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How To Transfer Contact From iPhone To Android


Are you part of that category of people that will love to change from iPhone device to an Android device and the fear of losing your contact won’t let you go ahead with it because your contacts are your priority. Here are some ways you can use to move your contact from you your iPhone device to your new Android device.

The most irritating part of changing mobile phones is guaranteeing every one of your contacts is moved over to your new device. Before now this was done by writing done the names and telephone numbers manually. But today, our cell phones can do the majority of the work for us. This writes up will tell you the best way to move contacts from iPhone to an Android device.

1. Transfer via email or text.

In the situation where you want to move a specific number of contacts, you can use the share contact option. Open the contact app and then click on the contacts you want to transfer to your Android device.

Then swipe your phone screen down and click on the open that allows you to share via email or text, and you go and open the email on your android device and there you will see them. This option is not your best bet if you want to move contact that is more than ten.

transfer using email

2. Use iCloud

You can have your contact transferred from your iPhone to your Android device by using Apple’s cloud system. Go to the iCloud home page via iCloud.com on your personal computer and then click on the contacts you want a transfer, either you select all if you want to transfer all or you click on the contacts you want to transfer.

Click on the gear and click on export vCard. Your personal computer will get a VCF file downloaded which will contain the selected contacts you want to transfer.

VCF or vCards is a file group standard for electronic business cards. vCards are regularly joined to messages and texting applications. They can contain practically anything, including names, locations, and telephone numbers.

Have your device connected to your personal computer, copy the VCF file to your device local storage and then import the contacts from the contact

3. Use My Contact Backup App

To use this app on your device, download the app and install it, the application will ask for access to your contacts, click on Ok, then click on Backup, and then click on email to attach the VCF file to an email and the send to your Gmail account that is active on your Android device. Open the email on your new android device and download the VCF file and import the contacts to your android phone. You can show to save the email in your inbox in case you have to switch phones again.

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4. Use Gmail

You can transfer your contact to your Android device through Gmail, and it is very easy and simple to use. Head to iCloud on your personal computer, click on the contacts you want to transfer, you can click on the gear icon at the lower left of your personal computer to select the whole of your contact list to have them saved. Tap on the gear icon to select the export vCard.

Then login into your google account clicks on the Gmail logo which is located at the left corner of your personal computer screen. Select contact, click on ‘more’, then you get the dropdown menu in contact and select import. Tap on import again. Your contacts will be automatically synchronized to your Android device(s), associated with the account.

5. Use of EaseUS MobiMover App

Want to transfer your contact from your iPhone to your Android device, you can get it done by using a third party app called EaseUS MobiMover application. You can this app to export your iPhone contacts to a VCF file and you can then import them to your Android device.

Download the app on your personal computer, then connect your iPhone to your personal computer, run EaseUS MobiMover Free and tap on iDevice to Mac from the main interface. To transfer only your contacts, click on the contact you want to transfer then click on more to keep the selected contacts.

Tap on the folder and set a storage path for the contacts to be transferred from your iPhone to your personal computer.

Click on Transfer to start sending out contacts from your iPhone to the personal computer. Trust that the procedure will be completed, by waiting patiently. If you want to check the contacts been transferred, open the contacts (in HTML position on your PC) with a browser.

After this is done you can now move your contacts from your personal computer to your Android device using a USB cable.

I hope the above methods mentioned will help you transfer your contact from your iPhone device to your Android device anytime you wish to do so

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