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Gramfree Review – Legit or Scam


Gramfree is a faucet to earn free cryptocurrency just like Forsage, MillionMoney, Lion Share and Voomo but instead of earning Ethereum, you earn Gram which is a new crypto.

Making money on Gramfree is great but the best part is that you dont need referrals to withdraw your earnings.

Who Owns Gramfree?

Well, Gram is owned by Telegram which is a messaging app like Whatsapp. Telegram launched their own crytocurrency in the market called Gram which is another crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the others out there.

Telegram have denied claims of it owning Gramfree itself so I am not endorsing it or guaranteeing payments.

How Does Gramfree work?

First of all, Gramfree is actually free to register and join.

You pay nothing to start earning and that is the major reason it is so popular with over 6,000,000 registered members worldwide.

Once you register, you have 5 major ways to earn open for you – Free rolls, Videos, Smart Contract, Referrals and lottery.

Each of these ways to earn free Gram are all time based. For instance, the Free roll is only available once per hour. So once you click it, it starts a countdown timer which from 59 minutes down to 0 minutes at which point the Free roll is available again to click.

Same with Videos, Smart Contract.

But referrals is different, you can refer as many people as you see fit to Gramfree and earn a commission of 5 Grams from everyone.

The goal is to get to level 10 which you would have earned as much as possible because once you hit 500 Grams, you can then withdraw and the Grams will be converted to money and sent to your account.

As of this writing, 500 Grams is $1,000 or N450,000 and you should achieve that in 2 months if you start today.

Imagine earning $1,000 from a 0 investment with no referrals needed to withdraw your earnings.

Free Roll

You get about 10 Free Rolls a day and for each Free Roll on Gramfree, you can earn anywhere from 0.1 to 1,000 Grams on each click daily.

Infact, register now and earn about 10 Grams which is $20 on your first Free Roll today.

Smart Contract

Each smart contract at your level 1 is 0.3 Grams and you can click all 4 open to you daily. All you have to do is click and earn.


Videos are sent daily to your Gramfree account and you can watch as many videos as possible or even create some Gramfree testimonial videos yourself and earn free Grams.

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You earn for everyone you refer using your referral link but don’t refer more than 5 people a day because Gramfree will put a temporary lock on your link which means you will not earn for the other referrals.


This is the hardest part just like any other lottery ticket so if you are not into lotteries i would say you should stay away from the lottery.

It cost 1 Gram from your earnings to play a lottery and the winnings range from 5,000 Grams to 100 Grams but winning it is next to impossible so i will advise you to not waste your Gram.

How To Make Money On Gramfree

Making money on Gramfree is as easy as a few clicks.

There are 5 major ways to earn on Gramfree.

Free Roll: The easiest way to earn free Gram is through the free roll which gives anywhere from 0.1 Gram to 1000 Gram per spin.
Smart Contract: You earn 0.3 Grams for every smart contract you click on.
Videos: You earn 5 Grams when you upload a video that is accepted and you earn 1 Gram when you watch videos promoted by Gramfree.
Referrals: You earn 5 Grams for everyone you refer to Gramfree using your affiliate link.
Lottery: Just like winning the Powerball or any other lottery, this is just as hard and it will cost you precious Grams.

Once you have accumulated 500 Grams which at the time of writing is $2 per Gram, you would have $1,000 and you can then withdraw to your bank account in any country in the world.

500 Grams earned and withdrawn proof on Gramfree

Gramfree Reward System

Gramfree has a reward system which comes in points and the Gram equivalent.

Each point helps you get to the next level so accumulating points as fast as possible is a super fast way to level up.

As you earn points, you also earn the Grams equivalent which is added to your wallet.

Example: You get 1 point for each Free Roll, you also get 1 Gram as well.

You get the following points and the Gram equivalent for each activity carried out;

  • 1 point: New day activity
  • 1 point: Free roll
  • 5 points: Referring a friend
  • 2 points; Smart contract was concluded
  • 1 point; Smart contract was confirmed
  • 5 points; Smart contract was signed
  • 2 points; Play lottery
  • 1 point; Youtube video was watched
  • 10 points; You video review of Gramfree on youtube was approved.

