10 SURE-FIRE Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Phone

10 ways to get water out of your phone

Many have the problem of getting water out of their cell phone after been mistakenly wet, this is one of the most serious and common things that can happen to your cell phone which may be caused by rain, sweat or dropping in water.

Your wet phone can be taken to a repair shop but then they can be very expensive.

So many have been asking the question on how to get water out a cell phone. I am going to show you steps on how to get water out of your cell phone in this article without much stress.

Remove your Phone battery

Phone battery

Immediately you notice your cell phone is wet, the first you do is to remove the battery to put it off operation mode. If it is been connected to power supply make sure you disconnect the phone from the charger before removing the battery.

Swing, swipe or whip the phone very well to try to remove as much water as possible then you keep in a dry place where the air will get to it to get it dry out, you can try to put it on after 48 hours.

Assemble the phone and start using it.

Dry under the sunlight

Dry under the sunlight

If the water that got into the phone is so much that just removing the battery didn’t work you will have to put it under sunlight to get more of the water out. Remove the Phone battery from the pack and place under the sunlight to dry for about two to three hours having the phone faced down.

Put your Phone in Rice

Putting your phone in rice will also help remove water from your wet phone. Dig your phone in a bowl of rice for about eight hours or overnight this will help because rice is a natural desiccant i.e it is a water absorbing substance, and it will suck up all the water from the phone into itself.

Use Silica Gel

use silica gel

Silica gel is chemical material that absorbs water, it helps you to keep any material dry.

In the case of the non-removable battery, switch off your phone completely then bury in a bag of silica gel. This silica gel property allows you to use it to absorb any liquid that gets into your mobile phone, however, you might need a hand full quantity.

The use of a towel

Depending on the volume of water that got into your phone, remove the phone from the water source, switch it off and then remove the battery.

Place the phone on a towel to get the excess water absorbed of it. Dab the different phone parts with a towel so they can dry more quickly.

Use Vacuum


When your phone get soaked in water, put the phone off then remove the battery, place the cardboard tube around your phone and you a tape to create a seal. Then you connect the tube to the vacuum hose and allow it to run for a while, make sure the vacuum is not overheating due to lack of airflow.

After an hour place in an airy place and allow to dry more.

Use Refrigerator

This may sound strange, but it does help. When your phone is wet, try placing it in a position where the water in it can get out for a day or two, then tiny little drops that refuse to come out the refrigerator will help get it out. 

Put your phone in a refrigerator for about 25 minutes and remove for a period of 10 minutes, repeat this at regular intervals for a day or two days. Put your phone battery and sim back into the phone and switch on.

Note: put your in a refrigerator and not a deep freezer.

Phone Drying Pouch

10 SURE-FIRE Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Phone

A drying pouch helps in drying your phone when it’s wet. Use the drying pouch and then wait for the water in your phone to get dried completely. Make sure your sim card is dried too. After two days you can put on your phone if you don’t get a response, plug it to a power supply to check if it’s the battery that is damaged or the phone.

Tek Dry

Another trusted service is Tek dry.

TekDry is a safe, non-invasive, water-removal solution that will dry your phone in as little as 30 minutes. If they can’t fix your phone, you pay nothing.

They use small beads in water removal machine to surround your phone with warm and gentle heat. All the air is removed from the phone chamber. The heat turns the water into vapour and it evaporates from your phone instantly. (Tekdry.com).

Take your phone to the technician

use a technician

Keep in mind that the above might not work for your device, the above may not fix existing damages done to the phone by water. In case your phone still shows problem continually after applying one or more of the above ways to get water out of your phone, give the phone to a technician who does phone repair to help you check the phone.


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