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How Long Should I Charge A New Phone Before The First Use?


It is commonly believed that when you get your a phone you should drain the battery out firstly and recharge it for over 12 hours—to enhance a longer battery life. Actually it is quite a wise behavior in the stage of nickel battery, by doing this the battery can be fully sensitized and goes to a longer working life.

However, as most of the nickel batteries are being replaced by lithium-ion batteries, it is no more sensible to do the same thing with your new phone.

Because it doesn’t do good to the battery life and instead brings out harm.

Nowadays, most phones that are commercially available come with Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries. Lithium Polymer batteries don’t need to be charged before the first use, because (if it were so) they will probably already be charged to about 60-70%.The thing is, Li-Po batteries wear down.

 That is, they lose the capacity to hold charge slowly over time. This wear happens whether you use them or not, though it happens faster with use. The most optimal situation for most batteries, in which this wear happens the slowest, is at a slightly refrigerated temperature, at a charge level of about 60-70%.

This is not really a problem for consumers: You can’t store your phone in the fridge, and permanently keeping it charged to 70% probably isn’t very feasible either. For companies that deal with large volumes of Li-Po batteries that will not be used while in storage, it can however be a good idea to charge those batteries to 60-70%, since storing them at lower or higher charge levels can adversely impact the life expectancy of the battery.

Therefore, when you purchase your new smartphone, it will nowadays usually be charged to about 65% and ready to use. There is no real need to charge the phone before use, but 60% is of course not even 2/3 charged. It would probably be wise to charge the phone whilst configuring it, so you won’t run out of power later on the day. You are likely sitting still while you are configuring it anyway…

It is said that someone who always charge his phone until the battery was used up gets his trouble when he finished his last recharge the phone cannot be started up any more. And however hard he tries to recharge it, he just cannot work it out.Then he turns to the technical people and realized that it is his bad habit of overusing battery that caused this dilemma.

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 In fact, according to some scientific suggestions, people should charge different phones by the way that suggested in their respective manual not in his thinking way.

By the way, if you cannot charge the phone immediately when it is going to run out, you’d better turn your phone into a power save mode and reduce your using time.

Charging your new phone reasonably and safely.

So, how to charge our new phone safely and sensibly? Typically, while it is always safe to charge your new phone as soon as you bring it out of its box, actually you just need to charge it when it the battery is in a low position (And they mostly are)  which reaches to less than 20 percent.

After that you should also cut off the electricity when the battery is 100 percent full.

Besides, not only in the initiative use of your phone should you care about its charging skills but you can also do the following things to achieve a longer battery life:

1). You should use the charger which followed by its original phone and avoid the use of acharger meant for another phone brand.

2). Do not often charge the phone frequently and do it until the phone shows that the battery is in a low position.

3). You’d better drain out the battery until it warns you to charge and finish the full charge once a week.

4). Don’t charge the phone for a too long time. You should cut off the electricity in 15 minutes when it is full.


To be concluded, a good charging habit not only reduces the possibility for horrible accidents but also lengthens the battery life.As more and more smart phones come in to the market, it becomes common for people to use an unmatched charger. Actually an unmatched charger can bring many hidden danger for the users especially when the battery is over charged.

 Thus, it is important to abide to the safety precautions of the manufacturer not to use a charger meant for another brand or type of phone.

To achieve a longer battery life, you should follow the directions and procedures for treating and charging your phone battery as outlined by the manufacturer.

You should not go about charging your phone with just about any charger you come across just because you quickly need to make use of the phone. According to phone experts, this is one of the habits of phone users that tend to kill the phone batteries of most users.

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Only use the line of chargers that are compatible with your phone!!!


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