How To Register For Gramfree

To register for Gramfree, click here.

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Remember, it is totally FREE to register.

So once you have registered, start earning as much Grams as possible from the Gramfree website.

After you register, go to menu and click on Free, Videos, Smart Contract or Referrals (to get your referral link) because those are the 4 fastest ways to earn and get paid at within 2 months.

To speed up your earnings, you can refer 5 people daily and try to watch or upload several videos.

Note: The limit of referrals is maximum of 5 people daily so don’t exceed that.

Gramfree Withdrawal

So once you get to 500 Grams which is about $1,000 at today’s calculation of the current Gram price, you can withdraw your money through various means;

  • Bitcoin
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Payoneer
  • Payeer

An example on how to withdraw your 500+ Grams to your Bitcoin wallet anywhere in the world and gain instant cash.

Register For GramFree

Earn $1,000 every 2 months.


  1. If mistakenly referred 32 person’s in a two days because i didn’t know it five referral a day. Now i only got the gram for the first five and didn’t receive any for rest and these people are really progressing. Is there any way to get my gram for the rest of them?.

  2. Pls if am expected to be doing this everyday… And my free Rolling point is always 0.1-1 Gram.. how do I now meet up with 500grams in 2months..
    What is the exact duration if all the things are been met..

  3. Ok i had no idea it was 5 referrals a day… So i exceeded it just today.. Gramfree showed “Suscipsious activity was noticed on your referral link. We have temporarily limited the referral program for you” Now pls can this be a red flag that i will not recieve my 500 grams later on and is there any hidden thing behind it again.. as in maybe i now have to do 4 or 3 referrals per day…

  4. If I refer more than 5 people a day unknowingly, will my gramfree account be blocked? Or what will be the fate of my gramfree account? We all know that there’s no way one can control his referrals, especially most of us that advertise on social media

    • Dont advertise too much, just send to a few groups per day or what ever platform you use. Run a rough calculation. If you can get 10 people from one post then post just once because the other referrals will be wasted.

  5. Hi pls have been unable to roll and also sign the smart contract since I registered, have only been able to watch videos what do you think could be the problem and how do I resolve this pls

  6. Hello, thanks for this beautiful platform. May I ask , once my refferal reached level 2 ,I see that it tells me you gained +10 ,is it grams or points because I noticed that either of the two goes up. It just tells me I got something but in effect ,nothing would have been added. Thank you.

  7. some of referral reach level 2 but I only see +10 but effect on my balance what happened? Please some of my referral is slow but me doing my daily activities hope it will not affect my withdraw.

  8. Thank you, my question is that sometime I do use Stark to operate the gramfree website due to the fact that I always sign risky contract. Won’t this affect me doing the withdrawal check by the moderator?
    Because recent my video was rejected and no any message was sent to me that I have been using VPN to access the website even before my video was rejected.

  9. Pls what if I don’t refer anyone to the platform hope I will be paid also when I complete 500 grams. Because who so ever you refer is expected to enter level 2 before the gram is to be credited to the available balance for that reason don’t feel like referring anyone

  10. I have not been able to refer any one. Because I don’t know how to. I do click on the link and it kept saying copy, which I don’t even know what it is copying and again my smart contract only work once in a day, is that how it is? Or am the one not doing it properly. Pls tell me how to got about them. And when one gets to 500gram and the person withdraw to the wallet, how do you now withdraw to u
    Your local account?

  11. Please i unknowingly referred more than 5 people on two occasions and now a new day came and i could not refer someone who signed up with my link in my front…it didnt show on my referrals…what seems to be the issue

  12. I already 401.5 grams by now, I started on the 16th, of July. But I am not receiving more than 0.1 grams on any refer. My question is that am going to be able to withdraw this money yet, cause am so confused. But I believe Gramfree is a real website that pays people. Please give an answer to my questions if you can.

  13. Please my VPN was on when I created my account so it account was not same like the one created normal… Bcos I get 10grams to refer and 1gram when I sign contract…. Do you think it will affect my withdraw? Bcos I checked the policy it said no use of vpn

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