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Glo jumbo SIM N200,000 free airtime


Imagine getting a free sim with a WHOOPING N200,000 free airtime… Glo Jumbo SIM will turn your dreams and imaginations to reality.

Glo Nigeria are the grand master when it comes to data, they bring in new initiative to satisfy the needs of their esteem customers.

Glo Nigeria has now introduced an amazing prepaid tariff plan that is very affordable and covers the need of their customers.

Glo jumbo is opened to all Glo customers both new and old, as a new subscriber of the network, you are automatically on Glo jumbo and can benefit from the special tariff plan.

However if you do not wish to be in the Glo jumbo prepaid plan, you can migrate to other prepaid plans.

What is the Glo jumbo SIM?

Glo jumbo SIM is a prepaid which allows new and existing Glo customers enjoy a preloaded bonus credit of N200,000 that allows them send SMS, unlimited browsing and call other Glo customers when they recharge a certain amount. If you buy recharge cards without getting anything in return, you are throwing money away.

How to subscribe to Glo Jumbo SIM prepaid plan?

Existing Glo customers are not exempted from this sumptuous offer as they can migrate from their previous plans to the jumbo prepaid plan by simply dialing the USSD code *224# on their Glo lines.

Glo jumbo SIM comes with many benefits ranging from voice, SMS and data bonus. A new Glo SIM is preloaded with a N200,000 credit that can be used to browse, send SMS and call Glo customers when recharged.

The N200,000 free credit is the maximum amount a customer can get as free airtime and can be only unlocked after an airtime recharge, either through electronic recharges (e-Top up) or physical recharge.

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This Glo jumbo SIM initiative is a brilliant one as customer enjoy unlimited browsing, calling and send SMS with the added value, users should note that the calls can only be made to other Glo networks. The jumbo offer is not a promotional offer but a new default tariff plan on Glo network.

How do i unlock the Glo JUMBO N200,000 Free Airtime?

When you recharge N100 naira, you will get N2,200 bonus deducted from your N200,000. This N2,200 covers N500 airtime credits to call only Glo lines at a call rate of 80kobo per second, 50MB data bonus worth N1,600 and N100 main account credit which can be used for international/local calls, SMS and browsing at 38k/s.

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This means that your N200,000 bonus remains N197,800 and will be unlocked at every recharge. For every recharge made, a sum of is deducted from your N200,000 bonus until you exhaust it.

GLO JUMBO Activation codes

  • To migrate to Glo jumbo simply dial *224#
  • To check unlock bonus airtime, dial *122*24#
  • To check locked bonus , just dial *122*24#
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GLO JUMBO Bonus Validity

This locked bonus of N200,000 free airtime on Glo is valid for 6 months and the unlocked bonus is valid for 30 days.

Which simply means that customers have to use their bonus after unlocking it with in the period of 30 days, and subscribers need to continue recharging so as to unlock all their N200,000 bonus before the end of 6 months.

GLO JUMBO Bonus Offer

  • N100 recharge will fetch you N500 bonus airtime to call Glo network, 50MB data which is worth 1,600 bringing a total bonus value of N2,200 bonus airtime
  • N200 recharge will give you N1000 bonus airtime, 100MB with data worth of N3,200 bringing a total value of N4,400
  • When you recharge N500, you will get N2,500 bonus airtime to call Glo networks, 250MB data with data worth of N8000 giving you a total value of N11000 bonus airtime
  • A recharge of N1000 gives you a call card of N5000 airtime bonus, 500MB data with data worth of N16000, giving you a total value of N22,000 bonus Glo airtime

You can continue recharging and getting these amazing bonuses till you exhausts the N200,000 bonus.

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Globacom images - Glo Jumbo SIM up to N200000 free airtime

Glo Jumbo SIM prepaid plan FAQs

Who can avail to the Glo jumbo?

This awoof plan is available to all Glo customers, both new and existing, the existing customers can migrate by simply dialing the USSD code *224#.

What is the validity period of the locked Bonus?

The validity period of the locked bonus is 6 month, so users can continue recharging and enjoying this bonuses for 6 months till they exhaust. After the validity period of the Glo jumbo offer the customer will be migrated to Glo Gbam plus.

What is the validity period of the unlocked Bonus?

The unlocked bonus has a validity period of 14 days, so users are advised to use up their bonuses before the 14 days period.

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What can I do with the bonus?

The Glo jumbo bonus is very good, because you can use it to make calls, send SMS and browse. However, the only problem is that the call is restricted to only Glo networks; this simply means that you can only make calls to other Glo network.

How much bonus do I get when I subscribe to Glo jumbo?

When you subscribe to Glo jumbo you will get a total bonus of N200,000, this bonus will not be giving to you at once, but you will get a fraction of it automatically immediately you recharge. You can check how the bonus is giving in the Glo jumbo bonus offer heading above.

Can I unlock my Glo jumbo bonus if i recharge with e-Top up?

Definitely! When you recharge with electronic medium (e-Top up), your bonus is unaffected as it is just like recharging physically.

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How do I check my Glo jumbo bonus?

Checking your jumbo bonus is very easy, you is need do is dial *122*23# on your Glo line and you will get a message immediately showing you the details of your jumbo bonus.

Does a new Glo customer need to dial any code to start enjoying Glo jumbo SIM offers?

New customers enjoy these offers by default, this simply means that they do not need to migrate or dial any code; all they need do is buy a Glo SIM and recharge to start enjoying jumbo bonus. However, new customers that do not want to be on jumbo can migrate to other plans.

What happens if there is airtime in my main account?

All calls made by you will first be charged from your jumbo bonus account, on exhaustion or expiry the charges will be charged from your main account.

What happens if I had existing data plan before recharging?

The free data from jumbo will be added to your existing data volume and higher validity period supersedes.

What happens if I do not use the free Glo airtime?

The unlocked jumbo bonus or unused portion of the bonus becomes invalid 6 months after receiving it.

Can I buy data plan with the jumbo bonus or used to subscribe to any value added service?

No you cannot buy data plan with the bonus, you can only use the available data bonus offer from the jumbo pack. It cannot also be used to subscribe to any other value added service.

Can I make international call/SMS with the bonus?

The jumbo bonus cannot be used to make international calls/SMS, all international calls/SMS will be charged to your main account.

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Glo Jumbo SIM is not the only special SIM from Globacom, there is also the Glo Oga SIM which comes with it’s own benefits.

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