Tricks To Getting WiFi Anywhere – Day OR Night

wifi hack to get wifi anywhere

If you eat, sleep and breathe internet connection like most of us then you are in luck because we have compiled a list of tricks on hoe to get wifi anywhere for free …mostly.

Wi-Fi, known as Wireless Fidelity, enables us to surf the Internet when we are out of data subscription.  

It is a family of radio technologies that is commonly used for the wireless local area networking (WLAN) of devices which is based around the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. Such devices includes laptops, smartphones, iPads, desktops.

But the sweet thing is when we can get it for free, instead of those that are passworded . So, we are going to be looking at some remarkable tricks to getting WiFi connections anywhere we go.

Search Hotspot Database

Hotspot Database like Wefi and Wiman have a huge list of over 100 millions WiFi hotspots around the world, including rural areas you might not expect it to be. There is also Wefi and Woman apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

Wefi and Wiman in rural areas

Facebook ‘Find WiFi’

Not many know this. Not many know that they can use their Facebook app on their smartphone (iPhone and Android)  to get WiFi. To do this, after opening the app,  tap on the more tab and click on ‘find WiFi’. This feature enables you to access public WiFi that are free.

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Cable Subscription

Did you know that some of your network cable provider have WiFi freebie access in their subscription deal? You can find this out by putting a call to their customer care service to know if you have data access included in their subscription package. This way, you can access their Hotspot hub all round town.

Look For Hidden Networks

Networks SSID (Service Set Identifiers)  can be hidden, thus creating a hidden network not readily visible to various WiFi -enabled devices.

However, with Wifi App Analyzer, like Netspot, it is possible to find all nearby hidden networks. Netspot works on both Windows and Mac Computers. There are also wifi analyzers for Android and ihones.

Mac Spoofing

This trick works for Mac Computers. Sometimes you get free wifi access. But you are limited to just a few hours, and thus you have to get up and keep looking for a new one with free access.

You can do some simple Mac Address Spoofing to extend your time. You can do this to either extend the time, or you can spoof someone else’s who has a paid Wifi access and get unlimited WiFi.

Mac Spoofing

Tethering Your Phone

You can tether your 3G or 4G connection to your computer to enable you to surf the Internet, with Tethering apps like FoxFi and EasyTether, for both Android and iPhones. You would have to first prepare your devices, like rooting your android phone and jailbreaking your iPhone.

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The sweet thing is that it works pretty much anywhere, provided your device is prepared.

Visit the Library

The library is a hub where you can get free WiFi. If you’re less busy with your time, you can take a stroll into the library and make use of their free hotspots. Sometimes, their hotspots are passworded. Not to worry, they are usually written up on the wall for all to see.

visit the Library

WiFi Local Business

If you are conversant with your environment, then you probably should get free WiFi access from local businesses around. These include shopping malls, Restaurants, eateries, Hotels etc. These hubs make it habitual to have Wifi access that are free to the public.

Public Wifi Spots

Similarly, you can also get free WiFi access in public places like railway stations, airports (especially), and some rare hospitals.

public wifi spot in airports


Instabridge is an online community app, that functions similarly to Wefi. But the difference is that apart from giving you a list of millions of free WiFi networks available, it also includes those secured, along with their passwords.


This is considered illegal and ethically wrong. But if you happen to be in a tight spot of needing connections, when everything else fails, then this could be an option.

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Again to do this,  your smartphone has to be rooted (for android) or jailbreak (for iPhone). Also, you need to download some apps to run a crack on the SSID code of the WiFi you are cracking. These apps are paid apps and not free. Some come with a monthly fee to continue to use them.

Conclusively, it’s safer to subscribe to an affordable data provider so as to continually remain connected to the internet.


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