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Hisilicon Kirin 970 Chip With Human Eye Like Camera Capture


Every smartphone has a processor they are known for, for example, Apple devices usually come with the Apple’s inc A bionic chip, Samsung usually features the Exynos or the snapdragon processor.

Note: Apart from Apple that uses only processors built by the brand, some other brands that also build their processors still uses processors from other brands they have partnered with.

Over the past years they have been “battle of the strongest processor”, and this we saw in the case of Apple and Qualcomm. After Apple released its 7nm A12 bionic which was far stronger than the Qualcomm’s snapdragon 835 processor, Qualcomm maintain its grounds by releasing the first ever 10nm snapdragon 845 processor.

According to Qualcomm the snapdragon 845 chip is 25 to 30% faster than the snapdragon 835.


Well this article is not about the Qualcomm’s or Apple’s processor but will throw more light on another equally powerful processor ” the hilisilicon kirin 970 processor “.

Hilisilicon kirin 970 is a ARM based high octa core processor that is found mostly in high-range smartphones or tablets. The processor made its debut with the release of Huawei’s Mate 10 and ever since has given other processors a run for their money.

Some of the features that made this chip strong is the eight CPU cores (4x cortex-A73, 4x cortex A53), a modern Mali G-72 MP12 graphic adaptor, a dual channel LPDDR4 memory controller and an LTE modem.

In addition, the chip also has performance clocked at 2.4 GHz and the four A53 with speed clocked at 1.8GHz. Moreover, the processor doesn’t consume too much power as Huawei claims it has about 20% lesser power consumption.

Just like the Apple’s A bionic chip, Kirin 970 comes with a neutral processing unit (NPU) that supports effective running of the Al technology.

Honestly, with this new chip, Huawei is more integrated with the assistance of the in house modem development. Huawei latest in house SoC is a success and far better than the previous hiSilicon Kirin 930 that had issues of high power consuming memory controller.

Huawei P20 pro

Kirin 930 processor didn’t only fail woefully in terms of power management; it had a camera processing pipeline (ISP/DSP) that is nothing to write home about.

Despite the fact that the Kirin 930 wasn’t much of a success hiSilicon did not give up as they released the Kirin 950 which became the ladder that lead to great heights.

In fact, the Kirin 950 and 970 are making wave in the industry plus they came with none of the issues of the Kirin 930.

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During the launch of the Kirin 970 on September 2017, Huawei introduced the Al nivike computing processor while showing how the invention can be used on device to extend users hearing and vision.

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Aside the aforementioned features of the Kirin 970; the processor also has ultra-fast connection intelligent computing capabilities, HD audio visual effect and a longer battery life.

In addition, the 10nm process technology is able to integrate about 5.5 billion transistors which are close to the integration capabilities of Apple’s A11 bionic. Smartphones powered by the Kirin 970 processor with the aid of its Al technology can now understand the user better.


Some features that made the hiSilicon Kirin 970 great

1.2 Gps ultra-smart modem

One thing for sure, fast access to the internet is a quality users look out for in a mobile device. Well, the reason for this is the fact that users love surfing the internet hence the need for a mobile device with fast internet connection.

When it comes to mobile internet connection, fragmentation of global frequency spectrum is a big problem.

In a bid to overcome the challenge of global frequency spectrum, the Kirin 970 adopts an advance technology. The 4 x 4 MIMO, 5CC CA, and 256/QAM Aggregates fragments frequency spectrum into maximize bandwidth.

As a result of this advance technology, the Kirin has the ability to download at a speed of 1.2 Gbps which is literary the highest connection speed of mobile internet.

The brains behind the Kirin 970 is also working hard to develop technology that will enable users enjoy this mobile internet speed everywhere including areas with poor network.

In addition, with the processor users can access High quality voice call as well as high download rate on a speeding train.

By the way, Kirin 970 is the first to add the dual card, dual 4G and dual VoLTE technology in smartphones.

HiAL mobile computing architecture

As mobile phone technology experiences immersive growth, there is a greater need for devices that can relate and understand the users’ needs. Kirin 970 comes with the Al technology that is able to mass data.

Gone are the days when computing is solely based on CPU, GPU and DSP, computing demands are now higher and needs a technology that can process them.

Hisilicon kirin 970 chip

The Al technology is more effective in computing, with it, smartphones can process data in realtime and still protect the users’ privacy. Some of the problems faced by smartphones are heat dissipation, power consumption and power supply.

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Now for a chip to function effectively without these issues, it has to come with specific design.

Considering the chip design, Kirin 970 is developed using a heterogeneous computing architecture with very high energy efficiency. The hiSilicon development team has built the HiAl mobile computing technology that is powered by a dedicated neutral network processing unit (NPU).

Moreover, the new HiAl computing technology is 25x in performance and 50x higher efficiency than the CPU, GPU and DSP.

Furthermore, the heterogeneous Al of kirin 970 is able to process about 2005 images per minute. Interestingly, the Al of kirin 970 has a higher computing speed than any other chip in the mobile industry.

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By the way, the kirin 970 Al features CPU with higher efficiency and uses Mali G72 MP12 GPU That has 50% efficiency and allows 3D game running with no lag.

Dual camera ISP

Having a camera that can captures like the human eyes, is this possible? Well, hiSilicon claims the new dual camera ISP built into the kirin 970 chip is able to capture image like the human eyes. Although I cannot say how true this claim is but the kirin 980 has a highly improved photographic performance.

Perhaps the main addition to the camera performance is the improvement made to encourage night scene photography which was achieved by a hardware face detection module. Even with this improvement, the chip still retains its excellent ability to capture black and white photography.

The kirin development team were also able to optimize the photographic process in depth SNF this has to do with response time and processing time. This means that users will be able to focus more on the subject while capturing the full detail of the subject.

Prolonged battery life


Power consumption management was an issue that was seen in the hiSilicon Kirin 930 and this led to short battery life. When the battery life of a device is short probably due to some power hungry applications or a built-in technology, users might not have a good experience using the device.

hiSilicon has provided solutions to the high power consumption experienced in the Kirin 930 and were able to solve the issue by building a more advanced TSMC 10nm processing technology that can integrate 5.5 billion operation per minute.

With this new processing technology, users are guaranteed longer battery life to multi task on their device. In addition, Kirin 970 will also support baggage free running of the smartphone that is built with it.

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