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How To Transfer From Android To iPhone


Having your contact switched from your android device to your iPhone is not like switching between two android devices that are easily done through Google’s servers. Want to have a second phone or you want to get up your new iPhone and therefore you need your contact on it.

Note: Transferring your contact is not something that is impossible to do and it is hard to get done.

The fact that Android and iPhone devices are two different platforms should be put into consideration too.  There are many ways you can share information between your Android device and your iPhone device. Below is you will see ways you can get this done effectively.

1.    Use the software apple tool.

Using the software tool apple provided on both the Android and iPhone platform is the easiest way to transfer your contact. In the situation where you are just setting up your new iPhone, go to Apps and data screen on your iPhone, and then you click on “move data from android”.

But if you have set up your iPhone already you will have to erase your device to get this done. If this is not possible, you can get it done manually.

Use the Software apple tool

Download the move iOS app in the google play store on your android phone, open and then click on continue, then you agree to the terms and condition. You will see a  find code message starting “if you don’t see a code on your iPhone, you should make sure you are in iPhone setup and you have click on “move data from android”.

On your iPhone phone, you will wait for a ten digit or a six digit code to pop up. Then you can enter the code on your android phone and you wait for the transfer data screen to come up. Click on the contacts you want to transfer and then click on next.

Leave both devices until the loading bar on your iPhone shows that it has been completed, irrespective of what the android phone shows. The process takes a few seconds to minutes depending on the number of the contact you are moving.

This application makes moving a contact from Android to iPhone less difficult, in any case, it would be ideal if you note that the Move to iOS App just deals with new iPhone Device. What’s more, your Android device needs to run Android 4.0 or more form, furthermore, your Android device must associate with a similar Wi-Fi Networks made by the iOS device.

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2.    Manually transfer contacts

Using Android to iCloud tool requires you to wipe your iPhone device, it is better to choose to move your contact manually. To do this your contact must have been already saved in your email service e.g yahoo or google.

To get your contacts moved manually go to the settings page of your iPhone device and click on accounts and passwords>add account.  Then you choose your email provider, add your username and the password on the next screens. Click on contacts on the last page and then save.

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Using Android to icloud tool

In a perfect world, you should utilize the robotized procedure to move contacts from Android to iPhone. In any case, contingent upon where you’ve put away your associations, a manual methodology is additionally conceivable. As should be obvious, this procedure is moderately basic, regardless of what direction you select.

3.     Use Google sync

Using google sync to transfer your contact from an android device to an iPhone device can only work if you have already synced your contact to your Google account. Some devices sync your contact to your Google account by default while some do not. When you associate all your contact with your Google server, transferring your contact will be very easy.

Google sync

Getting this done involves just two steps.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” on your Android device, click on “account”, then add account and sign in your Google Account, at that point enable “Sync Contacts” to have every one of your contacts backed up from your Android device to Google.

Step 2. Explore to your new iPhone 7, go to Settings > Mail Contacts Calendars > Add Account. Click on Other, and under Contacts, click on Add CardDav Account to enter your Google email account. Click on Next and synchronizing ought to begin right away, not too long later, all of your Android contacts would be saved accurately on iPhone device.

4.    Manual transfer using a VCF file

You don’t have to transfer your contact through could, you can get it done manually on your Android device to your iPhone device. Save your contact on a VCF file and then transfer the VCF file to your iPhone device, open it and grab all your contact. The process is simpler than it seems. The process includes the following:

Unlock your Android device and go to the Contacts app. Hit the three dots button and click on “Import/export”.  Then click on “Export to storage”. This will create a  VCF file and have it saved on your phone. You can then send the file to your email and then open the email on your iPhone device the will get a prompt “add all contact”. Follow the steps and your contact has been transferred successfully.

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5.    Use of third party app

If you have tried the above method and none seems to be working for you, then you can use a third party app called Syncios Data transfer. This app will enable you to move videos, call logs, contacts, text messages, photos and music from your Android device to your iPhone device. This app has both an android and mac version.

  • Download and install this app to your personal computer
  • Connect both your Android device and your iPhone device to your personal computer. Both devices should be kept unlocked
  • Click on “Trust this computer” on your iPhone device. On your Android device there will be a prompt up message asking you to install the app on your device
  • Click on allow, and authorize Syncios to load your phone data. On your personal computer, you will see three options: Restore, Backup, and Transfer.
  • Click on transfer to transfer your contact from your android device to your iPhone device. Your Android device will be recorded on the left side of your personal computer while the iPhone on the right side, if not, you can likewise tap the center blue button to switch them.
  • Click on “next” to Choose contacts and other data you want to transfer from your android device to your iPhone and click on the “Next” button to start transferring.
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6.    Use Dr.Fone

  • Download and install the dr.done app on your personal computer and then launch it after installation
  • Click on the “switch” tab on the software interface.
  • Connect both your Android and iPhone device to a personal computer with USB cables. When the devices get detected, select your Android device as the source device on the next screen, and select your iPhone device as the target device.
  • Select the data type you want to transfer to your iPhone device,
  • Click on the “Start Transfer” button to start the transfer. If the iPhone device is not a new one, then you will have to click on “ Clear data before copy” to erase data on it before transferring.  After some time the process is completed and your contact has been successfully transferred to your iPhone.

Having gone through the above list, you will see that there are various ways to get your contacts transferred from your android device to your iPhone device, you can just choose the one that is easiest for you to do.

transfer contacts from android to iphone

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