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2 Smooth Ways to Unlock a Network Locked Phone


When you purchase a new cell phone, the odds are it will be accompanied by a network lock. This is set up by the network that is the carrier of your telephone, and it keeps you from utilizing your mobile phone with any other network SIM card.

The purpose of this is apparent: The organization needs you to remain with its network. In spite of those endeavors, you are totally inside your rights to change your network, and you can unlock the device by finding your unblocking code. This procedure is similar on most cell phones.

Ways to Unlock Your Phone

Through the Network or Carrier

Discover your telephone’s IMEI number. This is regularly called the “phone serial number,” and is a special 15-digit number which is found underneath your phone’s battery attached to the body.

You can likewise discover this code by pressing “*#06#” into your dial pad peradventure the sticker attached to the phone is peeled off. This is one of the codes you can use to performs several advanced functions and activities on your phone and is utilized similarly as the unblocking code you’ll get later.

Find a way to write down your IMEI number for safekeeping and later use.

serial number

Reach out to your network provider. Most of these networks carriers will give you the unlock code associated with your phone in by paying a relatively large fee as compensation to them.

If you have been on their network for a long time, they may be kind enough to release the code for free, but in most cases, you will be charged.

Provide the network company with your IMEI number. This will be used to generate your own unique unblocking code and is the major information you will be required to provide for them aside from the brand and model type of your phone.

Networks providers are often slow in releasing your code, and you may be waiting for some days or even weeks before you receive it.

After you have finally received your unlock code, type the code sequentially into your handset.

However, some phone brand will require you to power it on without the SIM card in the device before typing in the code to remove the network block. When the above steps have been taken you should see a message confirming that your mobile phone block has been lifted.

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Through Independent Companies

You can retrieve your phone’s IMEI number through the process described above (type “*#06#” into Dial pad). A lot of mobile phone users will need their phone unlocked at some point, this has given birth to so many companies online, that provide phone unlock code for a small amount of money.

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Input your phone details such as make and model into any online phone unlocking website, and also type in your IMEI number in the requested space/area of the website.

These websites often charge very less and provide you with your unblocking code a lot more quickly than the networks provider themselves, and are in a lot of ways the better option to go for. You will usually have your code within a few days even if not instantly.

Type in the unlock code into your handset, after which your network block will be lifted and you can change networks as much as possible. Unlocking your phone also increases the resale value of your device.


Additional information On Unlocking Your Phone

Trying to get your phone to unlock code for free is more difficult as a lot of companies does not release the information into the free world. There is some online mobile phone community where you can get tangible information, but it not sure you’ll get your phone unlocking code that will work on a forum.

You can always give those communities a trial if you can’t afford a more official method, but the success of such trial are very rare.


With the large online business in any sector, there is also a handful number of scam websites, so stay alert read reviews and comments of previous use. If you sense or feel something doesn’t add up with the website, it is better to use a more reputable site.

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2 Smooth Ways to Unlock a Network Locked Phone

When you purchase a new cell phone, the odds are it will be accompanied by a network lock. This is set up by the...

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