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4 Sneaky Ways To Activate An iPhone.


Got an iPhone and want to get it activated? Before you get your iPhone activated, make sure your Apple iPhone has the latest version of iOS and the latest version of iTunes installed on your personal computer.

You will not be able to use so many applications on your device until you activate it. More so you can have it activated by using a wireless network. Below are some ways you can get your Phone activated.

1. Get your iOS upgraded

To get this done, you have to connect your iPhone to a power supply because the battery needs to be charging, go to settings, then click on “general” and the “software update”, click on “install” if you see that an updated version is available. Allow your device to finish the updating process, then follow instructions on the screen.


2. Use a wireless connection

Go to the setting page and click on “WiFi” and connect to the available network, type in the password if needed and then click on “Join”. Press and hold the “On/Off” button and follow the directions to activate your iPhone device. You should enter your password and your Apple ID before starting the actuation procedure to proceed with the activation wizard.

3. Use iTunes

Have your iPhone connected to your personal computer with the use of an iPhone compatible USB cable. Get the iTunes launch if it does not start automatically, then follow the instructions in iTunes to register, activate and sync your content with your iPhone.

4. Use Verizon Cloud.

For previous iPhone users, plug your device to a power supply and open iTunes or iCloud to initiate a backup on your device.  Turn on your new iPhone and you follow the setup instructions on the screen. When prompted, select “Cellular Data Connection” as your type of connection.

In a situation where you do not have a cellular connection, activate with Wi-Fi or iTunes. Login to the Wi-Fi network of your choice and follow the prompt up instructions on the screen.

Want to use iTunes? connect your iPhone to your personal computer by using USB cable and follow your personal computer guidelines. Restore your information and data from iCloud or iTunes and set up your Apple ID.

new customer having issues

For new iPhone users, you can use Verizon cloud to backup your contacts, media and texts, when that is done you can then proceed if not your new device activation will not process.  You can choose to activate by using iTunes or iCloud.

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Lastly, download Verizon Cloud and pursue the screens to restore your information. In the event that you need assistance look at Transfer Content – New Customers having using previous on how to get your iPhone activated, do not panic. You can use any of the above methods to get your device activated and running.

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