Privacy Guaranteed: How To Hide Apps on iPhone

hide iphone apps

You may have a partner or friends that snoops, you have “special apps” or probably you are hooked to a particular game level on your device and need no one upsetting it for whatever reason, consequently, you might want to hide your apps.

There are various ways you can go about this. You can hide them in a folder or hide them from your iPhone search. The ways to hide your apps below will help you keep prying eyes from poking around your most precious apps.

1. Using Restrictions

Apple guarantees you have the required order to counteract unapproved access to applications, content, and important features. Activating restriction on your iPhone device which also referred to as Parental Controls, can be so helpful, to keep people off your device.

Using Restriction

Go to the settings on your device and click on “General”, then you click on Restrictions, and you click on enable restrictions, afterwards you input your desired passcode and click on confirm.

Ensure that the passcode you input, you can easily remember it because it a long process to recover the password by clicking on forgotten restriction passcode. When you have enabled restrictions, you can then hide apps easily. 

Go to the settings, click on general, and then on restrictions, enter your restriction passcode, then you turn the switch by the apps you want to hide.

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2. Hiding Apps in Folders

To make an app folder, tap and hold your finger on the icon you will like to put in the folder, then drag the icon over another app you want in the folder, add the name you want to name the folder to it, next is to go back to your home screen and add in the app you want to hide.

Then open the folder and move the apps you want to hide to the very right side of your screen, you will see that the app will move to a separate page and finally add other apps you might want to hide in the same way, when you are done, click on the home button, you will see the apps that are on the first page of the folder only.

  3. Removing Apps From Search

You can also hide your apps from spotlight search, simply open your settings, at this point select General. Thereafter, click on spotlight search on the next screen. Look through your list of apps and disable the apps you don’t want to appear in the search results of your device. Move the slider close to an application to prevent it from appearing on the searches.

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Removing Apps From Spotlight Search

4. Putting a Passcode on Your Device

You can also hide your apps from people viewing them at their will by putting a passcode on your device. To add password lock on your iPhone, go to your device’s settings page, then click on Touch ID and Passcode. Next thing is to click on turn Passcode on, and then click on passcode options. Select the type of code you desire. Lastly, type in the particular sequence of characters you want to have as your passcode.

using restriction passcode

5. Getting Rid of Unwanted Apps

You can also hide unwanted apps on your iPhone device home screen, click on the app icon you will like to dispose of. At the point when the app starts shaking, click on the X button at the right corner of the icon. Then tap remove on the window that appears. Repeat until you’ve erased the all of the iPhone applications you do not need again.

6. Using App Switcher.

Additionally, you can also use the App Switcher to hide applications when you need to. Once in a while, when you long press an application, and it begins to shake, some applications don’t give that X sign. Stock applications do this most often. These applications cannot be restricted or removed from your mobile device.

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In this way, these applications alongside other ordinary applications can be covered up with the assistance of the App Switcher trap. This is a smart method to hide applications with the goal that no one can see or find them.

Unlock your iPhone device and open the home screen, click on the applications you desire to hide, hold down on it and drag it down to the dock. Then press the home button again. While holding the app in the dock, press the home button two times. Then you simply drop the app on the screen. Finally, go back to the Home Screen and the app will disappear immediately. You have successfully hidden your app now.

When you have apps hidden on your device, they are only hidden from the device and not deleted. You will still have all your installed apps on your device. When you hide your installed apps and later on unhide them, the springboard icons will reset their positions. You can get the older positioning by syncing to iTunes


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