How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC Without iTunes

transfer photos from iphone to computer or pc

The iPhone is your goto when you want to snap pictures except you are a professional photographer or in rare cases, so having a lot of pictures on your iPhone filling up space or maybe you need to have them on your PC for safekeeping or whatever reason.

Now you want to transfer them to your personal computer – PC? You have a lot of options which will be listed below in this write-up.

Getting your pictures from your iPhone to your personal computer can be very frustrating to get down, but it should be, reading through this article will make the transferring process a lot easier.

Use USB Cable

Connect your iPhone charger cable or an iPhone USB cable to your personal computer, then you go to file explore on your personal computer and click on your iPhone to view your photos, then select the photos you want to transfer, cut and then paste on your personal computer.

Using iCloud Photos

Using this method to transfer to your personal computer will require you to have an iCloud account. the iCloud account is simply a storage service offered by Apple, which allows you download media from your iPhone device to your iCloud account and you can then download to other devices of your choice, which is your personal computer in this situation.


At this time, enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone. Then click on settings>photos>iCloud photo library Download and install iCloud on your personal computer. Sign in using your Apple ID.

Select the iCloud Photo Library alternative. At that point select Download new photos to upload your Personal Computer. In the event that you need new photos to be automatically transferred from your PC to your iCloud Photo Library, at that point check to Upload new photos from my PC. Click on done and then apply. After doing this your pictures will be automatically transferred to your personal computer anytime you connect to Wi-Fi.

Using a Lightning-to-USB cable.

If you choose to use this method use have to first make sure you have the iTunes downloaded from the Apple site on your personal computer, and the iTunes must be of the version 12.5.1 or later version.

When you have downloaded the iTunes you then connect your lightning-to-USB cable to your personal computer. Then unlock your iPhone device to verify that you trust the computed it is been connected to when it prompted on your iPhone.

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Your iPhone will appear as a new device on your personal computer in File Explorer. But in case it doesn’t show up unplug the USB cable and plug it back. Then right click on your iPhone and click on the option Import pictures, and you follow the instructions in the import wizard.

Using  Windows Photos

Have your iPhone connected to your personal computer using a USB cable, then unlock your device and confirm that you trust the personal computer it is been connected to. Then go to windows photos app which comes with windows 10.

Click on import in the upper right-hand corner, your photos ought to be prepared for import. Select photos you want to import and then Click on Continue and follow to the guidelines. Pictures imported will now be saved in  Windows Picture Folder.

Using Windows Autoplay

If your personal computer is a window 7 computer, you can transfer your pictures to your personal computer using window Autoplay because Window 7 doesn’t use the Photos app.

Connect your iPhone to your personal computer, unlock your iPhone and then an Autoplay window will open on your screen. Click on import photos and videos and then you have a dropdown and click on photos to have your pictures imported to your personal computer, which will be arranged automatically into folders by the date they were imported.