back of your phone very close to the payment point for just a short time and wait till the payment have been completed.

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