3 Solid Techniques To Hard Reset iPhone Without Any Issues

Techniques to hard reset iPhone

You must have sometimes tried to turn on your iPhone and you get a funny look on the screen where nothing happens. This can be so frustrating and one of the scary, moments you might have ever been. However, this situation can be easily redeemed by pressing some buttons on your iPhone.

The master reset for iPhone as it is referred to by people does not remove any data from your phone, so you don’t have to panic about losing your apps or stored contacts or even phone numbers. This action simply restarts the device to the most basic level and clear most of the information saved on your phone as cache. This process can in a way fix, minor iPhone issues such as phone bugs and other small problems you might have noticed.

Below are some techniques you can use to hard reset your iPhone.

hanging iphone can frustrating

Technique 1

First of all, check if your device can power off properly. It is important you check if your device can turn off, properly itself before thinking of hard reset. As you will not want to perform a hard reset on your phone when it is still responding normally.

It’s however, recommended to force restart your phone if it’s the last option you have. In case your device is not shutting down normally, you can perform a force restart by holding down the right button combination for your iPhone. For iPhone 8 upward:

  • Tap the Volume up, then volume down, then power button, in the event you use iPhone 7 and 7 Plus then hold the Power button + volume down button.
  • Continue holding this combination of buttons for about 10 seconds or more until you finally see the Apple logo on your device screen, then you can release the buttons.
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force restart iPhone

Technique 2

Factory Reset Option: Navigate to the settings app, most of the time it’s located on your home screen.

  • Select your Apple ID, this is the section that is located at the top menu which contains your details and image or avatar you have added. In a situation, you are not signed in to your device, go ahead and sign in.
  • Click on the iCloud submenu under the settings section, navigate to the iCloud backup option and then slide it “on”.
  • Click on the back up now button; wait until the backup is completed. Select the iCloud button this should take you back to the iCloud settings page on your device, and finally click on Apple ID located on the upper left section of your device screen. However, if you are using an older version of iPhone you might not need to follow some steps listed above.
  • Go to the device general settings, tap on reset, select the erase all content and settings option, go ahead and enter all your device passcode, you can now lastly choose the Erase iPhone option.

Technique 3

You can also reset your phone using the iTunes method: Make sure you backup all your device data before going ahead to reset it using the iTunes.

  • Connect your device to your PC and launch your installed iTunes if it does not come up automatically, select your iPhone from the list of icons at the top of the window of the iTunes. Go ahead and click on the “This Computer (PC)”
  • Then click on the “Back up Now”. The backup process will start, and it will take some moment before it can be completed depending on the size of your data.
  • Click on “Restore iPhone” to reset your device. You will have to confirm the dialogue box prompt if you really want to erase everything on your iPhone. The restore process might take up to like 14 to 20 minutes before the whole process finishes.
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However you might need to put your device in Recovery Mode if it does not show up in the iTunes, or your device isn’t responding at all. Also, you might need to connect the phone to your PC with a good USB and be sure the iTunes is running properly also.

As soon as the connection is established you can follow the force restart instruction. After you have successfully reset your device, restore your back up through the iTunes. If the main aim of resetting your iPhone is because of a passcode issue, you do not need to restore the device.


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