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4 Tricks To Quickly Block Contact On iPhone


Having an iPhone makes it possible and convenient for you to stay in touch with almost everyone in your world.  Nuisance calls are the norm of the day in this modern age. Fortunately, you can block specific callers on your iPhone, if it happens that you start to get calls or text messages from people you will rather not hear from, you can easily block such calls or text messages. 

Robot calls and text messages from your network provider, an ex, cyberbully, or a pushy sales rep or someone you now regret giving your call number to, you can always block such calls, even when you have the person’s contact on your mobile phone, you can still block such contact.

Below are the ways you can block a number from constantly calling your iPhone device.

1.    Using settings.

Go to settings from your home screen, and then click on phone, click on call blocking and identification (it is in the calls section of the menu), the list of the contact and phone numbers you have previously blocked will appear. Scroll down to the bottom screen and then click on block contact, finally, select the contact you want to block, by tapping on the name of the contact you want to block, when these steps are completed the person will not be able to reach you on iPhone through a phone call, text message or facetime.

2.    Use the Phone app

Open the phone app from the home screen, and then click on ‘recent’ it is located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Then you click on the ‘i’ on the right side of your screen, next to the number you want to block. Scroll down, at the bottom of the menu click on ‘block this caller’, then block a contact, after doing this calls from the blocked contact will no be able to reach your mobile device.

Block this caller

3.    Block all calls.

That moment when you want to have some me time and you do not want to receive a random call just from the particular set of people.

  • Go to settings from your home page,  close to the top menu click on “do not disturb”.
  • Midway down the screen, click on “allow calls from”, you get a drop down
  • Now click on either no one, favorites or everyone. When you click on “no one”, this will block all calls to your phone. When you click on “favorite” , this block calls from your phone except for the contact on your favorite list. When you click on “everyone” this allows calls to your mobile device from everyone. 
  • Afterwards, swipe up from the bottom of your mobile device, which will open your control center
  • Then click on the moon like icon which is located at the top right center or your device. 
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This will block calls from your iPhone device except for the contact from the group you selected.

do not disturb

4.    Use a call-blocking app.

The app called callback can be downloaded to your iPhone device from the app play store, then you get to select the call(s) you want to block and it is done.  It should block all nuisance callers whose details are on the apps 200,000-entry database. Even if it isn’t, it’s easy enough to add new numbers yourself via the app.

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