How To Activate Super Slow-Motion Video On Your Phone

super slow motion on samsung phone

Smartphone cameras are produced not only for snapping pictures but it is also meant to carry out other task. Aside from taking portrait, brokeh photos, the phone’s camera can also shoot videos. Some mobile phone cameras can shoot 4k videos which is good, but when the video is in slow motion, trust me it is thrilling.

The slow-mo was popularized by Samsung, the brand incorporated this feature in some its flagship smartphones.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is able to shoot an amazing 960 frames per second which is better than the 240fps that is shot by Apple’s iPhone X.

Image shooting a video in slow motion, the feeling is more like watching an action movie where the protagonist is about to save the love of his life from the antagonist but in slow motion, interesting right!

The slow- Mo is very easy to use, although there are few factors that should be considered when using it.

You can also add features like music GIFs and set your slow-mo video as your wallpaper. You will be getting authentic information on how to carry out this entire task on you galaxy S9 on this post.

What is slow motion in video shooting?

Slow motion or slo- Mo is an effect in film making when the activities carried out in the video is slow in time. Truth be told, slow motion is not new as many movie makers have used it in film production.

August Musger the brain behind the slow-mo came up with the idea to capture film at state faster than the time in which it is been played.

By the way, slow motion is also referred to as over cranking which is a process of hand cranking an early camera at a rate faster than the 24 frames per seconds which is the normal rate.

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This process allows videos to move slowly when replayed at normal speed.

Furthermore, super slow motion is achieved by the use of high speed photography; this technique allows you record video at a faster rate while countering the time.

Factors that affect super slow-motion



This factor is to be considered when shooting slow-motion videos. The environment in which the video is to be shot should be properly lit.

Now if the scene is a low light condition, the viewfinder will show a darker image each time you switch to super slow-mo. This simply means you have to look for a brighter environ for shooting the video.



Timing is a crucial part of the slow motion; the super slow motion will take about 0.2 sec to record and expands it to 6 seconds. Recording over a few seconds can alter the while idea of the super slow motion.

Still shooting

You know how photos get blur when the hand holding the phone is shaking. likewise when shooting a super slow motion video, the phone has to be still if not the slow motion video will not be accurate.

Multiple captures

Multiple captures

The multiple captures can be found in the phone’s slow motion settings. If you want the super slow Mo to capture multiple or single, simply adjust the settings to your choice.

How to use the super slow motion

Step 1

The first step is to open the camera app and check the current mode your camera is in. Then swipe right until it gets to super slow motion.

Step 2

Now choose if you want to activate manually or trigger automatically. If you choose manual mode, simply tap the record button to start recording. Then tap the button at the right to record super slow motion videos.

If you prefer to record automatically, select automatic slow-mo, then tap the record button.

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A square will display in the cameras view finder. When the camera detect motion with the square, it will start recording automatically in super slow-mo. Make sure the subject you are recording moves within the square.

Galaxy S9 super slow- Mo will record in 0.2 seconds, when the video is play the video will be up to 6 seconds. You can tap the slow-mo button to record multiple slow-mo sections in one video.

Step 3

When you are done with the above two steps, the super slow-mo video will appear or save in your gallery. If the video has multiple slow-mo, an icon will appear helping you detect the multiple circles.

When you select the recorded slow-mo video, you will see the icon on the screen. Tap the icon and a bar on the bottom of the screen, this will tell you how far into the video you have gone. It will also display marks to show you the segment of the video in slow motion.

Ways of accessing and adding features to super slow motion

Using multiple take function

The multiple take function allows you record 20 slow-mo moments per video. To start, open the camera app, and then swipe to the left of the screen to switch to super slow-mo.

Next, select the setting icon, this icon is a cogged wheel found in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then check if you are using multiple take function, select back. Then tap the super slow-mo button to start recording.

During your recording, two options will be displayed to you. One is the slow-mo button and the other is the slow-mo icon. If you to the stop button, recording will stop, but if you select the slow- Mo icon you will be able to record at 920fps.

Creating super slow-mo GIFs

You can add animated super slow-mo GIFs using forward loop and swing videos. Start by selecting gallery from home screen, and then select a super slow-mo video to create super slow-mo GIFs.

Next select the icon with the three horizontal dots found in the top right corner. Then select details where you will be given options to loop, reverse or swing the video.

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The loops continuously loop the video, while the reverse option reverse plays the video backwards. The swing plays and rewinds the videos continuously. The save you desired slow-mo GIFs.

Adding music to your super slow-mo videos.

You can add preloaded music into the super slow-mo video. To start, select gallery from the home screen. Select and play super slow-mo video that was recorded previously.

At the bottom right corner of the screen there is a music icon, select it. Swipe right to choose from the preloaded music to add your desired music.

Selecting a wallpaper image

You can set a screen lock using your slow motion video image. This can be done by first selecting gallery from the home screen. Then select the slow-mo video you wish to use as your lock wallpaper.

Select the icon with three horizontal dots found at the top right corner of the screen. Then select set as wallpaper, You can edit the video if it is over 15 seconds In length. Select done when you have finished editing and then set as wallpaper.



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