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Weak Battery? 20 Hacks To Increase Smartphone Battery Charge And Lifespan


You fully charge your phone, it is at a robust 100% then after a few taps, maybe a short 5 minute video later, the battery is at 50%. Frustrating to say the least. Next steps is to increase battery life of your smartphone.

There are those who hate to see the slightest drop on their phone battery, it is getting charged at 85% no matter the situation. Stop! Because you are killing your battery and worse shortening the battery life.

Over charging has exhausted your battery life cycle.

Battery cycle life is the number of complete charge & discharge cycles a battery undergoes. If the battery is only partially discharged each cycle then the cycle life will be much greater.

Life on the move means we all rely on portable devices to save ourselves time and effort. However, nothing is more frustrating than when trying to make an important call or take that special picture, to find that your battery has just died.

You may sometimes think that you are just cursed with bad battery luck but there’s no secret to making those batteries last longer.

Below we outline a few tips to help you get the most out of your battery operated devices.

Download the latest firmware

Update your device firmware from the manufacturers, most of the times, common phone users ignore update messages from their phone manufacturers, and this in a way limits the performance of your device, thereby impacting negatively on your battery’s life. When you update your phone firmware it functions at optimum capacity and gives you a long life battery.

Allow your battery to run down

let your battery run down

It has been a common problem for people who live where there is always poor power supply to charge their devices at every instance there is power supply even when their phone is half full. You would want to avoid this mistake of charging at every instance.

Keep your gadgets out of your pockets

This may sound strange to you but I bet you will understand soon. Keeping your phone in your pocket may seem like a normal thing to do but your body heat damages lithium-ion batteries. This is another way your phone battery loses its life. It is preferable to leave them in your bag.

Turn off the vibration mode

Unless you are going for a meeting or a court session, putting your in vibration mode is another way its life cycle shortens. Vibration mode consumes your battery twice the ringing mode if not thrice. Turn off the keypad tone.

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You will find keypad tones annoying always when you press the button. It is best to turn off to save battery energy. Always switch off the vibrate function of your phone completely if not needed.

Lower The Brightness of Your Phone

When your phone brightness is to high its generates excessive heat energy from your mobile, it has also been advised by medical professionals that you should reduce the brightness of your mobile to save the cornea of your eyes. This practice also extends your battery life.

Close The Applications Not in Use

For example when you have opened a game application option and if somebody calls, both the games and call application remain active. This would result in wastage of power on your device. Some other background applications that are not in use could run down your device battery. Always make sure you close down every app you stopped using.

Disable Animated images

Avoid animation

This must be avoided as much as possible as it consumes a lot of battery power each time when your phone keypad is turned off and the animations are being displayed.

Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi

Often times you might leave these features turned on unknowingly, and they drain your device battery very fast. Also when using your phone in GSM mode – using the phone in dual mode will drain your battery life.

If you decided to use maps when you’re out and about, you could screenshot the map and save it as an image, this will allow you to off your GPS and your battery could last longer.

Disconnect from the Wi-Fi as soon as you leave the vicinity of Wi-Fi hotspot because while this aerial is still connected it will run down your battery.

Keep your phone out of Direct or Indirect Sunlight

According to research, Lithium-ion phone batteries work best when kept at slightly below room temperature always this helps your device to function very well and preserve your phone battery life. A common place like the dashboard of your car, as extreme heat which may affect the battery life.

Activate automatic Lock

Your phone screen will still be active for as long as you set the screen turn off to, another way to extend your battery life is set the phone to automatically locks itself after 30 seconds, this will reduce inactivity time of your phone display.

Go For Dark Background

go for dark background

Take note that your phone consumes more power when you decide to use white and light colors images or animation as a background display. By using a dark background image as screensaver your battery life will be extended.

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Reduce Phone Volume

If you receive a lot of phone calls during the day. It will be helpful to reduce your phone ring tone volume. Turning off any sound alerts for messages or notifications is also one of the best practices to save your battery life.

Stop all screen notifications

Any time you receive notification your screen wakes up every time, and this can be another means your battery runs down especially if you are not around the phone to turn the display off. Switching off-screen notifications too is another best way for your battery life to be extended.

Disable voice controls

Voice control is cool, fun and easy to use, but it runs your battery down more than you can imagine. If you are not in need of Siri or Google assistant is advisable you disable it.

Put off 3G and 4G

Whenever you notice you are done using your phone’s connection always remember to put the network connectivity off when not in use z this will save your battery more. With your data connection off you’ll still be able to make phone calls and send and receive text messages.

Turn off all automatic app update

Automatic app update consumes your battery in the background without your Knowledge, disabling this update will limit your battery consumption, and this will make your phone to prettier optionally. Always keep it in mind that if you choose not to disable the auto update, whenever there is a new version available your phone picks the update even when you are running out of battery.

Switch for Google to Black

If you are someone that surfs the internet more often, you might need to switch from Google to black, black is a light search engine designed by Google with a black background. It’s an energy-saving search engine, which helps you conserve battery.

Go to flight mode

airplane mode

At a point where your battery is going down, and you need your phone active, the best option is to launch airplane mode. This suspends your device from signal transmitting functions, like network bar, receiving calls and text. When your phone is on airplane mode it conserves a lot of battery.

Avoid flashlight

avoid flashlight

Flashlights are good when it’s dark, but it drains your cell phone battery more than you can imagine. Avoid using the flash unless it’s really needed, limiting the use of flash will increase the Longevity of your battery.

If you think Flashlight will make your picture look better, you might as well use clever photo editing apps to brighten your photos.

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Activate battery saving modes

The most phone you might have used has its own battery saving mode built with the phone. Automatically turn off background tasks, manage applications, control settings, and many more. When the phone’s saving mode is activated, you can save a lot of battery.

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