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GIGAbyte LTE Among 5G And What Is In It For You


We want speed! Many have been clamoring for speed, the real question is can you handle it? Over the past few years, speed has been presented to us in many forms; we’ve seen the 2G, 3G, 4G and now guess what!  

A new speed is coming to town.

5G Gigabyte LTE

Currently most device uses the LTE but there is no update of any phone having the 5G network.

The gigabyte LTE is pretty fast makes me wonder how fast the 5G will be, my expectation in one word “vroom”… It is no news that network carrier have been upgrading their network and bringing more speed to the table, but this 5G shocked me.

Well in all it’s a pretty good development as you can now stream any kind of video with no network problem.

Stream Video

Smartphones like Samsung galaxy S8, S9 and note 9 were among the first Samsung phone to feature the LTE network, later on iPhone XS and XS max joined the train of phones that came with the LTE.

Although there is no information yet on phones that will come with the 5G network but we expect to see it on Samsung and Apple devices.

The 5G has not rolled out yet and is already kicking out the much loved gigabyte LTE with many hype, it will really be fatal if the 5G performs below expectation, but we just have to wait and see.

Let’s forget the ghost for a while and focus on reality, the gigabyte LTE is the back bone for all global network to come in the nearest future and that includes the 5G.

The LTE has experienced wide acceptance over the few years of it existence, this acceptance is much deserved as the LTE has brought massive speed for network users.

With LTE users have has wonderful experience on the internet, streaming videos of YouTube is faster than ever plus you can download high resolution video with no stress whatsoever.

I guess some of you don’t even know what LTE is, that is what this post is meant for

Facts About Gigabyte LTE and 5G

What is gigabyte LTE?

The gigabyte LTE is an advanced 4G wireless technology used by cellular carriers for mobile phone connection.

The abbreviation LTE stands for long tern evolution and is usually displayed at the top right corner of mobile device that supports the gigabyte LTE band width. The idea behind the name gigabyte may be because the technology has a speed of 1 gigabyte per second. 

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This simply means more speed which matches the Google fiber land-line base connection, but I must tell you, it comes at a higher price.

What business do LTE have with 5G?

The 5G which is said to roll out very soon is simply an upgraded gigabyte LTE which means the former should be faster than the latter.

Now the 5G should go beyond 1 gigabyte per second which will not only intimidate its predecessor but also make the Google fiber look like a snail trying to reach a finish line.

Even though it is not yet on any device, the 5G should be able to respond to task zero time and also give users who love to stream videos from different platforms a baggage-free access to this videos.

How does the Gigabyte LTE work?

Upgrades are usually initiated to improve speed of the wireless technology this is done with the help of carrier aggregation.

The principle behind the carrier aggregation is taking data from multiple sub- carriers’ bands which increase the throughput. For example, the first LTE only made use of 20 MHz carrier bands, but with advance technology LTE can now use a wide range of carrier bands making the network faster.

The gigabyte LTE has 3 constituents which are the 4×4 MIMO, the carrier aggregation and the 256 QAM.

gigabyte LTE

The 4×4 MIMO (multiple inputs and multiple outputs) represents four antennas in a phone, this antennas are able to pick different signals band width. It is possible for phones to have more antennas as would be seen in the 5G which will be able to pick more signals.

The carrier aggregation which has a similar idea with the MIMO actually makes actually plays a huge role in this Innovation. The carrier aggregation carries different radio frequency and binds them together, making it possible for more speed. The

The 256 QAM is the quadrature amplitude modulation is simply the modulator or the avenue through which the signals are regulated and taken to the carrier making possible for the phone to have access to speedy network.

How will 5G work?

The MIMO (multiple input and multiple output) plays a vital role In the speed of the 5G, here is why. The 5g radio uses high frequency mmWave technology which depends on line of sight, now here is where the MIMO comes into play.

The MIMO function is to ensure messages reaches the destination handset on time and intact. What differentiates the 5g from the gigabyte LTE is the mmWave high frequency which can easily be blocked by a wall it can even be disrupted when you hold your phone.

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So the phone that will feature the 5g will have to look for solution to that fault.

What is in it for me?

internet speed

There are benefits that came with the gigabyte LTE and i believe there would be more with the 5G. Whichever one you decide to go for in the nearest future, you should have it in mind that the gigabyte LTE and the 5g promises to give you internet speed.

You can download 4k videos, stream YouTube videos and carryout task that would normally show lag with 3g perfectly with no obstruction.

How do I get access to gigabyte LTE?

The gigabyte LTE usually accompanies mobile phone device, this means that to get access to it you will have to get a mobile phone that supports it. T- Mobile happens to be a type gigabyte LTE network Carriers and have made a list if phones that will come with the gigabyte LTE.

One of the phones that rolled out with gigabyte LTE is Samsung galaxy S8. The LTE is embedded in the snapdragon 835 processor that powers the S8, so any phone that comes with this chip is bound to have the gigabyte LTE.


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